Colors have deep meaning, sometimes so subtle that we rarely notice it. Colors affect us in various ways – some positively and some negatively. We help you dive into the psychology of colors and explore their meanings.

Stay tuned for more colorful information!

Hailey van Braam – Editor in Chief

Hailey graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a MA degree in Cognitive Psychology. Her main interests are biological and behavioral psychology.

Marija Cadjenovic – Assistant Editor
I am 30 years old. I come from Montenegro, but I live in Belgrade, Serbia. I’m a psychologist, currently pursuing my masters degree in Clinical Psychology. I am enrolled in a program of education and training in REBT psychotherapy.
Bojana Radovanovic – Blog Editor
My name is Bojana. I live in Belgrade, Serbia. I have always loved to write, so writing has been my passion since my early school days. I study journalism, and I read a lot of books related to psychology. I enjoy it!

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