Seafoam Green

Seafoam green is one of the softest colors associated with the ocean. With notes of green and blue, but also with a small tint of grey, this unfortunately also makes the color comparable with others. With a hex code of #93E9BE, it is also mostly likened to the color mint green. However, while many people see these two colors as the same, mint green has its own separate hex code, #98FF98, and is therefore considered a different color.


HEX: #93E9BE

RGB: (147, 233, 190)

CMYK: (37, 0, 18, 9)

What is really mixed in?

Like it was stated previously, like a slew of other colors, seafoam green is a mixture of green and blue. However, this color adds grey but is interestingly the color that has the most green within it. This means that the overall mood of the color is affected largely by the nature notes of green, but it does not overshadow the softness of the color, leaving it refreshingly bright green.

From when and where did seafoam green come?

Seafoam green started to become more central in daily life all the way in the 1700s but hadn’t yet been of focus until the 1950’s when it was mostly used for clothing. However, it didn’t take long for the color to spread, and soon cars, couches, and almost everything else was seafoam green, or at the very least, incredibly pastel. This is why you can see it mostly within this time frame, as the love for bright colors seemed to fade along with the time period. This color, of course, is a reference to the foam that the ocean creates, weirdly enough, though, seafoam is technically not seafoam green! The natural color of real seafoam is a bright white, which means the color was named after the lighter notes of the sea, instead of the foam it creates.

What is seafoam’s psychological qualities?

When you usually look at the color green, you may think of money, nature, and on the darker side, jealousy. Many people use the phrase, “green with envy” to describe that feeling, and with this comes the association to the mood. Green is also used in many places considered “healthy”, as green is so tightly wound with the concept of the environment and growth. And while many think of the ocean when they see blue, they might also think of sadness or bad weather. Fortunately, when mixed together correctly, the color seafoam green actually has a lot of positive associations and feelings attached to it. This color is mostly seen as connecting to the sea, and because of the softness and brightness of it, it is also often used when the room is needing a bit of cheering up, or when you need to feel a little more fresh and soft.

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