White Color Psychology and Meaning

White is the lightest color, meaning purity, innocence, and integrity.

It was worn, even from antiquity, by high priests or in very important rituals. It is still a imperative color in the marriage process, used to depict the purity of the future wife.

It is considered to represent perfection, as it is the purest and most complete color. It is the color that represents new begging and erases any trace of past actions. It is like a piece of white paper not being written yet. It leaves the mind open and free to whatever it might create in the way.


It has an equal quantity of all the colors in the spectrum. So it will contain both their positive and negative aspects. But probably the best feature of white is that it is impartial, independent and neutral towards everything.

It is said that each baby that is getting born will come into this world having the purest white, which will eventually be painted by the color given by his life experiences and choices. It enhances the reflective processes, creativity, and awakening. It is bad to use it as a cover to hide behind it because it will enlarge everything, exposing you even more.

white color psychology

The color has the property of bringing calmness, comfort, and hope. It acts like a real medicine that soothes your hurt sole, and it will give your life a sense of order and meaning, helping to de-cluttering from all the negative aspects. It will offer an inner cleansing, for your thoughts and soul, being the ultimate source of pure energy.

But too much of it can have a negative aspect of emptiness and isolation, a sterile and ignorant environment. If the majority of cultures, white means the beginning of life, in some it is used as a predominant color for funerals. Especially in the ones that do not consider death an end, but the finish of a journey, as a new one will begin immediately afterwards a person leaves this world.

White is an indicator for the end of a cycle in your life and the beginning of a new one. If you are careful enough, you might observe that you will have an attraction towards white clothes or accessories, especially in a period where you will make a significant change. You may travel to some place new, get a new job, and start a new relationship or activity. As you already know, the color is very much used in medical cabinets, as an indication for a clean and sterile environment. Although, it often gives the patients the impression that the doctor is too cold and will never relate to them, the feeling given by too much white that in this case if to sober and clinical.

Positive characteristics given by white are purity, innocence, simplicity, cleanliness, neat, open, equality, and new beginnings. The color also has a negative part, giving traits like ignorance, sterility, distant, boring, cold, empty, or critical. If used in balanced proportions it can be our savior from the dark side in times of distress. It represents a clean future and the fact that we have a change to a better beginning. It is efficient, showing an excellent organization and sense of order.

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