Baby Nursery Color Schemes that are Trending Now

Decorating a baby’s room is part of the fun of anticipation and starting this next exciting chapter in life. The colors you choose will set the tone and atmosphere for these first years of your little one’s life. The following are some popular baby nursery room and décor color schemes that are trending now; use them to bring you ideas and inspiration for your own little one’s lair:

1. Warm Gray and White

Not sure if your bundle of joy will be a boy or a girl? A warm gray and white color scheme can work well for either gender. Use medium to light warm gray throughout the room in wall paint and carpet colors, then add accents like white wicker furniture, a white crib and even a white silhouette wall mural. Gray cartoon elephants, mice, squirrels or other animals can be fun design elements within this color scheme.

2. Pink, Cornflower Blue and White

This color combination brings a touch of assertiveness to the traditional pink baby girl’s nursery, and the addition of white balances the pink and blue so there isn’t too much contrast. Cornflower blue is also slightly muted, giving a chic and understated touch; use it on the walls and in carpet tones, with white accents bridging the motif to pink furniture and accessories.

3. Light Avocado, Cream and Brown

Earth tones are another trend in baby nurseries, and this combination brings a calming, soothing feel to both baby and mother. Avocado green includes liberal amounts of yellow, warming it up and promoting relaxation. Using a ligher shade of avocado ensures it’s still a fit for its little resident, and it works equally well for a boy or girl. Consider medium brown wood flooring, avocado and cream accent rugs and a dark brown wood crib to complete the look.

4. Pink and Gray

Combining pink with an unexpected shade like gray can give your little girl’s room a contemporary look. This color scheme will also pair well with just about any wood tone color for the flooring, crib and other furniture and accents.

5. Navy and White

If expecting a little boy, this color scheme allows for some amazing possibilities. From nautical accents to a jungle safari to masculine cars, trucks or a sports theme, a background of navy blue and white is the perfect setting for just about any theme in a little boy’s room.

6. Lime Green and Pink

Creative, hip and oh so trendy, pink and lime green is one of the coolest picks for a little girl’s room this year. Pink polka dot curtains and a plush green carpet can help ensure this look is both cozy and contemporary.

7. Black and White

This bold and basic color pattern can work very well for either a boy or a girl. Undeniably modern and cool, the décor than then be accented to fit the gender and personality of your little one, since every other color is a possible addition with black and white.

8. White and Silver

Bring a touch of elegance to your little girl’s room by combining pure white with silver accents. (Yes, there are silver-toned cribs available!) Blond wood flooring, gauzy curtains and a vintage chandelier can all complete this trending look that’s perfect for a little girl’s room.

Today’s baby nursery color scheme trends bring unisex ideas as well as eye-catching variations on traditional combinations. Which color scheme speaks to you?

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