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It’s Hailey again. I wrote an ebook about the psychology of colors. The book is in PDF format, which means you can read it on your PC or Kindle, iPad or any other mobile devices. It has over 50 pages and you can download it for only $1 or more from here.

Recently, I have noticed that the majority of traffic to our website is from colleges, high schools or primary schools in the US, UK and countries in the middle east and Africa. In order to make our ebook accessible for everyone, we wanted to accept donations/sponsorships for our ebook.

By sponsoring our ebook, you’ll have a logo placement, with a link that goes to your website, on the first page of the ebook and the table below.

Sponsorship Details

As we can only place 40 company logos for the page we separated for sponsors, the number of sponsors we can accept is 40. And sponsorship fee is $750/year.

How to Sponsor Our Ebook?

Simply, send an email to [email protected] with your company logo, website information and our webmaster will respond to your email with extra details.

Thanks for your interest!




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