Tips for Successfully Dressing for a Job Interview

First of all, you must be aware of the industry in which the job you’re attending an interview is. Also, the time and season when the interview happens is very important as well. Dressing appropriate for the industry shows that you know what you’re preparing to come.

If you are having a hard time imagining what is the proper attire for the job you’re interviewing for, try looking over the internet for some advices. Some of the major employers shared publicly what type of attire they are demanding. So you can have an idea about it. If you are a little bold, you can even call the HR department at that particular company and ask what they would recommend you to wear. They are the ones conducting the recruitment and the ones that probably gave you a call to make an appointment for the interview.

The best way to dress for an interview is a more conservative attire. Perhaps this style can change, as you gain experience and trust from your employer.

But until then, in the stage where you do not know each other, you need to be clean and presentable. Don’t overdress, or don’t wear too less. Neither of these cases is appropriate. Try to find a balance in your attire. Go for polished conservative shoes or dress shoes, according to case. The hair should be groomed with attention.

Clean and trim your fingernails. If you are a woman, avoid appearing at an interview with long and colorful nails. The perfume and cologne should be worn in minimal amounts. Try to hide any body piercing or tattoos. Ear piercing for women is the only one accepted.

Make sure you don’t forget to brush your teeth and that your breath is fresh. By any means, do not chew gum or eat candies. In the case of the ladies, the makeup and jewelry should be minimal. As well, if you know you can become nervous and sweat, try taking a shower before heading for the interview.

Now that we covered the way you should dress and look, let’s see how colors could work in your favor. According to some studies, it seems that employers appreciate more the sober and cold colors, like black and blue, or grays. The worst colors you can pick are the brightest ones, like orange or yellow. They are considered to be too loud for an interview.

Cold colors are more appropriate when you’re meeting someone for the first time, especially in a serious context like applying for a job. Let us see why.

Black is the colors of leaders, and if it is used correctly, it can become a very elegant and sophisticated colors. If you abuse it, you make seem unreachable.

Specialists say that navy blue is the best color to pick for a job interview. It gives you confidence and stability, and the chances to be elected to the position are rather high. So if you want the job, go for navy blue. It is a color that depicts team spirit, loyalty, and trust.

Gray is the color of independent people, with a tendency for loneliness. It is not necessarily a bad aspect because as long as you keep your self-confidence, it can show people that you can fend for yourself, thinking and taking decisions on your own.

White means you’re an organized person. It is the opposite of chaos since it can stain the purity of the white color you are wearing. Don’t go dressed like an angel, try instead opting for a white shirt. Although there is the chance, some employers to consider this color as being dull or to inspire the lack of confidence.

Brown is also a color that can work for a job interview. It is a warm color, showing the reliability and safety brought by a person. Go for the browns that have a more earthy shade.

So, as you can see, choosing the best attire for an interview is not such a simple task. You should not overlook it as well because the lack of interest in the way you look may be translated as the lack of interest in the job you’re auditioning. And employers do not look for such aspects.

If you show you given a good thought on how to present yourself, with a good taste, it means you like doing things properly. A well-chosen attire can tell your potential employer that you like quality things, and you like delivering a quality work.

As in any industry, the wrapping is the most important. And where the competition for a job is harsh, these details can make you stand apart from the rest of the competitors.

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  1. It’s so interesting to learn that cold colors are more appropriate and professional for first impressions and that the color brown can communicate that you are reliable and safe. My oldest son is graduating from college this week in business management and has several interviews lined up. I will suggest that he use color psychology in picking out what he should wear to them.

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