20+ Living Room Decorating and Color Ideas 2019

The living room is usually the first room everyone walks into upon entering the house and it serves as the primary space for entertaining and family time. It’s important to make this room feel warm and welcoming by choosing the right color scheme and decoration. Colors have been shown to affect our moods in different ways and in 2018, many are trying to simplify and declutter their lives. Calming hues inspired by nature that invoke comfort are gaining popularity as well as blues, reds, and emeralds that invoke a sense of adventure without being too overwhelming. Here 22 great living room decoration and color ideas for 2018:

1. Less is More

In this living room, less is more. A subtle greige (gray + beige) color adorns the walls for a warm feeling. The stark white trim helps to create a light contrast that makes the room feel light and airy. All of the colors in this room are cool hues with the exception of the fireplace, which is a warmer beige. This allows the fireplace to stand out as the focal point in the room without being too bright nor dramatic.

2. Gold and Silver Haven

Remember when it was a big no-no to combine gold and silver? Not anymore. This living room is designed with a scheme of all cool grays. Even the wood floor is a brown so cool that it almost appears to be gray too. The designer has added in bright bits of gold in the accessories and pops of color in the art on the wall. The color scheme is somehow peaceful but just bold enough to invoke a sense of adventure.

3. Tranquil Cornflower

This living room defines the word “tranquility.” Light warm gray tones are stacked upon each other in every detail from the rug to the couches to the walls. The designer has meticulously added in a cool cornflower blue in the decor. Despite being a subtle color, it stands out in this room. The large window and pop of green foliage offer a breath of fresh air.

4. Modern Purple

Purple hasn’t been used in home decorating for a while, but it’s back in style for 2018! This living room combines soft beiges with touches of metallic gold and purple accents for a modern look.

5. Cozy Black and White

How do you use black and white for a sleek look, while still retaining the warmth of the room? By adding subtle earthy accents! The natural wood floor and plants keep this room looking modern yet cozy.

6. Warm and Cool Combination

This living room is a stunning example of combining cool and warm colors successfully. The gray and aqua scheme is warmed up by the ivory chair as well as the brown and green tones from the reclaimed timber on the wall.

7. Rustic Modern Living

Modern and rustic are two design elements that are not usually mixed with success, but this living room shows us exactly how to do it in 2018! The chocolate brown sofa blends well with the greige colored walls and flooring, while the tans and greens pop against the sleek look of the modern black furnishings.

8. Royal Blue Royalty

According to both Behr and Sherwin Williams, royal blue is one of the top colors this year. With such a bold color, how do you pull it off while keeping the room from being too chaotic? This living room is the perfect example; by combining royal blue with subtle tans and warm grays, it prevents the room from feeling too cool. The brown and gold accents and pink flowers add a homey touch.

9. All Neutrals

Most people believe that you must choose only one or two neutral colors for your living room. This combination of nearly every neutral color possible proves that theory wrong! This picture combines gray with tan, gold, white, ivory, brown, and even pink. The various textures add to the coziness of the room.

10. Bold Emerald

If light airy colors are not your style, this stunning emerald living room will surely excite you. Emerald green is a very cool color so to offset this, use browns, ivories, and tans to warm up the room.

11. Rustic Orange Accents

This bright living room combines cool gray tones and whites with warm subdued rustic orange colors. The orange and brown tones are bright but are just the right vibrancy to flow nicely with the cool colors.

12. Blue and Purple Living

Two trends are combined in this gorgeous masterpiece. Both royal blue and purple are being used in this living room and the results are fantastic. Cool blue walls work to contrast with the warm purple and red art on the wall, while gold accents add a nice contrast to the royal blue furnishings.

13. Blue Bohemian

This living room offers a contemporary bohemian style, perfect for a home near the water. Bold blues are once again the main theme of this room with earthy whites, browns and tans to add a warm touch.

14. A Little Aqua to Brighten Things Up

This living room has a very cozy appeal, created by the warm beige tones of the walls and carpeting. A stark white is used on the accents, door and trim to brighten the room up, while aqua add-ons add just the right amount of eye-catching color.

15. Reds and Oranges with Grays

This gorgeous living area uses brick red and rustic orange colors with ease. To prevent the room from appearing too warm, the designer has used a cool gray tone on the wall and bright white for the trim. The ivory in the chair and rug also help break up the bright tones.

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