30+ Ash Brown Hair Color Ideas and Trends to Follow in 2019

Choosing a hairstyle can be difficult, especially if you want to keep your hair natural but still a little different. Have you ever considered trying an ash brown color? The color is perfect for those wanting to stay natural but still gives a little dimension and oomph to your hair. Ash brown hair looks amazing on everyone and there are so many ways to wear it, you won’t ever have to worry about your style.

Here are 30 of our favorite ash brown hairstyles that you need to get some inspiration from!

1. Silver Balayage

This silver, ash brown balayage gives your hair a beautiful color and looks simply amazing. The color is on trend, especially when it is balayage, and you can still have an awesome edgy color without losing your natural color altogether.


2. Simple Ash Brown

If you want to dip your toe into coloring your hair, then go for this color right hair. The ash brown is minimal but still looks gorgeous. You have your natural color on your roots and the color melts down to your ends, giving you a lot of dimension and color.


3. Light Ash Brown

This ash brown is on the lighter side on the color and is perfect for spring and summer. Your hair is more of the ash color with brown low lights throughout it. It is the perfect color to choose when you want to go a little bit lighter.

4. Perfect Ash Brown

If you want a true ash brown, then look no further then right here. This ash brown is amazing and looks perfect on anyone. The color is still close to a natural brown but adds a little more drama to your look without going overboard.


5. Ash Brown Highlights

Don’t be afraid to try something new and it is okay to dip your toe into the dying world. Take inspiration from this look here and just do some simple ash brown highlights throughout your natural hair color. You will still get the pop of color without the full commitment.


6. Classic Ash Brown

Ash brown coloring looks amazing when your curl it throughout your hair and gives the right amount of pop and drama, just like this photo here. Ask your stylist to give you’re an ash brown highlight to change your lookup for the year.


7. Silver Ash Brown

Darker hair can really change the way ash brown looks on people. If your hair is dark brown or black really latch on to the silver color and give it a spin, you might be surprised at how amazing it looks.


8. Multi-Colored Ash Brown

Ash brown doesn’t have to be the only color you weave through your hair. Try adding ash brown and some caramel highlights together to get an explosive color to your hair, trust us you won’t regret this decision.


9. Dreamy Ash Brown

Getting this color here is always a dream come true and you can do it. Ask your stylist for an ash brown balayage and don’t be afraid to go a little light. The turnout will be gorgeous and it will take your breath away.


10. Chestnut Ash Brown

Just because you want some ash brown throughout your hair doesn’t mean it has to be the dominating color. Take some inspiration from this image and just add the touch of ash brown throughout your hair.


11. Minimal Ash Brown

When you decide to change your hair color you don’t have to go all out. Instead, take baby steps and go for something light and easy, like this color here. The color is noticeable and beautiful, but you aren’t drastically changing your hair either.


12. Red Ash Brown

This ash brown comes with a slight twist, there is also a beautiful red worked throughout the hair. The ash brown really helps give light and dimension to the red color and just takes the whole look up a level.


13. Curly Ash Brown

When you curl your hair with an ash brown coloring, it simply takes the look to a whole new level. This ash brown color and curl styled is perfect for a day out, going to school, or chilling with friends.


14. Edgy Ash Brown

If you aren’t scared of a little color, then you must try out this fun ash brown coloring. The mixture of color will bring a lot of attention to your hair and looks specular!


15. Lob Ash Brown

Cut your hair into a lob and throw some ash brown coloring on top of it, trust us you will love the results. Having shorter hair really shows off your coloring and a lob is a perfect style to do it with.


16. Sexy Ash Brown

Having ash brown hair can be gorgeous and sexy, especially when you piece the colors together right and style your hair perfectly. Let the ash brown coloring flow through your hair and really settle at your ends for the right look.


17. Next Level Ash Brown

Change your color to look like no one else with this amazing ash brown coloring. The two colors pair perfectly together and blend effortlessly. You will be turning heads left and right when you walk out of the salon with this ultra-next level ash brown coloring.


18. Dark Ash Brown

Having ash brown hair doesn’t mean it always has to be light and balayage. Instead, embrace the dark and run your ash brown color through some chocolate hair. The color will turn out amazing and you won’t regret keeping your dark locks.


19. Settle Ash Brown

Keep your hair dark and just add in the tiniest bits of ash brown to get a slightly newer color. The ash brown that is pictured here looks amazing and is easy to get, but doesn’t take away from your natural color.


20. Mixture Ash Brown

This ash brown coloring comes with the perfect mix of ash brown, ash gold, and ash blonde. The three colors blend nicely together to give you one amazing hair color.


21. Dimensional Ash Brown

By adding ash brown color to your hair it creates a lot of texture and dimension that is perfect for showing off your beautiful locks. This ash brown look right here shows the perfect mixture of the dark and light colors cascading through the hair.


22. Chunky Ash Brown Highlights

Make your hair look amazing by adding some chunky ash brown highlights throughout it. The color really pops against dark brown hair and the blend looks amazing.


23. Summery Ash Brown

This ash brown coloring screams summer and looks amazing when curled. The color is simple and doesn’t have too many changes throughout it, giving the hair a great shape and look.


24. Stormy Ash Brown

The mixture of this ash brown color is gorgeous and gives the perfect amount of silver, browns, and darks. The color will give your hair some great dimension and it looks beautiful straight or curly.


25. Color Changing Ash Brown

The amazing thing about this ash brown coloring is the fact that the color changed depending on the light. You basically get numerous different hair colors just depending on where you are standing.


26. Melting Ash Brown

Change your look up a bit and keep your roots the same color but have your ash brown melt down your hair to give yourself a gorgeous new look and color. It may seem crazy to do but trust us, it’s a good idea.


27. High and Low Lights Ash Brown

Cool your hair down by adding a mixture of high lights and low lights, keeping your central color ash brown. The color combination will look fantastic and the different high and low lights will add a ton of dimension.


28. Espresso Ash Brown

You can experiment with a lot of different colors while still obtaining that beautiful ash brown look. Try this beautiful dark espresso color with ash brown highlights throughout it.


29. Smoky Ash Brown

This smoky ash brown colors creates a little mystery around your hair and looks stunning. The mixture of darks and lights flow well together and will pair perfectly with curly hair.


30. Fresh Ash Brown

Adding ash brown to your hair is a wonderful way to freshen things up and give yourself a new hair feel without committing to too much color. Just add in a little here and there and you will fall in love.


Ash brown hair is such a great universal color that looks great on everyone. The color can be paired with a ton of different things and you can go super light or super dark and still have a wonderful color altogether. We hope you found some inspiration for color from this post.

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