50+ Burgundy Hair Color Ideas: Hairstyles & Shades of the Year

13. Peekaboo

Just when you think burgundy couldn’t possibly have anything else up its sleeve, peekaboo! These honey-blonde locks have a secret underneath, and it’s too good a treat to keep hidden. This berry-tinted pop of color will satisfy any angel’s rebellious streak without diminishing that halo glow.

14. Princess-Perfect

An all-burgundy take on mermaid hair is slashed with crimson towards the bottom, reminding you of Ariel but packing a sexy punch like the evil queen. Tones of plum and even eggplant round out this lovely color, and will be sure to win over your prince charming.

15. Season’s Greetings

Ease into the season with this soft and natural-looking burgundy with mahogany lowlights. Classy and clean, this color is perfect for girls that want to try something new without going completely off the beaten path. Hints of purple and auburn reflect the best of Fall colors.

16. Oh La La

This pinkish-purple burgundy is for those girls who’ve never been shy about attention-getting hairdos. Great for women with an alternative sense of style or a free spirit and cute on girls of any size. This look is tame enough for daytime, but says you know how to have fun and won’t be staying in when the sun goes down.

17. Electric Shock

If you want to take your burgundy hair color to the edge, this hot, almost-magenta color is photo-ready and looks stunning against both light and dark skin tones. Edgy and (some might say) eccentric, this shock of electric burgundy will give your friends a serious case of hair envy all around.

18. Bring the Flames

The caption says “slaying with fire,” and she’s not kidding. This blood-red burgundy is burning with a fiery passion like the ladies who wear it best. With sable roots and some darker tones throughout, this rich, russet burgundy is sure to keep you warm this winter.

19. Peekaboo 2

Another great peekaboo burgundy hair coloring style, this time with black braids. Burgundy plaits are arranged just so on the sides, front, and back to create splashes of color that accentuate this braided beauty’s midnight locks.

20. FTW

This perfect blend of red and purple hues can be called nothing but burgundy. It’s chic, it shines, and it’s super-sultry. Rock it out or glam it up – when it comes to hair color, this burgundy shows you mean business, no matter what the occasion.

21. Rawr!

Blonde and burgundy never looked so good. This high and low stripe-patterned hair style will put any tigress at the head of her pack. For women who are adventurous, in love with life, and can carpe that diem like it’s nobody’s business. Would look great in the club or on a stage, for all hip-hop and rock goddesses out there.

22. Sip of Wine

Take it country-style with this cherry wine-burgundy beauty. This sable colored burgundy with cherry highlights evokes log cabins, pumpkin spice, toasted marshmallows, and a roaring fireplace. With such a smokin’ palette, this hair color is all you really need to stay warm and cozy this fall.

23. Cherry Cordial

Chocolate-covered cherry, anyone? This delectably dyed hair is serving bright burgundy tips for dessert. An “o”-worthy ombre if there ever was one, this indulgent ‘do is the cherry on top in a season full of burgundy delights!

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