How Colors Affect Our Everyday Lives

Everywhere we look we are surrounded by colors.

They are a major part of our lives, but they also affect our way of living. They can make us happy, sad, angry or melancholic, and we are also thought right from the beginning of our lives to put color tags on thing. Just think about babies in a maternity, boys receive blue colored clothing and girl have the pink color. When we see red, we think about Coca-Cola, green means healthy food, yellow is related to McDonald’s and so on. So colors do play a significant role in our lives and our societies.

When you are decorating and renovating your home, you should study a bit about how each color can affect you. Being exposed to a certain color for a little while does not affect you too much, so you don’t notice any particular changes in the way you feel.

But having a wall painted in a particular color or have large items, like rugs or curtain, in a given color can have an effect on your mood. It is okay to feel drawn by a particular color, but check to see the deeper meaning of that color and what shade could be best for you.

Shades of light blue or turquoise can be suitable for the bathroom, for instance. They create the feeling you are entering a spa, a wellness oasis, as they can have calming and refreshing effects. Yellow can work great in your living room or working space because it is a fresh and energetic color.

Red or purple can go in the bedroom. Red, used in a proper amount and the right shade is a passionate color, indicating love and affection. Purple, especially the lavender shades bring states of calmness and peace. Orange is great for kitchens, but be careful as it can drive you to eat too much.

And the green should be used in the corners you will retreat for recharging your energy and relaxing, as this color means life and pure energy, bringing balance and chasing away stress.

Also, the colors of your clothing can be appropriate or not, in some situations, depending on the message you want to transmit. So you might wish to avoid wearing red at a job interview because it may be intimidating and aggressive. But red is also sensual so that it might be great for a romantic date.

At job, try using white, blue, brown or gray. They work great at interviews as well because they are calming and neutral colors, showing stability, seriousness, and an excellent organization.

For parties and a night out with friends, you can opt for the more daring colors, even black if you want to look mysterious.

So you see, colors have a great impact on our lives, and the big companies know this as well. They have been studying the way colors influences us since forever, looking for the best color to represent their labels.

Orange, the large communication corporation, chose the color with the same name because it represents freshness, energy and, above all, communication between people. The orange color makes you talk more.

Does it make sense now? Perhaps how you are going to look at colors from a different perspective.

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