40+ Strawberry Blonde Hair: Light & Dark Highlights and Style Ideas

Have you ever wanted to try a new hair color? Ever want to try something that would give you a new sense of confidence and brighten up your life? A great color option could be Strawberry Blonde, but what many people fail to realize is how many different types of strawberry blonde colors there are. Strawberry Blonde is a go to color that many people are drawn to. It’s lighter than red, and darker than the traditional blonde. It is extremely rare to find a natural strawberry blonde, which is why coloring might be the best bet for you. Its beautiful color enriches your natural hair tone. Strawberry blonde can be elegant or playful. Everyone from Adele, Amy Adams and Blake Lively all choose to go with strawberry blonde. Here are twenty-two different variations of strawberry blonde.

Rosy Gold Strawberry Blonde

If you’re looking to brighten things up, you could try this rosy gold strawberry blonde. It is a cousin to the strawberry blonde. It allows you the ability to stand out with this great color option, and a trend that never goes out of fashion. It pairs well with both lighter and darker hair tones. Rosy gold is a favorite among many Women in Hollywood. It gives you the look you want, with its vibrant warm rosy shade. Singer and Actress Demi Lovato often will rock this color. This color is the latest trend. The best park is this color will work on most people, by complimenting all skin tones and creates a beautiful intensity. With its gold hue, this is a look that can be admired if you’re walking a runway, or if you’re walking down the street. It is a great way to make a statement. Sometimes just a few strands of this rosy gold color can really make you stand out. It can warm up your skin tone, giving you a healthy admirable glow.

Strawberry Blonde with Copper Lowlights

This mixture of golden and copper tones will warm and brighten your skin, giving you a lovely glow. The copper highlights bring dimension to your color, providing you a look that not only embraces the fall season, but also gives you a look that will be fun all year round. It also gives you an added feeling of confidence with its radiant copper lowlights. If you want a color that separates you from everyone else, this is definitely the look you want. One option is, adding some waves to compliment the color, and heighten the copper tone, giving you an absolutely lovely and memorable look.

Sun Kissed Strawberry Blonde

The Sun Kissed Strawberry Blonde is a great way to add some creativity to your life. With this fun look anything is possible, and it is a great way to incorporate brightness to your hair. This look goes great on warm summery days. The sun kissed highlights gives your tone some brightness, and provides you a look that really pops.

Creamy Strawberry Blonde

This Creamy strawberry blonde color will ooze elegance. Giving you the look of perfection you desire. It’s warm tone, gives you the light and luminous look you’re craving. This look is a true classic that will never go out of style. Its dazzling creamy texture will definitely make heads turn.

Reddish Brown Strawberry Blonde Ombre

This Reddish Brown Strawberry Blond Ombre gives you’re a stunning look. The ombre tone richens the color, giving you a vibrant shade that will never go out of style. This look screams take action, and gives you an added feeling of harmony.

Amber Strawberry Blonde

If you’re looking for a color that really pops, Amber Strawberry Blonde may be the perfect look for you. This look is always a first choice for many people. It is a lovely blend between red and blonde. With its deep dark brownish tones, this color will ooze confidence. It goes great with a brown lipstick, and a medium brown eye shadow.

Strawberry Blonde with a Pink Hue

If you’re looking to add some creativity to your life, this strawberry blond with a pink hue might be great for you. The pink hue gives you the free spirited look you may be looking for. The pink hue adds a new twist that will stand out. This look is fun, fun, fun. It can go great with a pixie cut, but the options are limitless.

Light Orange Strawberry Blonde

This Light orange, strawberry blond is a great way to incorporate some color into your life, and welcome in the fall season. With its ginger tone, it will give you the playful and sweet look you crave. It usually compliments people with fair or pale skin best. Some might be a little nervous trying this color, but trust me it’s a look that is well worth it.

Strawberry Blonde Sorbet

You might want to try this dazzling color, the strawberry blond sorbet is without a doubt a show-stopper. With its rich tones, gives you a look that is simply ravishing. Adding some curls can take this look to another level.

Warm strawberry blonde with Honey Highlights

This warm strawberry blonde is my personal favorite. This subtle color gives you an elegant look without a drastic change. This timeless classic provides a noticeable brightness with its honey highlights. This color provides you a Bohemian and a chic look. You could also add some bangs to compliment the highlights.

Fiery strawberry blonde

This Fiery strawberry blonde will give you the look confidence you want. It is a nice way to switch it up. It will give you the inviting and gorgeous look you crave. It looks like a ray of sunshine; this color is a favorite among many. It can go well with a rounded bob.

Pearly Red Strawberry Blonde

This pearly red strawberry blonde color is a great way to add some spice to your life. Its pearly finish provides you a look of elegance, but also gives you a beautiful look that never fades. This perfect color is the definition of timeless.

Bleached Blond Hair with Strawberry Blonde Highlights

If you’re looking for a bold change, you could always add some strawberry blond highlights to your bleached hair. This effortless look goes great with every skin tone. It gives you a modern and stylish look that will compliment you all year from.

Kaleidoscope Strawberry Blonde

This watercolor inspired hair tone will give you a beautiful and unique look that will make heads turn. Its vibrant shades, compliment its dreamy tones. This playful look will add a surprising twist to your life. This is a look any color lover will adore.

Strawberry Blonde Sombre

The Strawberry Blonde Sombre is an easy way to welcome the summer with a bang. It’s absolutely stunning shades will lighten your green or blue eyes and make them pop. Its golden hue will instantly draw attention to your eyes. You could also add a slight wave to give your hair some texture.

Tangerine Strawberry Blonde

You could try tangerine Strawberry blonde, this color is a great way to liven up your locks. This spring look will give you the noticeable transformation you’re searching for. By adding a little curl, it will give you a natural looking finish.

Sandy Strawberry Blonde

If you want a look that isn’t too bold, you might want to try a Sandy Strawberry Blonde. This look is a perfect summer accessory, but it compliments ever season. This color will prevent your hair from looking lifeless. It goes well with a textured bob. This multidimensional look is full of life.

Auburn Strawberry blonde

If you’re looking for the perfect strawberry blonde shade, you might want to try Auburn strawberry blonde; the auburn adds some balance and the copper highlights give it a seamless flow. This look will give you some added edge. This color is perfect for blondes looking for a touch of red.

Chocolate Strawberry Blonde

This color is a little more on the darker side of the spectrum, with its dark, rich tones, this color is unforgettable. This color is perfect for those who want to stand out in the crowd.

Golden Strawberry Blonde

This look will compliment you all season round. With its golden honey hue, this look is simply stunning. The sun will add brightness and help harmonize your color. By incorporating some bangs, this will add texture to the color, giving you a memorable look.

Metallic Strawberry Blonde

If you want to try a stylish color that really pops, you might want to try Metallic Strawberry blonde. Its Metallic shimmer will give you a jaw dropping look. Its Metallic highlights will give you a glamorous combination of color and style

Dark Strawberry Blonde

If you’re searching for a subtle change, you might want to try a dark strawberry blonde. Its rich espresso tone goes well with all skin completions. This is a great way to upgrade your brown hair and a nice way to darken your blonde hair. This will give you natural looking flawless color. There are a wide variety of strawberry blonde hair colors, rather it’s dark, light or blonde there are many different shades of strawberry blonde that could work best for you. So if you’re looking for a bold color option to give you a dazzling new look, strawberry blonde could be the best option.

Vibrant Strawberry Blond

Show off your color with this rich and gorgeous strawberry blonde color.


Pink Hues

Change your strawberry blonde up a little by adding a few pink hues throughout it and lightening the color up a bit.


Strawberry Highlights

If you don’t want to commit to strawberry 100%, then try out some highlights and see how much you like the color.


Dark Strawberry

Add a few days of darkness to your strawberry color for some great depth and dimension to your hair.


Classic Strawberry

If you like the classic strawberry blonde look, then go for it. The color looks natural and gives your hair so much light, and it is perfect for summer.


Strawberry Balayage

Go with a classic balayage color technique and mix it with a beautiful strawberry blonde color. The blend of colors will look stunning in your hair.


Chestnut and Strawberry

Keep your natural dark color and run some strawberry blonde throughout it. The light and dark will bounce off each other perfectly and give your hair much depth.


Light Strawberry Blonde

This light strawberry blonde is a gorgeous color and will look stunning on anyone. The color is also natural looking, so no need to worry about a drastic color change.


Blonde and a Touch of Strawberry

If you’re more of a fan of a blonde, then add little touches of strawberry through it to get a right color but nothing over the top.


Curled Strawberry

Curl your hair to give your strawberry hair color and much dimension. With a curl, you can see every aspect of the beautiful color.


Chunky Highlights

Add some chunky strawberry highlights throughout your hair for a more dramatic look.


Shiny Strawberry Blonde

Keep the shine alive with your new color by mixing some frost and blush into the tone for a unique twist on the strawberry blonde.


Ombre Strawberry Blonde

Do a beautiful ombre effect with strawberry blonde and keep your roots a more natural color.


Warm Strawberry Blonde

Mix in some honey into your strawberry blonde color to give yourself a warm effect.


Strawberry Lob

Strawberry blond color pairs beautifully with a lob hairstyle. Try the style out for yourself, and you won’t regret it.


Caramelized Strawberry Blonde

Add a little caramel effect to your color to really make the strawberry blonde pop and give yourself a lot of shine.


Sandy Strawberry Blonde

This sandy color gives a lot of dimension to your blonde hair and adds a nice mixture of color.


Fall Strawberry Blonde

This strawberry blonde color is darker than most and is the perfect shade for fall.


Creamsicle Blonde

Add a bit of orange to your strawberry blonde to amp up the color and try something new.


Strawberry Dreams

This strawberry blonde color is a beautiful mix of pink, blonde, and browns.


Platinum Strawberry Blonde

Really embrace your blonde color by going platinum and adding strawberry throughout your hair.


Strawberry Melt

A beautiful strawberry blonde color will melt flawlessly into your darker hair.


There are a wide variety of strawberry blonde hair colors; rather it’s darker or lighter. There are many different shades of strawberry blonde that could work best for you. So if you’re looking for a bold color option to give you a dazzling look, strawberry blonde might work best for you.

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