How to Choose a Paint Color for Every Room in Your House

While there’s a lot of latitude for creativity and personal preference when it comes to painting the interior of our homes, there are some color families that work better than others for specific rooms. If you don’t know where to start, consider these tips and guidelines for painting the different rooms of your home:

Creating Kitchen Comfort

The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home, the place where the family starts their day and gathers together in the evenings to share a meal. The best colors for kitchens tend to be warm, earthy and bright. Neutral tans, creams and taupes can work as well, but an earthy orange, light peach or subdued red or brown can be used with success. Many designers choose the kitchen wall color based upon the look of the cabinets and counters, as these tend to be the focal point of a kitchen as well as its most expensive décor items. Cool colors like blue, green or gray are generally not appealing in a kitchen space.

Dining Room Elegance

Just as in the kitchen, earthy, warm tones can look amazing in the dining room. Some designers and homeowners take the warmth to an extreme with shades of yellow and bright orange. However, more subdued versions of these warm tones can be effective as well. The color blue tends to have an appetite-suppressing effect, so cool shades like blue and cool greens are generally not a good choice for the dining room.

Creating an Ideal Living Room

Living room colors have more latitude, as it’s a place to showcase the style and personality of your family. The size of the room as well as existing lighting from both windows and lamps should be considered. Darker colors in the living room can help to create a more snug and cozy atmosphere; however, they will also make the room look smaller. Lighter colors open up the room and make it look larger, but it may be somewhat harder to relax and unwind in a light or brightly-painted living room.

Warm, versatile colors like beige, tan, cream, ivory or pale yellow can help to give your living room an inviting feel. These colors are also versatile when it comes to furniture and décor choices, as they match with just about all other colors. In the other direction, maroon, burgundy, dark violet, brown or deep rust can work in a living room; however, it may be harder to pair décor with some of the more specialized shades. Cooler tones in the green, blue and gray families can work in a living room if a more subdued and sedating effect is desired. There are fewer guidelines when it comes to living room colors; it’s entirely up to the tastes and preferences of the people living there.

Bedroom Relaxation

Most people want a sedating and relaxing effect in their bedroom, and this begins with the paint color on the walls. Blue, green and warm gray can all work well in a bedroom; however, light, neutral earth tones can also work well. Colors such as red and bright orange or yellow should be avoided in bedroom spaces, as these colors can have a jarring or even agitating effect in a bedroom. However, subtle pink, peach, salmon or coral can all work as a bedroom color.

Bathroom Creativity

Bathrooms have a lot of latitude when it comes to wall paint color choices. Colors like aqua, teal and seafoam green tend to be popular here, as they can help to create a spa-like atmosphere and a natural feel. However, warm tones can work in the bathroom as well, including light and dark earth tones. A medium gray can create a more masculine look. That said, if you feel the irresistible urge to paint your bathroom purple or hot pink – go for it! Just be prepared to face that bright, bold color every day – and find bathroom accessories that complement it.

Painting the interior of your home is your chance to create the environment of your dreams. It can also be a vehicle for self-expression. Knowing color basics can go a long way in helping you choose the ideal shades for each environment. Use these tips and guidelines to find the perfect color for every room in your home.

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