35+ Gray Hair Color Ideas & Trends: Fades, Transitions and More

There is something about gray hair that just draws people to it, maybe it’s because people tend to stray away from the color, fearing they look old, or the cool unnatural tones it brings. Regardless of reasoning, gray hair is stunning and is really a statement piece on any hairstyle.

Not convinced? Here are 35 of our favorite gray hairstyles that will have you running to see your hairdresser.

1. Faded Gray
Short pixie hair is a great place to rock some gray. It makes your pixie look a little edgier and you can have a lot of fun with it.


2. Gray Highlights
If you’re not feeling 100% gray, try some highlights throughout your hair for a fresh look.


3. Gray Everywhere
Embrace gray and dye your entire head the color, pair it with a unique hairstyle to really get a cool look.


4. Gray and Blue
Gray and blue pair perfectly and are a great mixture to dye your hair.


5. Two-Tone Gray
Throw more than one shade of gray on your hair and let the different colors add some dimension to your hair.


6. Salt and Pepper
Play around with light and dark grays to get a beautiful salt and pepper look.


7. Gray Shadow Roots
Shadow roots were meant for gray hair, the color difference blends beautifully together.


8. Silver Gray
Add a bit of shine to your gray with hints of silver throughout your hair.


9. Platinum Gray
Mix your gray color with a bright blonde color for a unique look and cool color.


10. Gray and Lavender
Gray and lavender flow together perfectly and have a gorgeous color melt.


11. Ash Blonde
Throw a little gray over your blonde hair for a nice ash blonde effect.


12. Gray Ombre
Jump on the ombre train by adding a little gray to the tips of your hair.


13. Pearly Blonde
Give yourself a light gray color to really bring some light to your face.


14. Dark Gray Highlights
Not all grays need to be bright, embrace a darker gray for a nice low light look.


15. Gray Babylights
Just let the tiniest but of gray peak out from your gorgeous color.


16. Silver Smoke
A lob and gray hair paired together is heaven in a basket.


17. Icy Gray
Let your gray go light and shiny with a lot of volume for a stunning look.


18. Gray Balayage
Balayage color is popular and you can jump on the bandwagon by throwing a little gray in your hair.


19. Dusty Lavender
Your lavender hair doesn’t have to be super bright, give it a unique and dusty effect with a little gray.


20. Black and Gray
Mix your colors together and get a cool look with a black and gray effect.


21. Gray Top Knot
Top knots are a cute style and easy to do. Throw your hair up and show that gray off.


22. Gray Curls
Long gray curls rock and are the perfect millennial look.


23. Gray and Blonde Highlights
Dye your hair gray and add some blonde highlights throughout it.


24. Gray and White
Really embrace light colors by pairing gray and white together for a bright look.


25. Warm Gray
Gray and pink mixed together gives a warm vibe off.


26. Sea Gray
Mix an array of blues and gray together for a beautiful look.


27. Gray Dip Dye
Having a hair full of gray gives you unlimited possibilities like this cool pink dip dye.


28. Gray Blending
Dip your toe into gray by doing a little blending through natural hair.


29. Shadow Ash
Mix your natural color with a little gray for a beautiful new look.


30. Gray Goals
Really embrace the gray trend by keep your roots natural and throwing gray and blonde throughout your hair.


31. Gray Bob
Bobs are the perfect style to use when rocking gray hair.


32. Gray Vibes
A bob with curls and a shiny gray color is a look that is calling to you.


33. Pinned Back Gray
Go for an edgier style like this pixie that is pinned back.


34. Gray Goddess
Throw some gray over your brown color for a cool color and nice effect.


35. Gray Texture
Add some layers and bangs to your hair for a beautiful textured look.


As you can see, gray is a great color to try out and see if you like. The color has gone from being old and boring, to fun and spontaneous.

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