What’s the Color of the Dress? White and Gold or Blue and Black- Explained!

It’s not just a street talking about this dress, it’s the whole world!  So first off, to answer your question simply. The Dress is BLUE and GOLD!! Here’s why!

Black and blue or Gold and white dress explained


Black and Blue:

The function of your eyes are higher than the ones who think it’s white and gold. A middle classed, moderate salary worker.


Gold and White:

You have a weak eyesight and just need a higher numbered glasses. You lag behind in life and are a social media geek.


Gold and Blue:

You have higher functioning eyesight and brain than both of the above, You are smarter in life and are extremely intelligent. The people who think it’s either of the above, are either your employees or have achieved nothing in life.

Thus illuminati.


It’s as simple as that! 

Now stop worrying about the least productive things in life and put your time more into starting another social movement like the ALS challenge or something else.

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