Shades of Red: 70+ Names, Previews, HEX and RGB Codes

Other colors are considered peaceful while red is considered the color of extremes and it contradicts all colors. Red is categorized as a very strong color, and a lot of business owners consider using it on their logos, projects, and advertisements because they believe that it portrays their strong desire and passion to execute their visions. If you also notice a lot of restaurants use red on their interior design and packaging since based on studies it helps people increase their appetite and speed up their metabolism.

If your favorite color is red, you are considered to have a high level of engagement with other people. Based on color psychology, people who love red have a strong desire to become the best and win any challenges they face. Having a personality color red means that you are bold, determined, energetic, and confident. If we will base it on history, red is associated with sacrifice and courage. Sometimes it can also portray negative emotions like anger, violence, and aggression.

Red is one of the best colors to consider for your business, you can use it on your presentations, logo, advertisements, and packaging especially if you are in the food, sports and cosmetic industry. Just a quick trivia, red is well-known as a lucky color that’s why most business owners use it. Listed below are the top 50 shades of red with their corresponding Hex, RGB, and CMYK codes.

Amaranth Red

Hex #B80F0A
RGB 250,128,114
CMYK 0,49,54,2

Amaranth red is a reddish-rose color that was inspired by the flower of the amaranth plant. In Greek mythology, it signifies immortality because they believe that this flower never dies and grows on top of Mount Olympus. It is often used in designs due to its ability to blend well with neutral colors.


Hex #B80F0A
RGB 250,128,114
CMYK 0,49,54,2

Salmon is a warm and nurturing color, it evokes hope, vitality, and persistence. You can often see this on websites about newborn babies, mothers, and families. Most people believe that salmon will give you lightheartedness and a relaxing atmosphere.


Hex #FF6347
RGB 255,99,71
CMYK 0,61,72,0

If you are looking for a good accent color for your design, Tomato is the one for you. It also symbolizes health, wealth, and happiness, so if you are working on websites or projects with this theme this shade is the perfect fit for you.


Hex #7E2811
RGB 126,40,17
CMYK 0,68,87,51

Brick shade got its name from a brick that was made from clay. If you are looking for some shade for your classic designs this would be a great option for you. This color also portrays the meaning of being timeless.


Hex #800000
RGB 128,0,0
CMYK 0,100,100,50

Maroon is a color that is greatly related to Buddhism. It has a mysterious effect that portrays depth, passion, spirituality, and wisdom. In other people, it helps them relax and become more creative.


Hex #7E191B
RGB 126,25,27
CMYK 0,80,79,51

Vermilion is also known as red-orange, it has the same color as the blood that’s why it is considered the color of life which also symbolizes victory and success.

Candy Apple

Hex #FF0800
RGB 255,8,0
CMYK 0,97,100,0

If you are looking for bright colors, candy apple is the perfect shade for you. Not only it is good at designing eye catchy advertisements, but it also portrays immortality and fertility.


Hex #FF2800
RGB 255,40,0
CMYK 0,97,100,0

Given the name Ferrari, this is the shade that was used in the logo of a well-known car company Ferarri. You can also see this color on some of their sports car. This red-orange shade can combine well with black, white, and blue.


Hex #420D09
RGB 66,13,9
CMYK 0,80,86,74

Mahogany is a reddish-brown color. This kind of shade is often used in hair colors but it also fits well with your website background or the interior of your office.


Hex #8D021F
RGB 141,2,31
CMYK 0,99,78,45

This deep reddish-brown shade was inspired by a wine from the Burgundy region in France. Like mahogany, this shade is often used in cosmetics, hair colors, and nail colors. Burgundy portrays elegance, wealth, and power.


Hex #933A16
RGB 147,58,22
CMYK 0,61,85,42

From the name Rust, the shade was inspired by the color of iron rust. When it comes to art it often portrays ruin, neglect, and decay. However, it will show its true beauty if you partner it with other light colors.


Hex #B80F0A
RGB 184,15,10
CMYK 0,92,95,28

Crimson is a more vibrant version of true red. This shade is irresistible in the design world, it is considered to portray love, affection, vigor, and courage.

Orange Red

Hex #AA0000
RGB 170,0,0
CMYK 0,100,100,33

This bright and exciting color is one of the colors that you would see in sexual wellness products. Most people believe that orange-red corresponds to pleasure, domination, and desire.

49ers Red

Hex #AA0000
RGB 170,0,0
CMYK 0,100,100,33

49ers red a bright red that is almost scarlet red was specifically made for the NFL team San Francisco 49ers. It symbolizes the miners from the gold rush era that usually wears red clothes.

Ajax Red

Hex #D2122E
RGB 210,18,46
CMYK 0,91,78,18

If you are a big fan of football and looking for the shade used in the Ajax team logo, this is the perfect shade for you. Ajax red was the shade that was used in the uniform of one of the successful teams in the Netherlands, Ajax.

Angel Red

Hex #BA0021
RGB 186,0,33
CMYK 0,100,82,27

Angel red is often related to religion, this specific shade represents wise service. Most people believe that angel red helps you communicate well or focus your prayers on the angels that you are seeking help with.

American Rose

Hex #FF033E
RGB 255,3,62
CMYK 0,99,76,0

In American culture, the red rose often represents love and romance. This color got its shade from the typical red rose with just a little bit of tweak in brightness and sharpness.

Auburn Red

Hex #A52A2A
RGB 165,42,42
CMYK 0,75,75,35

You can often see auburn red as a hair color. Basically, it is a combination of red and brown, and in early 1800, it was known as auburn locks.

Arsenal Red

Hex #DB0007
RGB 219,0,7
CMYK 0,100,97,14

Arsenal red is the official color of the famous football club in the United Kingdom. This bright red color was believed to symbolize the state of being rare.

Bills Red

Hex #C60C30
RGB 198,12,48
CMYK 0,94,76,22

We are talking about another football team known as the Buffalo Bill a professional football team in Buffalo, New York. When it comes to a business perspective bills red is being used in the financial balance sheet.

Blood Red

Hex #660000
RGB 102,0,0
CMYK 0,100,100,60

The name blood red came from the shade of real fresh blood, it is described as a deep red color. You can often see this shade being used in cosmetics like lip tints and lipsticks.

Carnelian Red

Hex #B31B1B
RGB 179,27,27
CMYK 0,85,85,30

Carnelian is a reddish-orange color that represents fertility and the power of a woman’s womb. Its name was derived from a mineral that was believed to protect the wearer from sluggish energies.

Chocolate Cosmos Red

Hex #58111A
RGB 88,17,26
CMYK 0,81,70,65

Chocolate cosmos red got its name from chocolate cosmos flowers. It got the same shade of deep red with a touch of brown. Most people believe that this color portrays feelings of intense love.

Coral Red

Hex #FF7F50
RGB 255,127,80
CMYK 0,50,69,0

Coral red is described to have a strong reddish-orange color. It is considered to be the most classic shade of coral. Most people believe that it helps in maximizing vitality, mental focus, and wellness.

Cordovan Red

Hex #893F45
RGB 137,63,69
CMYK 0,54,50,46

Most people ask if Cordovan is a color or leather but in reality, Cordovan red got its shade from leather made by a famous company in Chicago. Its name was derived from the city of Cordova in Spain.

Falu Red

Hex #801818
RGB 128,24,24
CMYK 0,81,81,50

Falu red is a famous color in Sweden that was often used to paint barns. It has a transforming feature that it starts from an earthy yellow shade and then becomes a brilliant red color once exposed to heat.

Folly Red

Hex #FF004F
RGB 255,0,79
CMYK 0,100,69,0

Folly red is considered a primary color from the red family color. It is often used in branding because it portrays safety and comfort.

Flame Red

Hex #E25822
RGB 226,88,34
CMYK 0,61,85,11

Flame red is categorized as a strong reddish-orange color. Basically, it belongs to the family color of red but it portrays the excitement of yellow and the warmth of orange which makes it a good choice for marketing designs.

Garnet Red

Hex #733635
RGB 115,54,53
CMYK 0,53,54,55

This shade came from the translucent mineral called Garnet. It is often associated with heart and blood and most people call it the color of passion.

Japanese Carmine

Hex #9D2933
RGB 157,41,51
CMYK 0,74,68,38

The name Carmine literally means rouge in Japanese vocabulary. From the word, rouge it is often used in cosmetics for cheeks and lips. It also resembles the color of dried blood thus making it a perfect color for movies or animations that portrays crime.

Jelly Bean Red

Hex #DA614E
RGB 218,97,78
CMYK 0,56,64,15

If we are talking about jelly beans the first thing that comes to our mind is candy. Jelly bean red was first pigmented in the 1900s that was used in a mixed bag of jelly beans.

Lust Red

Hex #E62020
RGB 230,32,32
CMYK 0,86,86,10

Red is often associated with romantic love. However, it does not end with that since lust red portrays lust and sexuality which made it a perfect shade for lipstick, lip tint, and other cosmetic products.

Lava Red

Hex #CF1020
RGB 207,16,32
CMYK 0,92,85,19

Lava red is a color with high brightness and high saturation. This shade portrays a burning hot feeling which made it a perfect shade for designs that requires hotness.

Liverpool Red

Hex #C8102E
RGB 200,16,46
CMYK 0,92,77,22

This shade came from one of the most famous football clubs in the world the Liverpool Football Club. All of their members wear an all-red uniform which later on explained that they believe it carries a psychological impact that red is for danger and power.

Manchester United Red

Hex #DA291C
RGB 218,41,28
CMYK 0,81,87,15

This is the official shade for the Manchester United Football Club, they are well known as the red devils and they believe that this specific shade portrays their wisdom and effort.

Munsell Red

Hex #F2003C
RGB 242,0,60
CMYK 0,100,75,5

Munsel red came from an old method of organizing colors. This shade got its name from the professor who created the Munsell system, Professor Albert Munsell.

Pastel Red

Hex #FF6961
RGB 255,105,97
CMYK 0,59,62,0

If you have noticed, Pastel red is often used in cosmetics and photography that would like to portray a fierce emotion. This color is often associated with intensity, energy and anger.

Red Devil

Hex #860111
RGB 134,1,17
CMYK 0,99,87,47

The red devil got its shade and color from a sodium salt that was used for treating convulsions. It was also used as a symbolic color that is referring to a king’s power.

Rosewood Red

Hex #65000B
RGB 101,0,11
CMYK 0,100,89,60

Rosewood red belongs to the dark red color family. It was inspired by a tree called Rosewood that gives off a dark red color that is almost black. This shade is often used in painting furniture and interior designs if you want to have a classic theme.

Sanguine Red

Hex #BC3F4A
RGB 188,63,74
CMYK 0,66,61,26

The Red Chalk is also called Sanguine in French. This shade is a reddish-brown color that resembles the color of dried blood. When it comes to art it often represents anger, aggression, and death.

Tawny Red

Hex #CD5700
RGB 205,87,0
CMYK 0,58,100,20

The word tawny means tan-colored, this shade is often used by leather companies to dye their products. It is believed that it portrays warmth and boldness.

Wine Red

Hex #722F37
RGB 114,47,55
CMYK 0,59,52,55

Wine red is in the dark red family color. Most wines have this color and it is said to symbolize passion, energy, and love. In Western cultures, it is said that people who have this color on their clothes are considered high classes and wealthy.

UP Maroon

Hex #7B1113
RGB 123,17,19
CMYK 0,86,85,52

UP Maroon is a shade that was specifically made for a varsity team of the University of the Philippines. It was said that they believe this color portrays bravery and boldness.

Venetian Red

Hex #C80815
RGB 200,8,21
CMYK 0,96,89,22

Venetian red portrays a dramatic and fascinating story. It came from the natural decomposition of iron oxide. This is the shade that was often used in the painting be it prehistory or modern arts.

Tractor Red

Hex #FD0E35
RGB 253,14,53
CMYK 0,94,79,1

If you have noticed most of the tractors are painted red, this specific shade was called Tractor Red. This bright colored shade of red is specifically made for tractors to provide more visibility while in the field making it increase safety.

Spanish Red

Hex #E60026
RGB 230,0,38
CMYK 0,100,83,10

Spanish red is a dark red color that is also known as Rojo. It is said that on Spain’s flag red signifies bloodshed for freedom.

Rufous Red

Hex #A81C07
RGB 168,28,7
CMYK 0,83,96,34

Rufous red is known to have a brownish-red or reddish-brown shade. It is often used in painting to portray rust or oxidized iron. Rufous red is also used to describe the skin, fur, and feather of an animal or bird.

Red Sox

Hex #BD3039
RGB 189, 48, 57
CMYK 0,75,70,26

Red sox is the official shade that was used by the famous American baseball team, Boston Red Sox. The color was chosen by the owner John Taylor who believe that red sox color would help them standout.

Prune Red

Hex #701C1C
RGB 112,28,28
CMYK 0,75,75,56

This shade belongs to the dark red color family. The shade was inspired by a dried prune fruit. Prune red is a color that is very versatile, it can be used on any formal occasion. Due to its versatility, a lot of designers and artists use this shade to create a masterpiece. Most people believe that it symbolizes courage and sacrifice.

Coke Red

Hex #F40009
RGB 244,0,9
CMYK 0,100,96,4

Coke red is the official shade of a well-known cola brand Coca-cola. The company believes that this color helps them in marketing to portray power, excitement, energy, and passion. As we all know it is said that the color red helps increase appetite which made it a good choice for companies in the food industry.

Carmine Red

Hex #960018
RGB 150,0,24
CMYK 0,100,84,41

Carmine red is a deep, vivid shade of red that is derived from the cochineal insect. This color is often used in cosmetics, particularly lipsticks and blushes, due to its rich, long-lasting hue. Carmine red is associated with passion, boldness, and confidence.

Chili Red

Hex #E23D28
RGB 226,61,40
CMYK 0,73,82,11

Chili red is a vibrant, spicy shade inspired by the rich color of red chili peppers. This energetic hue is perfect for designs that want to evoke a sense of excitement, passion, and boldness. Chili red pairs well with neutral tones like black, white, and gray.

Cinnabar Red

Hex #E34234
RGB 227,66,52
CMYK 0,71,77,11

Cinnabar red is a striking shade that falls between scarlet and vermilion. This color gets its name from the mineral cinnabar, which has been used as a pigment since ancient times. Cinnabar red is associated with good fortune, wealth, and vitality in many cultures.

Currant Red

Hex #6E0B14
RGB 110,11,20
CMYK 0,90,82,57

Currant red is a deep, rich shade inspired by the dark red hue of ripe currants. This sophisticated color conveys a sense of luxury, elegance, and refinement. Currant red is perfect for designs that want to create a sense of drama and opulence.

Fire Engine Red

Hex #CE2029
RGB 206,32,41
CMYK 0,84,80,19

Fire engine red is a bright, intense shade associated with emergency vehicles and danger. This attention-grabbing hue is perfect for designs that want to create a sense of urgency, excitement, or warning. Fire engine red is often used in signage and logos for its high visibility.

Geranium Red

Hex #E38690
RGB 227,134,144
CMYK 0,41,37,11

Geranium red is a soft, muted shade inspired by the delicate petals of geranium flowers. This gentle hue conveys a sense of femininity, romance, and nostalgia. Geranium red is perfect for designs that want to create a vintage or shabby chic aesthetic.

Madder Red

Hex #A50021
RGB 165,0,33
CMYK 0,100,80,35

Madder red is a deep, earthy shade derived from the roots of the madder plant. This color has been used as a natural dye for centuries, prized for its rich, long-lasting hue. Madder red is associated with grounding, stability, and authenticity.

Poppy Red

Hex #ED2024
RGB 237,32,36
CMYK 0,87,85,7

Poppy red is a vibrant, eye-catching shade inspired by the striking red petals of poppy flowers. This cheerful hue is associated with remembrance, consolation, and imagination. Poppy red is perfect for designs that want to create a sense of optimism and creativity.

Raspberry Red

Hex #B3446C
RGB 179,68,108
CMYK 0,62,40,30

Raspberry red is a lively, fruity shade that falls between pink and red. This playful hue is associated with sweetness, fun, and youthful energy. Raspberry red is perfect for designs that want to create a sense of whimsy and joy.

Ruby Red

Hex #9B111E
RGB 155,17,30
CMYK 0,89,81,39

Ruby red is a deep, luxurious shade inspired by the precious gemstone of the same name. This rich hue is associated with passion, power, and prosperity. Ruby red is perfect for designs that want to convey a sense of glamour and sophistication.

Barn Red

Hex #7C0A02
RGB 124,10,2
CMYK 0,92,98,51

Barn red is a deep, rustic shade commonly used on barns and other agricultural buildings. This earthy hue is associated with rural life, simplicity, and tradition. Barn red pairs well with neutral tones like beige and brown, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Cardinal Red

Hex #C41E3A
RGB 196,30,58
CMYK 0,85,70,23

Cardinal red is a vivid, striking shade inspired by the vibrant plumage of the cardinal bird. This bold hue is associated with leadership, courage, and vitality. Cardinal red is perfect for designs that want to make a strong, confident statement.

Cerise Red

Hex #DE3163
RGB 222,49,99
CMYK 0,78,55,13

Cerise red is a bright, cherry-like shade that falls between red and pink. This playful hue is associated with joy, youthfulness, and enthusiasm. Cerise red is perfect for designs that want to create a sense of fun and excitement.

Firebrick Red

Hex #B22222
RGB 178,34,34
CMYK 0,81,81,30

Firebrick red is a rich, intense shade that resembles the color of fired bricks. This strong hue is associated with determination, passion, and energy. Firebrick red is perfect for designs that want to create a sense of warmth and intensity.

Magenta Red

Hex #D0103A
RGB 208,16,58
CMYK 0,92,72,18

Magenta red is a vibrant, electric shade that falls between red and purple. This eye-catching hue is associated with creativity, innovation, and unconventional thinking. Magenta red is perfect for designs that want to stand out and make a bold impression.

Oxblood Red

Hex #4A0000
RGB 74,0,0
CMYK 0,100,100,71

Oxblood red is a deep, dark shade that resembles the color of dried blood. This sophisticated hue is associated with luxury, refinement, and masculinity. Oxblood red is perfect for designs that want to create a sense of elegance and exclusivity.

Persian Red

Hex #A02422
RGB 160,36,34
CMYK 0,78,79,37

Persian red is a rich, earthy shade that has been used in Persian art and textiles for centuries. This warm hue is associated with passion, courage, and nobility. Persian red is perfect for designs that want to evoke a sense of history and cultural heritage.

Scarlet Red

Hex #FF2400
RGB 255,36,0
CMYK 0,86,100,0

Scarlet red is a bright, intense shade that is often associated with passion, energy, and excitement. This bold hue is perfect for designs that want to grab attention and create a sense of urgency. Scarlet red pairs well with black and white for a striking, high-contrast look.

Turkey Red

Hex #A91101
RGB 169,17,1
CMYK 0,90,99,34

Turkey red is a deep, rich shade that was traditionally produced using a complex dyeing process involving madder root and turkey red oil. This warm hue is associated with luxury, opulence, and craftsmanship. Turkey red is perfect for designs that want to create a sense of tradition and quality.

Venetian Red

Hex #C80815
RGB 200,8,21
CMYK 0,96,89,22

Venetian red is a rich, earthy shade that originated in Italy during the Renaissance. This warm hue is associated with passion, creativity, and vitality. Venetian red is perfect for designs that want to evoke a sense of history and artistic excellence.
Red is the most commonly used color in businesses, especially in the cosmetic, food, and sports industry. I provided the top 50 shades of red that will help you choose what shade should you choose for your business, designs, and presentation. You can also consider picking the most eye-catchy and meaningful shade that would represent you and your company’s visions. Hence I can say the red is definitely the strongest color out there. Don’t forget to leave your comments below!