Wedding Color Ideas 2021

A wedding is a symbolic event. It represents a new beginning, a joining of two individuals, love and so on. It can have many different aspects that will symbolize different things. Colors are an important part of that.

Colors have different meaning, so having a thematic selection of colors can help you underline the things that are most important for you during the wedding. Maybe you want to emphasize purity or love or certain shared values you hope to see reflected in your marriage. Colors can help you do all that and more.

What does the choice of colors depend on?

The choice of a color scheme does not just depend on the symbolism. It also has to do with the time of year and the location of the event. For example, a beach wedding is likely to use brighter colors or more pastel shades than a very traditional and formal event. Different venues might require different colors.

How is the color scheme used?

The color scheme may be represented in different details of the wedding – the bride’s dress and groom’s outfit, the dresses of the bridesmaids, the flower arrangements, the tables, the invitation and so on. The color can be used in more or less quantity. A little touch of color suggests an association, but a lot of color has a more significant impact. Let’s take a look at the different colors, what they express and how they can be used for a wedding.


White is a very traditional wedding color. Most brides choose it for their dress. This has to do with tradition, but also with the symbolism of white. White represents purity and innocence, showing that the person is entering a new life with a fresh start. White can be used to emphasize a new, clean beginning that will bring peace. In some cultures, white is linked to death, but it can still be linked to the idea of the “death” of the old and the birth of the new.

There are variations of white, such as ivory, which adds a little bit of brown and cream. Ivory is a more sophisticated color, suggesting luxury, elegance and maturity. It is warmer than white, and suggests a more down-to-earth perspective.


Pink suggests warmth and tenderness. It is a very soft and kind color. It symbolizes a gentle love. This is a color that can add a touch of softness to the wedding and set a romantic, yet peaceful mood. An overuse of pink may suggest immaturity, especially if the shade of pink used is very bright.


Red can be used to symbolize the passion and vitality of the couple. It is a more aggressive color than pink and it suggests more energy. The brighter the red is, the more energized it is. More subdues shades are associated with sophistication and subdued passion. An overuse of red can be seen as too aggressive, but using it as an accent color can give the wedding a warm and energetic quality.


Blue is a peaceful and calm color, so it can be used to give the wedding an air of serenity. It is a color that can be used to symbolize trust and reliability. Different shades of blue can also suggest more joy or more coldness and detachment. It is a color that has to do with emotional control.


Gold can symbolize success and affluence. It is an elegant color that gives the wedding a more elegant touch, making it look more luxurious. It’s often found in more traditional weddings. It can also be related to warmth and optimism, as well as sharing. An overuse of gold can be seen as intimidating or too extravagant. It can also be seen as superficiality.


Black is an uncommon color for weddings, especially in cultures where it is associated with mourning. Sometimes, black can be used to show unconventionality and mystery. It is also related to solemnity. Black can be seen as to grim for a wedding, but if the intention is to symbolize a serious commitment, it can be a great help. Touches of black can help add elegance and sophistication.

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