25+ Trendy Henna Tattoo Designs to Try for Your Hands and Feet This Year

Henna is a special dye made from Lawsonia inermis, or the henna tree. It can be prepared in a dry powder to color hair, or in a paste to stain the skin. It has been used to dye skin, nails, and even fabrics like leather and silk. Henna tattoos are drawn onto the skin with the henna paste. Henna was historically used in India, the Arabian Peninsula, Africa and parts of Southeast Asia. It can be used to decorate the hands and feet of new brides, and in fertility celebrations. Henna is trending right now because it’s a great way to get eastern-style art and inspiration in your fashion, without wearing eastern style clothing. Both traditional and non-traditional style henna tattoos look great on modern fashion and add extra elements to any look. Henna designs usually consist of swirls, flowers, and paisley style art, but today can include multiple symbols, patterns and natural elements.

1) This henna design starts at the wrist, and flows across the back of the hand. There are geometric shapes and flower petals that are reminiscent of Moroccan architecture. This pattern looks like a delicate lace glove. The contrast of the geometric shapes and the round curves of the arches makes it interesting.

2) Here the nails and tips of the fingers are stained, and the henna patterns stay close to the tips. The small shapes are complicated, intricate petals and lines that create a lot of visual beauty. Dying the whole tips of fingers and toes looks unique and striking.

3) The henna art here is made to look like a wrist cuff with graceful chain links to the fingers. The cuff is done in a brocade style, and the entire piece is reminiscent of hand chains.

4) This beautiful design is a large sun circle on the back of the hand, with romantic and whimsical fishnet patterns on the fingers. The large circle has intricate petals and thick bands of color to define rings and layers.

5) A single vine with small leaves wraps around the wrist and middle finger in this pattern. Sometimes simple designs have a big impact due to their placement.

6) This motif is on the inner wrist and palm. Using a swirling vine or leaf is a great way to connect palm patterns to the wrist patterns. Here on the palm you see the flower is the center of the mandala, and the pattern blooms out and away from that center.

7) This foot tattoo is simple, but evokes a very regal look. The draping effect of the lines that wrap around the ankle, and the chandelier style hanging of the design looks elegant and stylish. This would go great with flats or sandals.

8) These patterns look great with heels! The lace tattoos have a very delicate air to them with these shoes. Think about what kind of shoes you will be wearing when getting a foot design done. You want to let it stand out!

9) An inner wrist design can make a big statement. This bold leaf motif with filigree on either side is very pretty. It is also a great base to start more patterns off of.

10) The delicate vine wrapping around the wrist is beautiful. Try breaking up the vine between the fingers to create a stunning visual effect like this.

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