35+ Caramel Hair Color Ideas & Trends: Highlights, Styles and More

Caramel hair is beautiful and filled with numerous hues and tones that make your entire hairstyle gorgeous. Caramel is a color that works on everyone, regardless of your hairstyle and it can be interpreted a lot of different ways. Whether you love the lighter side of caramel or the darker, you can’t go wrong with this stunning color.

Take a look at 38 of our favorite caramel hairstyles that are begging be to worn by you.

1. Summer Caramel
This caramel color is bright, fun, and screams summer.


2. Caramel Ribbon
Not all caramel needs to be light and bright, opt for this gorgeous darker side of caramel instead.


3. Minimal Highlights
Add a tiny but of dimension to your hair with caramel highlights going through it.


4. Caramel Kissed
Caramel is a great way to lighten your hair without having to go overboard with color.


5. Caramel Curls
You curls will look fashionable and perfect with a hint of caramel running through them.


6. Strawberry Caramel
Caramel goes well with almost any natural color, like this strawberry.


7. Fall Caramel
Welcome fall with a gorgeous new color that screams caramel with a fall tint.


8. Autumn Vibes
A lob cut with caramel running through it makes it seem like autumn is already here.


9. Caramel Blonde
Keep your natural blonde and add caramel throughout it for an intense new look that is stunning.


10. Sleek and Caramel
Really show off that beautiful caramel color with a sleek and straight style.


11. Honey Caramel
Go for a rich and creaming honey caramel color to really turn heads.


12. Caramel Lob
A curly lob paired with a stunning caramel highlight is a gorgeous style.


13. Caramel Everywhere
Caramel can be worn tons of different ways, go for a whole head of caramel instead of just highlights.


14. Caramel Braid
Show off your stunning caramel color with a pretty braid.


15. Caramel Balayage
Caramel and a balayage were the original starters of the balayage movement, try it out for yourself.


16. Amber Caramel
This reddish caramel hue is perfect for the colder months.


17. Rounded Caramel Bob
Embrace the rounded bob style and throw on a lovely caramel color to go with it.


18. Caramel Layers
Throw a few layers through your hair for more texture and dimension,the perfect way to sow your caramel color off.


19. Deep Caramel
This caramel color is perfect for anyone who prefers a darker tone to their hair.


20. Subtle Caramel
You don’t have to completely jump on the caramel train, just add a hint of it to your hair.


21. Winter Caramel
You don’t have to go light with caramel, try out this deep tone for a nice winter look.


22. Caramel Bob
Bobs are a great way to show off color, especially when they’re curly.


23. Natural Caramel
Go for a natural caramel look that makes your hair look sun kissed.


24. Caramel Ombre
Ombre your hair with a variety of different caramel colors.


25. Bright Caramel
Go light with your caramel and have summer with your everyday.


26. Soft Caramel
Keep your hair soft and romantic with just a touch of caramel running through it.


27. Dimension
Add caramel throughout your hair for tons of dimension.


28. Caramel Latte
Go deep and dark with your caramel for a stunning style.


29. Caramel Ends
Show your love of caramel by doing a small dip dye of the color.


30. Ginger Caramel
Change the caramel game by adding caramel to a mixture of blonde and red hair.


31. Golden Vibes
Go for a golden caramel balayage for a beautiful color and style.


32. Caramel Lowlights
Throw both lowlights and highlights on your hair for a fun and unique look.


33. Ashy Caramel
With a little ash color to your hair, your caramel will really stand out.

34. Caramel Foilyage
Go for a deep and subtle caramel color with a caramel foilyage.


35. Curly Caramel
Curls are a great way to really show off your stunning caramel color.


36. Salted Caramel
A variety of different caramel hues will really change your look.


37. Subtle Ombre
You don’t have to go big and bright with your caramel ombre, try something a little subtle instead.


38. Mocha Caramel
Keep your natural color and throw a little caramel throughout it.


Caramel is a great color to go to if you’re looking for a change that is both drastic but still minimal. You can’t go wrong with this stunning color.

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