Shades of Green: Top 50 Shades, HEX & RGB Codes

Did you know that green was ranked as the 3rd most preferred color out of thousands of colors available? Most people consider using green since it contains the calming attributes of blue combined with the energy of yellow which is best suited for people who want to have a new beginning and growth. You can also convey different thoughts and positivity by just using green.

When it comes to color psychology, green is highly associated with growth and nature. A lot of business owners use green on their websites, logo, and advertisements which help them portray abundance, wealth, and prestige. Most of the time green is being used by companies that promote love for nature however it does not end with it. If you have noticed a lot of hospitals use green on their logo, branding, and surroundings, it is because green also symbolizes health, healing, and vitality.

If you are looking for a specific shade of green to create a project, logo, or website, there are more than thousands of shades available on the internet. Let us help you narrow the list to the top 50 shades of green with their corresponding Hex, RGB, and CMYK codes.

Here are the 50 shades of green:

Mint Green

Hex #98FB98
RGB 152,251,152
CMYK 39,0,39,2

Mint Green is the official color of the leaf. Basically, it is a combination of blue, white, and green. It also represents tranquility and is considered to have calming effects that’s why it is often used in hospitals.

Lime Green

Hex #C7EA46
RGB 199,234,70
CMYK 15,0,70,8

If you are looking for colors that symbolize nature, freshness, and creativity then lime green is the perfect color for you. Lime green is a bright color that is good for keeping momentum. It is a color that resembles the skin of the fruit, Lime.

Laurel Green

Hex #A9BA9D
RGB 169,186,157
CMYK 9,0,16,27

Laurel Green is greatly associated with honor, dignity, and wisdom. This shade got its name from the laurel leaf that was used by Romans and was worn on their head which signifies triumph.

Tea Green

Hex #D0F0C0
RGB 208,240,192
CMYK 13,0,20,6

Youthfulness is the word that can describe this shade of green, Tea Green. It is a light shade of green that is often associated with harmony and peace.

Army Green

Hex #4B5320
RGB 75,83,32
CMYK 10,0,61,67

As the name of the shade describes, Army Green was made to be associated with the army and used as camouflage. Later on, it became a symbol of strength, character, and virtue.

Paris Green

Hex #50C878
RGB 80,200,120
CMYK 60,0,40,22

Paris green was created from an enchanting landscape painting. This shade is composed of a variety of colors and it ranges from pale to deeper true green.

Russian Green

Hex #679267
RGB 103,146,103
CMYK 29,0,29,43

Russian Green is almost identical to Army Green, given the fact that both of them were used by the military. This shade of green was created way back in 1700 since it was used by Imperial Russian Army as the color of their uniforms.

Pakistan Green

Hex #006600
RGB 0,102,0
CMYK 100,0,100,60

Pakistan green is categorized as very dark green. It is often used as a symbol of healing and technology which results in being primarily used in web development and graphic design.

India Green

Hex #138808
RGB 19,136,8
CMYK 86,0,94,47

India green is considered a darker version of harlequin green. It is the shade that was used in India’s flag which symbolizes fertility and prosperity.


RGB 172,225,175
CMYK 24,0,22,12

Celadon is often used for designing different things. It symbolizes serenity, renewal, and growth in a harmonious way.


Hex #3FFF00
RGB 63,255,0
CMYK 75,0,100,0

Harlequin can be described as a shade that’s in between green and yellow but it is closer to being green. It also symbolizes a jester and humor.


Hex #004830
RGB 0, 72, 48
CMYK 100,0,33,72

Kaitoke is also categorized as very dark green. It is a dark green shade that shows a lot of energy and was used as the main color in the Lacoste Logo.


Hex #00F0A8
RGB 0,240,168
CMYK 100,0,30,6

Spring got its shade from an unfolding leaf. It is associated with restoration, resurrection, and rejuvenation. A lot of people consider this shade as the color of hope.


Hex #48A860
RGB 72,168,96
CMYK 57,0,43,34

Chateau is a shade of green that was found in french woodwork. It is a greyed green that is a perfect color for your walls if you like dark colors that would blend well with pale colors.

Swamp Green

Hex #A8C090
RGB 168,192,144
CMYK 13,0,25,25

Swamp green is considered a very rich color. It is often used as a neutral color in a lot of applications, logos, and designs. Most people use swamp green as a symbol of warmth.


Hex #007848
RGB 0,120,72
CMYK 100,0,40,53

You might expect a bright color or a touch of orange from a shade named Fun, but fun green is a very saturated dark green. It is also considered a symbol of ecology.


Hex #609078
RGB 96,144,120
CMYK 33,0,17,44

Viridian got its name from the Latin word Viridis which means green. It is often used in designs that would like to portray purity and transparency.


Hex #487800
RGB 72,120,0
CMYK 40,0,100,53

Verdun is a dark warm reddish yellow and a part of the green shade family. It often represents youth, cheerfulness, and playfulness.

Shamrock Green

Hex #009E60
RGB 0,158,96
CMYK 100,0,39,38

Shamrock Green got its name from a young three-leaf clover. It is often used by business owners who believe that this color brings a lot of positivity and good luck.

Gin Green

Hex #D8E4BC
RGB 216,228,188
CMYK 5,0,18,11

If you love neutral colors, this is one of the best shades of green out there that is an ideal choice for someone like you. It is almost the same as khaki green with a touch of gray.

Bitter Lime

Hex #BFFF00
RGB 191,255,0
CMYK 25,0,100,0

Bitter lime is the best shade for you if you are looking for a bright color for your banners, advertisements, and logo. When you see this shade you will immediately think about the feeling of optimism, cheerfulness, and power.

Bright Mint

Hex #4FFFB0
RGB 79,255,176
CMYK 69,0,31,0

Bright mint evokes creativeness, lightness, and freshness which is best suited to use in your work area to help you relax while working.

Camouflage Green

Hex #78866B
RGB 120,134,107
CMYK 10,0,20,47

Camouflage green belongs to the family of Dark Spring Green. It also became one of the colors that symbolize military together with the shade that it is often partnered with, Army Green.

Dollar Bill

Hex #85BB65
RGB 133,187,101
CMYK 29,0,46,27

From the name itself. A dollar bill shade is a color that is close to the green on the Dollar bill. It also symbolizes money and wealth.


Hex #87A96B
RGB 135,169,107
CMYK 20,0,37,34

Asparagus is a calm and fresh color that symbolized harmony and balance. It is well known for its great compatibility with pink and purple.

Caribbean Green

Hex #00CC99
RGB 0,204,153
CMYK 100,0,25,20

Caribbean green reflects the waters of the Caribbean. It is an emerald aqua-green with a touch of blue. It is great to use this shade with portraits or designs that require a watery environment.


Hex #4D5D53
RGB 77,93,83
CMYK 17,0,11,64

If you are curious about what color the German army uses on their official uniform, then Feldgrau is the answer. It has a grayish-green color that helps soldiers become less visible.


RGB 173,255,47
CMYK 32,0,82,0

Green-Yellow is often used by companies that would like to express excitement and joy in their advertisements. It is also part of the tertiary colors.


Hex #5EDC1F
RGB 94,220,31
CMYK 57,0,86,14

If you are looking for colors that you can use for your wedding theme, Thyme might be a good option for you. Because thyme is always considered a symbol of fidelity, love, and affection.

Christmas Green

Hex #00873E
RGB 0,135,62
CMYK 100,0,54,47

Together with red, Christmas green is often used during these holiday seasons. Christmas green shade came from evergreen plants which symbolizes life and eternal nature.

Chinese Green

Hex #D0DB61
RGB 208,219,97
CMYK 5,0,56,14

Chinese green is considered one of the lucky colors in China. It symbolized wealth, money and growth.

Dark Lemon-Lime

Hex #76BA1B
RGB 118,186,27
CMYK 37,0,85,27

Dark lemon-lime is a combination of lemon and lime shades. Some people also label this a dark yellow. Dark lemon-lime also represents vitality and health.


Hex #93C572
RGB 147,197,114
CMYK 25,0,42,23

The Pistachio shade belongs to the family of light green colors. Most people believe that this shade brings harmony, compassion, and hope.

Dartmouth Green

Hex #00703C
RGB 0,112,60
CMYK 100,0,46,56

Dartmouth green belongs to the dark green spectrum. Dartmouth College is also using this shade as the main color on their logo and buildings.

Pine Needle Color

Hex #454D32
RGB 69, 77, 50
CMYK 10,0,35,70

If you love to use the wood theme on your interior and exterior designs you can consider using Pine Needle Color. It is a neutral color that blends well on any color that you would like to use.


Hex #738678
RGB 115,134,120
CMYK 14,0,10,47

Xanadu is often used in any public or private space. This uncommon neutral color provides an energizing and calming effect. Xanadu also symbolizes rebirth, spring and nature.

Mughal Green

Hex #306030
RGB 48,96,48
CMYK 50,0,50,62

Mughal green came from the vibrant colors of Mughal paintings that is considered to have connections with royal and ancient families in India.

Acid Green

Hex #B0BF1A
RGB 176,191,26
CMYK 8,0,86,25

The acid green shade is greatly similar to a pea soup. Most people believe that acid green is related to all new and natural things.

Old Moss Green

Hex #867E36
RGB 134,126,54
CMYK 0,6,60,47

Old moss green is considered a light version of olive color. It is often used in sketching, sculpture, and other face-related arts.

Apple Green

Hex #8DB600
RGB 141,182,0
CMYK 23,0,100,29

Coming from its name, Apple green shade is derived from real green apples. This shade is often used in the animation of green apples for cartoons or anime. Apple green also symbolizes friendship.

Hooker’s Green

Hex #49796B
RGB 73,121,107
CMYK 40,0,12,53

Willam Hooker is the one who pigmented this specific shade of green. It is also considered medium green to strong yellowish green. You can also describe it as a rich color of apple leaves.


Hex #A0D6B4
RGB 160,214,180
CMYK 25,0,16,16

A lot of people know turquoise as a shade of blue. However turquoise green is a neutral color and a rare version of it. Turquoise green came from the sea-green stone from the ancients that represent wisdom, good fortune, and hope.

Android Green

Hex #A4C639
RGB 164,198,57
CMYK 17,0,71,22

Android green is a shade of Caribbean green. I’m sure you are already familiar with this shade since it was used as the original color of the early release of the Android robot logo.

Kombu Green

Hex #354230
RGB 53,66,48
CMYK 20,0,27,74

This one of the darkest greens named Kombu Green shade came from a popular edible seaweed named Kombu. It was pigmented by a company named Pantone. It is usually used in some projects to make it look more vibrant.

Paolo Veronese Green

Hex #009B7D
RGB 0,155,125
CMYK 100,0,19,39

The cool Paolo Veronese green came from peppermint green to dark umbers and black. It was named after the great painter Paolo Veronese. There’s a rumor that Paolo Veronese Green is not a color rather they call it technique.

Chlorophyll Green

Hex #4AFF00
RGB 74,255,0
CMYK 71,0,100,0

Chlorophyll green is a shade that is similar to neon green. It is like the pigments in plants called chlorophyll that help them absorb light to produce their own food. That is the reason why this bright color is called Chlorophyll Green.

Dark Olive Green

Hex #556B2F
RGB 85,107,47
CMYK 21,0,56,58

Dark olive green is a dark yellowish-green color. It is sometimes mistaken as brown but generally, it is a mixture of green and yellow. This is a nice option to use in exterior and interior design especially if you are planning to partner it with gray.

Lightsaber Green

Hex #2FF924
RGB 47,249,36
CMYK 81,0,86,2

Like a real lightsaber, this neon green shade glows so brightly especially if you plan to use it together with dark colors like black.

Road Sign Green

Hex #01735C
RGB 1,115,92
CMYK 99,0,20,55

You might already know since the name already stated it, Road sign green shade is made purely for the background color of the road signs. It is one of the coolest colors on the list and they believe road sign green portrays convenience, not urgency.

Rifle Green

Hex #444C38
RGB 68,76,56
CMYK 11,0,26,70

If you have noticed, Rifle green has almost the same shade as Army and Camouflage green. This specific shade was used by some of the rifle regiments in the army. When some people see this color being simple, classic, and gracefully comes to their mind.

Did you love all of the shades that I presented to you? Green is one of the top choices for business owners to use on their advertisements, logo, and websites. All of those 50 shades are eye-catching colors that could bring value to your company or projects. Remember to choose which color is best suited for your company’s vision or what your client is looking for. Leave your thoughts below!