50+ Mahogany Hair Color Ideas with Various Shades & Highlights

Mahogany hair is the rarest and most beautiful of all the colors in the world. It could be paired with green eyes for the traditional Irish flair, or you might find a girl with blue eyes. She is the rarest of them all. Mahogany hair can be styled in a lot of different ways, and there are 22 gorgeous looks below. Peruse these styles as you decide what to do because there are many ways that you could change your life as a brunette. You simply need to start looking at the best hairstyles for your face, eyes, and natural crimson shine.

Swooping Aside

Swooping mahogany hair looks great when it has been turned all to one side. You to show a bit of your neck and the jewelry that you are wearing. You might comb your hair over to this side, or you could do a dramatic part on this site that looks so different from a traditional drop over your shoulders.

Fake Your Bangs

Having a little bit of a bang hanging behind your head helps to give you that flirty cover that you like with this mahogany hair color. You can have this style done fairly easily, and it helps you look as though you took a lot of time to get that strand of hair dangling Or tied. You look like a goddess with this hair, and it makes you seem much more playful.

The Curly Drop

You need a little bit of wave in your hair when you let it drop over your shoulders. The curly drop is a beautiful way to add wave to the ends of your hair. Give your hair a twist as it passes your shoulders, and it allows you to have that natural falling look with a bit of style.

Natural Waves

Natural waves with mahogany hair color are great because you apply them to the length of your hair. They get more severe as your hair hangs over your shoulders, and the waves might show off some highlights that had done. This is a good way to make up for the fact that you have thin hair, or it could help you play with your hair when you have a lot of volume.

Full-On Bangs

Full-on bangs are exciting because you can drape them over your forehead and feel like a little girl again. They are fascinating because you need to take care fo them every day, but they bring about a sense of style that you do not get without bangs. Ask your stylist to show you the bangs you could have if your hair was changed to a front parting.

Big Curls

Big curls happens when you are willing to let out all your hair into a turning wave like a tornado. This style counts on the big curl that you could create without just one roller. You could turn your hair out to make these waves, and they could reach up large stretches of hair. You must have these curls when you want to make a statement with the hair that rests on your shoulders.

Darkened Layers

Layers in mahogany hair reveal many different colors that might be hiding in your hair. You might be unaware of how strong the colors are in your hair until you see them for yourself, and you must have the stylist open up these layers to show you the browns, mahoganies, auburn, and crimsons that hide beneath the surface. The layers also help frame your face if you do not want your hair hanging over your shoulders.

All Natural

All natural requires that you simply let your hair drop after showering. Mahogany hair does not stick together like darker hair, and you get to see it in its natural habitat when using this style option.

High Tie

The high tie is exciting because it helps you hide some of your hair or keep your neck cool. The high tie is professional for those who work very hard during the day or run around the office. You could wear this style to your yoga class, or you might wear it to the beach where you want to look fancy free in your bikini.


The separated style involves thinking that helps break up the different pockets of your hair. People can see that you have lovely patches of darker browns or shades of crimson in mahogany hair. Your hair takes on a life of its own with this style, and you could blow it out yourself before leaving the house in the morning.

Thinned To Perfection

Thinned to perfection requires that your long hair is thinned out without being layered. You are eliminating some of your volume because your hair might be too hot, or it might be too hard to take care fo every day. This style cuts out some of the thickness, but you can let your hair drop naturally to a place that beautiful.

Optional Bangs

The optional bangs are those that you could sweep across your face or just pin back during the day. Choose the side of your face where you want bangs, have them cut long, and pin them when you do not want them in the way. You could take away the pin for a flirty and youthful look with mahogany hair color.

The Big Part

The big part leaves a parting high on your head where your pale scalp is evident. You can see the many layers of white and silver hairs that might be in this spot, and it is a fun way to show off how interesting your hair is.

High And Tight

High and tight has curls up above your head in something that looks like it came from the World War II era. This is a wonderful hairstyle with mahogany color that allows you to look vintage and modern at the same time.

Double Braids

Double braids are more than pigtails. These are amazing braids that flaunt the colors in your hair. Every turn of the braid shows off the different mahoganies and browns in your hair. Your hair looks darker when it is braided, and all the white hairs or silver hairs peek out when the braids are tied off.

Double Waves

The double wave is a style that parts in the center to use waves on both side of your head. The waves are meant to oppose one another, and you look more like a queen with this style. If you have a lot of hair to contend with, these waves could be perfect for you.

Beach Waves

Beach waves are much softer and not as formal even with mahogany hair color. They almost look as though you just got out of bed. These are the frilly waves you want when you do not take yourself too seriously. In fact, you might try these waves all summer because they keep your hair thin and soft.


The Two-Tone style is just what you think it is. This is a style that parts your hair deep on one side to show off the fact that the thickest hair on your head is dark. You have a lovely juxtaposition between light and dark shades. This cut helps you keep hair out of your face, and it could be pinned back to highlight this difference in color.

High Pony

The high point might take the place of the high bun, and you must try the high pony when you prefer your hair hangs down. You might use this style with mahogany color to look a bit more Bohemian, or you could use it with a lovely gown.

High Waves

The high waves are little lilts in your hair that reach all the way to the top of your head. You might have wanted a little bit of a curl in your hair, and these waves could be used to show off the fact that your hair has some curl in it. This is a much nicer haircut overall because it is easy to take care of, and you have these frilly pieces of hair that seem to have a mind of their own.


The headband takes the place of any bangs you might have, and it helps your hair drop straight to your shoulders. It is a simple style to use, and it requires a little brush in the morning. You could use any sort of headwear you like to flaunt this style, and it helps you hair be secondary player in your style for that day.

Flying Free

Flying free is an open blowout that most women avoid because they think it is for a special occasion. You could use this style every day to show off the many different strands of hair you have. This is an especially lovely hairstyle if you have many lighter or white strands that hide in your scarlet locks. Remember this style when you want to do something easy in the morning.

Dimensional Mahogany
Give your hair some dimension by adding different shades of mahogany throughout it.


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