Violet Color Psychology and Meaning

  • Judge people well, and often see the best in them or the potential they can achieve.
  • Usually not on time, time is not of great significance and tend to take care of those situations later on.
  • All over the place, due to their time management skills and are usually advised on not overdoing or taking on a lot of stuff/work at one time.
  • Tend to be more toward the extreme side and mediation could help prevent the ones who find violet as their favorite color.
  • Arrogant most of the time with a self belief of nothing is above them or living life to the best possible way.
  • Don’t like to be told on what things to do. Are creative and look at the world through a different perspective than most people do.

Violet color psychology

The short wave length of the color, i.e. violet is reflective in the high level of thoughts in people associated with it. These people maintain a very high status of Spirituality that outshines people around them.

The violet people are contended with their achievements and are self sufficient to the core. This self-sufficiency makes them introvert and some time into their own world. They often are considered deep and usually towards meditation. The self- sufficiency and meditation makes these people very good communicators.

They remain very aware of time and space, i.e. the realities. This reality or thought of reality does create a sense of inferiority in the people of violet color. They tend to belittle others at time, and hence, create friction with those around them.

Life is not easy for them as they do not develop a good team around them. As a result, they remain enclosed in their own world and some times this royal world is a cause of loneliness.

  • The color has association with cosmos and people tend to have infinite energy.
  • These energies if not properly channelized may cause further introspection.
  • The deeper shades of purple are reflective of a deeper sense of alienation.
  • These people may in extreme case could be rude in communication or belittle those around them.
  • The nasty ride of their attitude is really negative and needs to be watched.
  • The color is also associated with royalty and people in it tend to be confined to their nature and be aloof. This royal nature imposes further restriction on development of nature.
  • All in all, people who consider the color violet as their favorite color are spiritual and contended people; who will rely on their own strengths.
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