45+ Ombre Hair Color Ideas and 2020 Trends: Short & Long Ombre Hair Designs

If you’ve ever been looking for a change of style that would be gorgeous and low maintenance, you’ve probably found yourself looking at ombre coloring for your new look. Ombre hair is popular hair trend that uses the balayage coloring technique to transition color from dark at the roots to light at the tips. This style can be used to create numerous effects, from natural and gentle blondes to vivid and colorful hues to fulfill your unicorn hair fantasies. Unlike all over hair color, ombre styles allow for some natural hair growth without losing the appealing aesthetic of the coloring work. This hair coloring tend is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to constantly upkeep roots while still representing their unique selves.

1. Traditional Blonde Ombre

With this traditional blonde ombre, you can spend more enjoying your style and less time maintaining your color. The light brown roots can grow out naturally without disrupting the predominant blonde effects and sparing you from the constant upkeep of the full head of blonde hair. As the style grows out, its easy to trim to blondes back to your natural color, or the blonde can serve as an excellent jumping point to other wild hair color changes.

2. Dark to Light Ombre

This next ombre style takes us from a darker, almost black, root to an adorable ashy lavender. This style is a cute interpretation of the traditional ombre style. This style will work for someone who knows they are ready for a commitment to this color, as the ashy lavender hues can take some work to achieve.

3. Short and Quick Ombre

Ombre isn’t a long hair exclusive coloring option! Ombre can be used on short hairstyle for a flashy and dramatic ombre look. The dark roots will allow the rapid growth of the new cut without disrupting your new found color perfectly. The silver in this ombre is another hot trend right now, and this is a great way to combine two amazing into one beautiful and dramatic style.

4. Cool toned Brunette

This style is perfect for a bold brunette who is looking to represent her personality. Blue is seen as one of the more bold colors when coloring your hair. It is a bold declaration of being uniqueness and the touches of purple show an ode to your creative side.
5. Red-Head Ombre

This style exhibits the ombre style in a naturally toned red head color. While this look can be achieved easily by a natural red head, this red ombre style can be achieved by anyone who is looking to channel their inner fiery personality in their new look.

6. 5. Pastel Dreams Ombre

This whimsical style is reminiscent of pastel fairies. This style is perfect for someone loving the ombre trend who is willing to put in a little more work and upkeep. The dark roots are nearly non existent against the silvery aqua that transitions to a whimsical lavender at the ends. Pastels themselves can fade quickly, so maintaining this style will require some touch ups, as with any of the colors you face outside of the natural colored dyes.

7. Light and Natural

This is another ombre style for those looking to stay within the natural colored hair themes. This light ombre starts with a natural light brown and fades into a darker blonde, unlike our platinum blonde option earlier.

8. Dark and Dreamy

This ombre is an absolutely gorgeous option for someone looking to go towards the ombre trend without committing to a brightly colored head of hair. With the black roots transitioning into a darker gray and then into a beautiful silvery tip this ombre is a chromatic dream. This style would be great for someone who has a darker personal style who doesn’t mind the commitment and work put into achieving the popular silver tone.

9. Fiery Phoenix

This ombre style gives off some serious fire vibes and is great for someone looking to draw attention. This style is bright and demands attention, both from those passing by and it’s wearer. Vivid reds such as this do take quite a bit of upkeep since they do tend to fade quickly. However, for channeling your inner phoenix this red into orange ombre is absolutely perfect.

10. A Melting Pot of Reds

This ombre is beautiful and there is a lot going on within it. We see a simple black at the root, transitioning into some darker reds and oranges in the mid section of the hair. The ends turn into lighter reds, even mixing with some pinks to mix into a beautiful mix of color in this ombre. While it isn’t within the natural color palette, it is tame and great for someone looking for some color without being flashy.

11. Silver and Blonde

This ombre features a darker brown root that quickly transitions to a mixture of dark blonde and silvery blue locks. The two colors combine to make gorgeous waves of color down the length of hair.

12. Mermaid Ombre

This ombre style showcases purple roots that transition into a beautiful vivid blue. This look is perfect to channel your inner mermaid, which is a huge trend in hair. These colors will take more upkeep than the natural ombre counterparts, however, it is definitely worth it.

13. Burgundy and Auburn

Starting with a dark brown and transitioning into a mix of burgundy and auburn, is a great way to get a dark auburn ombre look. These reds, highlighted with a light orange create the perfect look for fall.

14. Pretty in Pink Ombre

This ombre features black roots that transition into luxurious bright pink curls. The shades of pink make this ombre style a jaw-dropping fun way to spice up your look.

15. Fading from Black

This style really emphasizes the transitional color in the ombre effect. We start at a black that fades into a red using beautiful shades of darker purples and reds.

16. Shades of Blue

This all blue ombre is vivid, bright and gives off some lovely beach vibes. We start out at a deep dark blue that fades away into a beautiful sea foam green. This look is perfect for the aspiring mermaid!

17. Perfectly Subtle

Starting from a natural black root to a light shade of blue, this ombre is stunning in a simple and subtle way. It’s perfect for someone looking to add just a touch of brightness to their every day look.

18. Black and Pink

Pastels and black are an amazing combination showcased in this ombre style. The black roots quickly morph to a beautiful pastel pink, making this style an absolute aesthetic dream.

19. Chocolate and Caramel

Starting from a beautiful chocolate brown and ending in a light caramel shade, this ombre creates a beautiful brunette style that is similar to it’s blonde counterparts. It is simple and a gorgeous option for a brunette looking to make a less drastic change.

20. Whimsical Fantasies

Another shout out to the popular unicorn trend is seen in this stunning ombre style. The color starts at a dark gray, using purples and even pastel pinks to create a pastel ombre unicorn fantasy.

21. Naturally Colorful

Not everyone is a fan of adding an abundance of dye to their look. This ombre style shows it’s possible to add a touch of color without as much processing needed. This look uses the natural lightness of the hair to showcase a beautiful blue at the tips. This style is perfect for someone who isn’t looking for a hard commitment to changing their style.

22. Gradient Gray

Starting with a beautiful gradient of gray in the roots, this style ends with a gorgeous light blue at the tips. It’s one of the styles that takes some commitment, but it is colorful, bright and lightens up your look.

23. Multicolored Ombre

Sporting brown roots this ombre goes from natural to a colorful combination of soft pinks and bright purples. It is unique and creative without being as aggressively bright as some of the other fun colored options.

24. Natural Ombre


Add in a mixture of light and dark colors to get a beautiful ombre that doesn’t have a ton of brass but a lot of depth.

25. High to Low Ombre


Have your ombre go from super dark to super light. The small color change might not seem like a lot but your hair will look amazing.

26. Short Ombre


Even with short hair you can still rock a beautiful ombre look. Add small ombre highlights if you don’t want anything too drastic.

27. Blue Ombre

Go a different way with your ombre and add some blue to your look. The fade from dark to blue will be eye catching and perfect.

28. Red Ombre


Embrace red hair and add a bit of ombre to the mix. The color will still look natural, but it will be something out of the box.

29. Pink Princess Ombre


Change the ombre game by add an array of different pinks to your look and creating a beautiful ombre color.

30. Natural Ombre


The color of this ombre Is perfect and gives a natural look. Go with a color that matches your natural so you aren’t going too drastic.

31. Dark Melting Ombre


This dark ombre is different then what we are use to seeing and the dark colors melt together perfectly.

32. Fiery Ombre


This fire engine red ombre is a great color to rock if you are looking for something bright and fun.

33. Cascading Reds


Really turn heads with this gorgeous red ombre that melts from reds to oranges.

34. Silver and Blonde Ombre


This lovely ombre is a great combination of dark, light, and a touch of silver to give you shine and depth.

35. Purple Ombre


Throw some purple in your hair for a rich and deep ombre. The color is bright but not overall bright where the fade will be bad.

36. Burgundy Ombre


This burgundy ombre is different from most but not a typical color you will see on everyone. Make the ombre your own and add a nice color effect.

37. Mermaid Ombre


Channel your inner mermaid with this stunning pink and purple ombre. Keep your roots natural so the grow out is easier.

38. Fading Ombre


Ombres always fade from one color to the next and do a simple melt at the bottom of your hair is the great way to dip your toe into an ombre look.

39. Cool Ombre


A cool ombre is a great choice if you love blues and darker colors for your ombre.

40. Caramel Ombre


This caramel ombre combines beautiful gold and honey colors to give you a rich and vibrant ombre, perfect for the summer.

41. Pink Ombre


Embrace your love of pink and pair it with a gorgeous ombre.

42. Warm Ombre


This warm ombre will bring dimension and depth to your hair but also keeping a natural look.

43. Simple Ombre


Your ombre doesn’t have to be big and dramatic. Keep the ombre simple with a tiny color change.

44. Bright Ombre


Embrace the ombre and give yourself a nice bright color. A blonde and platinum blonde ombre will bring a ton of light to your look and your hair.

45. Combination Ombre


Choose a few of your favorite natural colors to combine into one beautiful ombre look. The look will be natural and fresh but mixed with all your favorite colors.

Changing your look can be exciting, though deciding what to do with it can be a bit intimidating. Whether your are looking to stay within the natural colors or aspiring to be a mermaid, an ombre style may be right for you.

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