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25+ Trendy Henna Tattoo Designs to Try for Your Hands and Feet This Year

Henna is a special dye made from Lawsonia inermis, or the henna tree. It can be prepared in a dry powder to color hair, or in a paste to stain the skin. It has been used to dye skin, nails, and even fabrics like leather and silk. Henna tattoos are drawn onto the skin with the henna paste. Henna was…

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15+ Fall Nail Color Ideas: The Best Nail Polish Ideas of the Year

Fall brings festive feelings, from the upcoming preparation of the holiday season, the changing leaves and weather, and the release of exclusive coffees from your favorite coffee shops. Girls today love to change their nails with the season, just like their outfits which is why this article was born! Not mention, everybody’s favorite; all those fall colors you’ve been hiding…

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