45+ Purple Hair Color Ideas & Trends: Highlights, Styles and More

Purple hair is considered a fashion color and fashion colors have been making a scene lately. Whether its lavender, a medium purple, or a dark and mysterious purple, you can wear a purple hair numerous ways and look beautiful. Pair it with short hair, curly hair, or long hair and you will be making a scene yourself.

Here are 45 of our favorite purple hairstyles.

1. Amethyst
An amethyst purple is beautiful and perfect if you want to try a new color.


2. Purple Sections
Add sections of purple throughout your hair for a fun look.


3. Deep Purple
A deep purple is dark and fun, perfect for the winter.


4. Thistle Purple
These three purples combined into one look is stunning and adds a lot of dimension to your hair.


5. Blue and Purple
Go dark with your purple and add a blue tone to it.


6. Silver to Purple Ombre
Add two amazing fashion colors together with a silver style and purple ombre.


7. Vibrant Purple Bob
Curl your bob and have a vibrant purple shade thrown on.


8. All Purple
Throw your favorite purple on your hair and go for the complete look.


9. Purple Dip Dye
If you don’t want to commit to purple try a dip dye instead.


10. Dark Purple Highlights
Keep your natural color and add some dark purple highlights throughout your hair.


11. Sugar Plum
This light purple isn’t as bright as a classic purple but looks great with a lob cut.


12. Pinky Purple
Embrace a pinky purple color for a light and flirty style.


13. Purple Braid
Show your purple color off with a stunning braid.


14. Joker
Channel your inner joker with this green and purple style.


15. Mauve Dreams
A mauve color isn’t as bright as normal purples but still gorgeous and natural.


16. Grape
A grape color with pink highlights combined into a pixie style will turn heads.


17. Galaxy Dreams
Deep purple and a magenta gives you a galaxy looks that others will be jealous of.


18. Mermaid Vibes
Show off your inner mermaid with a mix of light blue and lavender.


19. Fade
Dark purple faded into a light purple is the ultimate purple style.


20. Chunky Swatches
Do sections of chunky colors to have an awesome mix of light and dark purples.


21. Silver and Purple
Purple and silver mixed together gives off a stunning iridescent look that everyone will want.


22. Ombre Purple
Fashion colors are perfect to do with an ombre look.


23. Medium Purple
A medium purple and lavender mixed together gives your hair depth and dimension.


24. Mulberry
A berry purple looks beautiful and is complex in color.


25. Mardi Gras
Keep your roots darker and add purple throughout your hair.


26. Pansy Purple
Light purple is a great color to pair with a pretty lob.


27. Red and Purple
Keep it natural with this mixture of red and purple.


28. Royal Purple
Go deep and dark with your purple hues, pair it with dark hair for a mysterious style.


29. Pearly Purple
Add a pearl aspect to your purple to get the best shine.


30. Minimal Purple
If you wanted to go more natural, try a minimal purple color instead.


31. Opposite Sides
Create a cool look by coloring your hair two different shades on opposite ends.


32. Purple Lob
Keep your hair the same shade of purple all over and cut it into a lob style.


33. Soft Lavender
Mix a little lavender and gray for a gorgeous soft and light hue.


34. Electric Purple
Vivid purple with a mixture of rainbow gives you an electric look and style.


35. Dark Purple Highlights
Show your love of purple through some beautiful dark highlights.


36. Unicorn Dreams
Light pinks and purples look stunning together and pair well with some curls.


37. Purple Pastel
Mix a few pastel colors together to obtain this gorgeous look.


38. Purple Bob
A rounded bob with blue bangs in a great purple style.


39. Purple Rose
Go for a softer purple as some added highlights.


40. Lavender
If you like light purple better, pair is with a curly bob and some bangs.


41. Purple Roots
Instead of doing a shadow root keep your hair natural and opt for a purple root.


42. Vivid Purples
Throw a mixture of purples throughout your hair for a great variation.


43. Two Toned Purple
Dark pink and purple paired together makes a beautiful combo with endless possibilities.


44. Cotton Candy
Pair light pinks and lavender together for an amazing cotton candy vibe.


45. Natural Purple
Purple is a great color to wear but if you want to keep it more natural you totally can.


As you can see, you can’t go wrong with a stunning purple look. Purple comes in an array of colors and hues, which means you have a lot of options when choosing what to do to your hair.

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