Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas – Dark & Light Shades, Highlights & Styles

If you are looking to spice up your life, switching up your hair color might be the change you need. Hair color can speak volumes about someone’s personality, so it is imperative that you find your perfect shade.

Rose gold is a shade that is daring and ultra feminine. It is no longer reserved for the latest iPhone and glamorous jewelry. Rose gold hair color is alluring from root to tip or applied as a highlight shade to your existing color.

Rose gold color offers a multitude of shades within itself, ranging from an airy, iridescent color to a deeper, rosy tone. Our favorite shades are luminous, elegant, and waiting for you to check them out. No matter what you choose, you will obsess over your trendy rose gold-colored hair.

1) Rose Gold Glazed Brunette

This is the perfect shade if you have deep, rich brunette hair and are craving a change. This “glazed” rose gold look allows you to look elegant while also inviting the luminous vibe that the tones give off. There are deeper, blush tones mixed with light, airy shades that give this look a unique twist on rose gold.

2) Blush Is The New Black

This is an all-over blush look. The roots remain untouched while the rest of the hair has a dark, rose gold look to it. A shade like this is ideal for someone who wants to experiment with a dark, rosy look.

3) Rose Gold Melted With Shimmery, Blonde

This is an undeniable, gorgeous look! There is a seamless progression from deep roots to a warmer rose shade. It leads to a shimmery blonde tone all the way down to the tips.

4) Rose Goldy-Locks

You cannot go wrong with this multi-dimensional golden rose shade. The vibrancy of the gold combined with the blush tones creates an aesthetically pleasing look that anyone can rock.

5) A Hint Of Rose Gold Highlights

The shimmer of rose gold provides the perfect highlight to brunette hair. It looks incredibly natural due to the strategic application of the color and the blending technique. If you are looking for a dash of color throughout your hair, this look provides exactly that.

6) Deep Rose Dimensions

This deep rose look is perfect for people who want to try the trend without going for the traditional blonde shade. The roots are a rich rose shade that transition into a golden ombre at the tips.

7) Rose Gold Blonde Balayage

The subtle rose gold shade distributes throughout the hair in a gorgeous balayage style. The rosy tones peek through the blonde in a way that looks so natural and effortless. It is simple and classic yet ultra trendy!

8) Blush On Blonde Ombre

This look features an alluring blush pink shade over a golden blonde base. The roots are this gorgeous blonde that transitions into a blush shade at the tips. This results in a style that is fun and perfect for the warmer months when you want to rock a more temporary look.

9) Blush Highlights

Rose gold highlights offer an absolutely gorgeous contrast to deep, espresso hair. This is the perfect technique to achieve that “touch of rose gold” lock on your rich, brunette locks. The finished product looks like a delicious chocolate raspberry pastry.

10) Champagne Rose Gold

If you are an existing blonde, this is the perfect look for you. This champagne rose gold hair color is the perfect way to add dimensions and vibrant color throughout your hair while also remaining natural.

11) Raspberry Rose Gold Highlights

A mix between pink and subtle purple highlights, this brunette hair shines in stunning shades of rose gold and raspberry. This look won’t look like a bold hot pink hairstyle indoors or in dim lighting.

12) Cotton Candy Rose Gold

If you are over your mundane look, try this ravishing cotton candy rose gold shade. This look is a rose gold blonde base layered with pink highlights. It flows so effortlessly, yet it is far from ordinary.

13) Cool Rose Gold Balayage

This cool rose gold balayage style is perfect for someone who wants a hint of pink without the full commitment. These pink tones are so subtle. This is a great option for people with cool toned skin who are not sure what pink shade would suit them best.

14) Warm Rose Gold

Warm rose gold hair all over the head offers up another way to try this hair trend subtly. If you have blonde hair, this is a gorgeous way to warming up your look without completely changing your hair color.

15) Multi-dimensional Rose Gold

The dark roots look stunning with the vibrant pink shade and lighter rose gold color toward the middle and tips. This style is full of dimension and vivid color that captivates the eye. This is perfect for those who are daring and artsy.

16) Peachy Rose Gold Highlights

There rose gold highlights pick of gorgeous hints of orange in the sunlight. The stunning contract against the brunette base color looks vibrant without appearing out-of-place. The placement of the rose gold highlights means that you will need frequent touch-ups to keep up this look. The highlights enhance these espresso locks so naturally and are worth it!

17) Dusty Rose

This dusty shade of cool rose gold shows how luxurious this hair trend is without being over the top. It is totally Instagram-worthy and will have your friends obsessing over your locks.

18) Subtle Pastel Rose Gold

This subtle pastel rose gold hair color leans towards being a true pink shade with a shimmer of gold. It looks absolutely gorgeous against darker roots to create dimension and extra depth.

19) Rose Gold Lowlights

There are subtle hints of rose gold underneath a pale blonde base. It as lowlights to add depth and dimension while achieving a feminine look. This is another perfect look for someone with blonde hair.

20) Deep Rose Gold All-Over

This deep rose shade is a style you can rock all year. The richness of the deep rose mixed with the shimmery gold pieces makes this an ideal look for someone who wants a versatile color.

21) Warm Rose Highlights

These warm gold highlights cascade around the face, creating gorgeous depth and dimension. This look is a warm, inviting take on rose gold but it is not incredibly light. This shade perfectly compliments olive toned skin that may look too yellow against a platinum blonde rose gold shade.

22) Pinkish Gold Highlights

This look focuses on a pink gold shade applied as sporadic highlights throughout the hair. This is a subtle take on a bright pink gold shade. Light picks up the pink nicely and reflects the gold as well.

There are plenty of stunning rose gold shades to choose from. You can use this trend to change your hair completely or add extra dimensions. It doesn’t matter if you have brunette locks or blonde hair, anyone can join in on trying this Instagram-worthy color.

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