How to Choose an Exterior Paint Color for Your House

In addition to protecting and preserving the resale value of your home, a new coat of paint can increase your home’s curb appeal and transform its overall aesthetic look. While selecting a paint color can seem challenging, there are some guidelines that can help you to choose the perfect shade and hue. Consider these tips and ideas for selecting the best paint color for your home’s exterior:

Surroundings and Landscaping 

The environment surrounding your home should be taken into consideration when choosing a paint color. What color-tone is your driveway? What sort of landscaping surrounds your home; is it sparse and minimal, or is your yard full of lush greenery? Do you have colorful flowers blooming seasonally or perpetually in your yard? Is your home framed by bushes and foliage?

Consider opting for a home exterior color that provides some complementing contrast to whatever surrounds it; however, you should also strive for harmony and balance with these elements.

Leave Room for Personal Preference

That said, don’t hesitate to create the color combinations that appeal to you. While one person might not like the contrast created by yellow foliage and flowers against a home exterior painted slate blue, others might love the visual color vibration.

While contrast can be appealing, if you want to create a more secluded, private look with a home surrounded by evergreens, painting your home a similar shade of dark green can offer a camouflaging effect.

Factor in Unpainted Home Elements

Your home’s roof, chimney, gutters, masonry, stone facades and other existing design elements should be considered as well. For example, a terra-cotta roof and chimney bricks have a decidedly warm, reddish look. Painting the home a reddish tone might be too much visually; instead, consider a more neutral tone with a bit of contrast (either lighter or darker) in relation to the roof and brick work.

Regional and Neighborhood Considerations

Self-expression is admirable, but think twice about painting your house purple or hot pink. While every city seems to have a couple of such houses, you probably don’t want your house sticking out like a sore thumb on your block. Best to choose a color that fits in at least somewhat with the other homes in your neighborhood, even if you put your own spin and personality into the décor.

Regional factors should also be considered such as the local terrain, changing seasons, weather and how the light changes throughout the day (and throughout the year). The history of the area and its prevailing vibe and culture should also be considered when choosing an exterior paint color.

Repainting your home has a range of benefits, from preserving the siding to increasing its curb appeal and resale value. Many homeowners also view repainting the exterior of their home as an opportunity for self-expression. While deciding on a home color can seem daunting at first, you can find the perfect color with a little planning and foresight. Use these tips and guidelines for choosing the ideal paint color for your home, and you and your family will enjoy the results for years to come.

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  1. I appreciate what you said about opting for a color that has a contrast. I need to get a painter for my nursery. I don’t have the tools for the job.

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