Which iPhone 11 Color Should You Buy? – All 6 iPhone 11 Colors Analyzed

The latest iPhone was announced in September 2019, and consumers already have their hands on them. With either dual- or triple-camera lenses, the iPhone 11 is certainly a style change from before. Included with all of the new features are six color choices on the iPhone 11 exclusively. Discover which color you should purchase based on your personality traits.

1. Red

People who choose the color red want to be noticed. They’re often outgoing and looking for social interactions. The bright color turns heads. It encourages conversations about your phone and life. A person who wants to be seen at work or around town can use the bright color to meet other people. Loving bright colors usually means that you’re bubbly, talkative and ready for any adventures that come up.

Red is a primary color, so it also draws attention from a primal aspect of the human mind. Yellow, blue and red are colors that are taught to young children as they learn the color spectrum that blends these hues to make other colors, from purple to green. Red is certainly the most dominant color in the primary group.

There’s a caveat to choosing red for the iPhone 11, however. You may be looking to help charity. Proceeds from the iPhone 11 in red will go to the global initiative that fights AIDS. Although it may not be your favorite color, you choose red for the sake of helping others. This personality trait is unique to the individual regardless if it’s part of an outgoing or introverted nature.

2. Black

People who’re more guarded about their lives tend to choose darker colors, including black. They simply want to go about their day without too many distractions or encounters. In fact, they can be both introverted and outgoing. However, they’re often artistic by nature. The black housing gives the person a chance to decorate the phone so that it looks different than any other device. These personalized touches also make the phone easier to spot when you put it down, which is a practical approach to buying and keeping your device safe. You always know where it is in the room.

Keep in mind that any dark color will allow scratches to be seen. Apple puts a lot of effort into designing housings that can withstand drops and other mishaps, but fine lines can appear. To solve this issue, consider a transparent case. You can still keep the black hue on the device, but the case will take on those everyday scratches. That artistic spirit can shine through now. As far as color choices go, black tends to be one of the most popular ones for iPhone fans.

3. White

A person who chooses a white iPhone 11 tends to have a personality that values cleanliness and purity. Perfectly white phones give you clarity in a chaotic world, for example. White also signifies a feeling of organization to your world.

Your home might have white carpets and walls. It has an impeccable appearance with nothing out of place. People who want a sense of calm to their days will appreciate the color white.

A clever person also knows that a white housing will show off scuff marks as the device follows you throughout the day. With this fact in mind, you might treat the phone with a bit more care than with another color. A clean and scratch-free iPhone 11 will simply last longer than a device that hides its colors.

An artistic person might choose a white iPhone because of the palette that the back housing presents. Adding stickers and other adornments is an option that gives the phone flair without taking away from the white color.

4. Yellow

A yellow iPhone 11 shows off your bright-and-happy side. It reminds everyone of sunshine, warm days and good times. People who appreciate the color yellow will often be optimistic and happy for the most part. Yellow justifies your daily feelings as the color makes you smile when you access the device.

As seen with the color red, yellow is also a primary color. It’s used with children as a blending agent. Mix yellow with blue to paint with green, for instance. Yellow reminds you of those childhood years that are simple and happy.

Yellow makes you accessible to people. They see the color and smile. This reaction might spark a conversation. The two cameras embedded on the phone are also remarkable standouts. Black cameras on the bright, yellow housing can encourage other people to ask about your new phone. Sharing is a personality trait that’s often associated with the color yellow, which is how your day might be filled as you speak to random people about your device.

If you happen to drop or scratch a yellow iPhone 11, the color might hide some of those marks. Fine lines can remain hidden so that the yellow hue remains true.

5. Purple

Being different is your lot in life when you pick a purple iPhone 11. It’s not a dark purple that’s largely associated with morose emotions either. The hue is actually a lavender color, which makes you think of flowers almost immediately. You have an artistic side that’s either bold or hidden away. Writing a novel or painting a landscape might be just a few of the talents that you’re saving for yourself.

This lavender color is a light hue, which means that it can hide a few marks from daily use. You may need to wipe it off on a regular basis. The purple color can get dingy at times.

People who enjoy purple are often respectful of others and listen to advice. Compassion is another word that might describe you. When other people see your phone, they’ll be pleased at the flowery color and may ask questions. They see your personality as an attractive one because the color purple evokes that emotion.

6. Green

A color that’s not often found with iPhones is green. In fact, this green hue is more akin to a spring green, which evokes thoughts of flowers, bright days and fun times. A person who chooses green for their iPhone 11 wants something different out of life. They see the happiness in every situation. Your personality might be mostly affectionate, but with a level of sincerity that borders on too much truth.

A deeper meaning to the color green is seeking security. You see green as a calming color. Humans evolved in nature that’s largely green in color. It’s reflected by plants surrounding us every day. That sense of familiarity is calming. As a result, you enjoy the color green in any objects that are part of your world. It stabilizes your mind as a busy day goes by.

Don’t be surprised if the device draws attention. Most people don’t see green iPhones in public. These encounters, however, might encourage a healthy conversation and friendly times. Green evokes calmness in other people as well. They’re simply attracted to that feature on an unconscious level.

With your favorite color adorning your new iPhone 11, the device feels like an extension of your mind and body. Show off that phone as you venture outside today. Your personality should be reflected in everything that you do.

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