35+ Platinum Blonde Hair Color and Style Ideas – Dark & Light Highlights

Platinum blonde hair styles are interesting because they cover a range of colors and options. You might use platinum blonde hair to shine when you are getting ready for the day, or you could use platinum blonde hair in a way that makes you feel like you have faded your hair just right. You can take a look at some hairstyles that will change the way you view your hair, and you can change your hair to any style so that you can bewitch all the people around you with hoe you look and how you feel.

Wavy Fade

The wavy fade is easy to do because you have your hair colors mixed while also showing off the platinum that you have already put in your hair. This is a good place to start if you are experimenting with your hair.

Full Wave

The full wave is all platinum, and it will change how you view your hair because it is so much more than just a platinum blonde style. It has the bright color that you need, and it will completely change how you view your hair because of how simple it is to complete.

Hot Wave

The hot wave is much brighter, and it is something that you cna use when you want to look like you have just walked off the runway. You have a right to make your hair look perfect, and you need to start really thinking about what you can do to change the way that you are dressing because the hot wave will guide you.

Ice Crystals

Ice crystals is almost blue, and you will fall in love with it because it makes you think of winter and all the things that you can do with your hair and your wardrobe at this time of year. You are going to shift your perspective on the platinum color, and you will feel like a different person if you are wearing this color.

Dark Fade

The dark fade is something that you have to try if you want your hair to be much darker on top so that you can have that nice fade to the white color that is below. Most women are not sure if they need this color, but it can really work for you where nothing else can really do the job.

High Heat

High heat requires that you use the hair up on your head to make the statement that you need. You can use this with any color, but it should be pretty hot so that you get the right results.

Natural Fall

The natural fall just lets your hair do what you think it should do. It will fall gracefully, and it will look much better because you allowed it to be the way it normally would be without getting in its way.

Curling Frost

Curling frost is nice because you have the combination of the platinum blonde in an almost blue color with the curls that are falling away from your fac.e. You can try this hairstyle when you need to use something to make your hair look unique. This feels much better when you are using the curls with the blue.

Pink Shade

The pink shade is one that just uses the softest pink possible to make your hair shimmer. You will feel much better when you are using something like this because it can provide you with the chance to make your hair look different without using too much color or overdoing it when you are getting ready.

Mix And Match

Mix and match is fun because you can use it at any time to get the results that you want. You can figure out pretty fast which of these would be the best thing for you to do, and you have to be sure that you have found two colors you want to put together when you are searching for a way to look your best.

A Little Golden

The little golden blonde is one that has a little bit more fo the gold color in it. It is very special in that you can use this color to look traditional, but you do not always need to turn to this color unless you want to have a normal blonde for a little while. You have the platinum streaks underneath if you would like that.


This is the perfect way for you to style your hair when you know for a fact that you want everything to match up. All the hair will curl at the same rate, and they will make a simple design that anyone would like because it is so natural.

Easy Highlights

Easy highlights sit on your head, and they only give you a little bit of the tone you are looking for without taking over your whole hairstyle. This is important when you do not want to scare people with the hair that you have.

Matching Shine

This is a shine that works on all girls, and you will find that very little girls and older women all look great in this style. You simply need to decide if this is what you want to use. You can pick this color because it will work better than most, and it will give you that classical girl next door look that you were going for when you picked it.


This is the short pixie cut that you have to try when you want to look stunning and catch people off guard. You will find that you look like a completely new woman, and you can shock people because they might not have thought that you would wear your hair that short. You can make a statement, and you can use a style that makes you feel so much better because it requires no upkeep.


Waterfall is the series of curls that are all falling at once. These are beautiful spirals that you will love that have the platinum blonde in them, and you need to try these curls when you want to show off your hair without doing much other than the normal platinum color.

Black And White Babe

The black and white has the heavy roots and the very light white that you want. This is a very fun thing to wear because you can split your hair down the middle and get the best of both worlds. You will notice that you can leave your roots in for longer, and you will feel more confident because you have invested in something that is so different than the norm.

Natural Platinum
Go with a normal nature platinum color that will make your hair bright and lovely.


Curled Platinum
Rock your platinum color by adding gorgeous curls throughout your hair.


Baby Platinum
Up the color of your blonde hair by adding some platinum highlights throughout it.


Icy Platinum
Take your platinum color to the nice level by coloring it with a silver/white color to really bring the light to it.


Shadow Roots
Pair your platinum color with your shadow root so it is a little easier to deal with your color during the times you don’t go to the salon.


Lighten your hair with a gorgeous platinum color and add highlights of honey throughout it.


Nature Platinum
If you want a natural color do a nice mix of blonde of platinum for a great color.


Grey Highlights
Add a pop of color to your platinum hair by adding some grey highlights throughout it.


Bob Platinum Hair
Rock your platinum hair color with a beautiful bob haircut.


Orange Platinum
Rock your platinum color with a beautiful mixture of orange. The color combination will instantly turn heads.


Add a mixture of different highlights throughout your platinum hair, like this lovely mix of white and browns.


Golden Platinum
A golden platinum color will add a little warmth to your hair but keep it platinum and light.


Summer Platinum
Welcome summer with a great mixture of platinum, blondes, and browns.


White Platinum Blonde
Go to the extreme with your platinum blonde by adding a light white color throughout your hair.


Pixie Platinum
Enjoy a platinum color with a gorgeous pixie cut.


Balayage Platinum
Do a balayage color with platinum to get a fresh and unique color change to your hair.


Pearl Blonde
Add a pearl color to your gorgeous platinum blonde hair and really let your style shine.


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