40+ Silver Hair Color Ideas & Trends: Highlights, Styles and More

Silver hair is a trend that has been popular recently. The color is fun, bright, and is an instant head turner. Between the different shades, styles, and looks, silver is a color your should be consider when dyeing your hair.

Here are 40 of our favorite silver hairstyles that are a must try.

1. Silver Waves
Long curly hair paired with a gorgeous silver color looks stunning.


2. Silver and Blue
Mix a few fun colors for an awesome look, like this blue and silver style.


3. Dusty Lavender
Silver hair with a lavender hue creates a beautiful dusty lavender color.


4. Sleek and Silver
Keep your hair sleek and straight for a beautiful style.


5. Ash Blonde
Throw a little silver on top of your blonde for a pretty ash blonde color.


6. Silver Wedding
Even at a wedding you can rock a gorgeous look and some silver hair.


7. Silver Pixie
Short hair paired with a little silver looks perfect.

8. Silver Rainbow
Use silver as your base and add a few fun rainbow colors throughout your hair for a completely new look.


9. Silver Layers
Throw a few layers through your hair for a little more dimension.


10. Edgy Silver
Go on the edgy side with your silver, adding a few style with your color.


11. Long Silver Vibes
Long hair and silver is a perfect style that looks sleek and amazing.


12. Silver and Yellow
Silver goes perfectly with almost any color, try a dip dye on yellow.


13. Silver Sun
Add a little blonde throughout your silver for a lighter touch.


14. Silver Slate
Throw a mixture of silver onto your hair for a cool color effect.


15. Silver Mane
Dazzle your friends with this gorgeous and shiny silver mane.


16. Silver Bob
Bobs are a great hairstyle to have especially when you pair it with a silver color.

17. Silver Cloud
Start with a dark shadow root and ombre your hair down to a silver shade.


18. Silver and Blue Hue
Silver hair with a bit of blue running through it looks perfect and great on anyone.


19. Summer Silver
Go a little light for the summer and brighten your hair to a gorgeous silver.

20. Shaggy Pixie
A shaggy pixie is a cute style and still gives you a little length to play with.


21. Silver Highlights
If you’re not sure if you want to fully go silver, add a few highlights in your hair for a little touch.


22. Rounded Silver Bob
Throw a little silver on your hair and add a rounded bob style.


23. Silver Lob
Lob styles are super in right now, pair it with a popular color for the ultimate look.


24. Silver Balayage
Pair your silver style with a balayage look for a great color fade.


25. Silver Ice
A short silver style looks beautiful and is perfect for anyone.

26. Silver Opal
Pair your silver color with a mixture of blue and purple for a gorgeous opal vibe.


27. Silver Boxer Braids
Boxer braids are a great style and look amazing with silver hair.


28. Long Waves
Silver looks amazing partnered with long curly strands.


29. Silver Buns
Combine two amazing looks, braids and buns, for this beautiful style.


30. Silver Texture
Add a few layers throughout your silver hair to get tons of texture and dimension.


31. Rose to Silver
Both rose and silver are popular styles to wear right now, so combine them both.


32. Icy Waves
Combine silver with a platinum blonde to get the best icy look.


33. Silver Lilac Dreams
Adding a touch of lilac to your silver hair can really transform the color.


34. Silver Fishtail
A long fishtail braid looks stunning when paired with silver hair.


35. Silver Locks
Keep your silver simple and one hue for a beautiful color.


36. Silver Shadow Roots
Silver and shadow roots blend nicely together and looks gorgeous.

37. Shaggy Silver
Add tons of layer and texture through your silver mane for a shaggy look.


38. Dark Silver
Not all the silver has to be the be bright, try this darker silver instead.

39. Dark Silver Ombre
Go for a darker ombre with the silver trend.

40. Shiny Silver
Silver looks perfect with a sleek, shiny, hairstyle.

When it comes to silver hair you have a lot of options on what you can do. Which silver look is your favorite?

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