25+ Trendy Henna Tattoo Designs to Try for Your Hands and Feet This Year

11) Using small and thin lines inside larger shapes will break up the design into gradients. The contrast from the larger patterned fingers to the “shaded” fingers is a unique look!

12) The repeating design on each toe is pretty, and the design growing from the last toe up towards the ankle creates a dynamic effect.

13) This tattoo stained the nails, but not the entire tip of the finger. The patterns on the fingers create a similar effect. Try mixing up different methods, and dye the tips of only some fingers and nails.

14) You can do identical designs on each hand, or have two different styles, like this one here. The two different patterns compliment each other.

15) There are a limitless number of ways you can design your henna tattoo! This triangle pattern and looks great on the back of the hand. Adding geometric shapes and lines into a henna tattoo is a great way to make it unique and fresh.

16) Designs along the sides of your feet are a great way to dress your feet when you don’t want to wear shoes. Foot tattoos look great for yoga!

17) This is a unique design of bold and thick bands. Adding more structural elements to a henna tattoo is a great way to build contrast. Also try adding softer, floral elements to the same tattoo for even more contrast.

18) This tattoo is quite simple, but has great character. The henna stained tiny dots on the nail, and the small shapes on the fingers all together look tribal and interesting.

19) The delicate flower pattern and the draping lace on the toes is very pretty and will definitely make a statement! Thin lines with drops of color look beaded, and can easily be layered onto each other.

20) The interlocking chain down the middle of the hand is a very beautiful tattoo. It’s bold and delicate and looks great with the complimenting finger patterns.

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