Purple Color Psychology and Meaning

Purple is a beautiful color to enjoy and created from two wonderful colors themselves, blue and red. Often times purple is associated with luxury, power, wisdom, creativity, and magic. When you look at purple in a psychological manner, it is the color that balances red and blue. Red tends to bring intensity and energy to the color, while blue brings relaxation and stability, together they make the brilliant color of purple which is the perfect balance of the two.

Just like other colors, there are different shades of purple and they can all have different meanings. Light purple has a feminine energy, bright purple is linked with richness and royalty, and dark purple can be associated with sadness and frustration.

Let’s dive into some of the words that are associated with purple and see their deeper meaning:

  • Combines the stability of blue and the energy of red.
  • Associated with royalty. It symbolizes power, nobility, luxury, and ambition
  • Conveys wealth and extravagance.
  • Associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic.

Color psychology purple

Favorite Color Purple

Ever felt like you have a particular attraction towards a color? Your clothes are in the color, accessories, and many other objects you choose are predominant for that color. Colors depict states of mind and personalities. Even if we claim to have a favorite color, different ways of feeling during a day can make us pick items of other types of colors, which look more appealing for that moment.

Also, used for interior decorations, colors can have an impact on you during the day. So make sure you do a little research before choosing your decorating color.

But let’s see what is purple like. It is a beautiful color, selected by both women and men. Since it is a chromatic mixture between the fiery red and profound calm blue, purple is considered to be the balance between these two primary colors.

Physically, purple can have calming effects over the mind and nerves, it can be uplifting and can trigger creativity. So, from these points of view, you can have purple in any room of your house. It is the color of imagination and spirituality.

If you are a Christian, you should know that purple is the color of pride, Catholic priests being the ones wearing clothing with this color. In the Chakra colors, purple is the Crown Chakra. It means it governess the mind, the nervous system, and brain.

Favorite color purple

Nature doesn’t have so many purple representatives, flowers bearing this color are scarce, being considered rare and delicate. The color also means passion, vitality, and fulfillment.

Purple also has color shades, each one meaning something different. Thus, light purple goes for feminine energy, romantic or nostalgic feelings. Bright purple was always associated with richness and royal ranks. History depicts the most influential royalties wearing purple robes.

On the other hand, purple has shades that are not that happy. Dark purple is said to represent sadness and frustration. So think again what shade of purple you prefer best? The amount of the color present in your life can also affect your states.

Be careful on how much you surround yourself with this color. Too much purple can make you irritable and arrogant, even impatient with the people around you. Too less of this color takes you to the other side, to experience apathy and negative feelings.

Gems with purple colors are believed to have a beneficial influence in regards to: mind power, increased spirituality, calming down of anxiousness, and refreshing the body for a new learning process.

If you are a student or passing through a difficult period, a crystal therapy with purple gems can help you deal with the situation much easier. If you are an artist, you might find inspiration easier if you have around purple objects. Purple is a noble and beautiful color and can help us in a great deal, if we know how to use it.

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  1. Nicely written and well-worded.
    I’ve consulted many pages on this site and have found them all to be particularly accurate almost every time. Something to focus your life changes on when you’ve been living the life others had chosen for you. Time to get on with the business of being who you are. Or me. Thanks for all the effort and research you’ve put into these pages. Have a great day, and thanks again.

  2. Can you remove “introversion” from the list of negative traits? Being an introvert is definitely not a bad thing.

  3. Sorry…NOT SORRY and dark purple is not all to do with what you said I love Royal Purple the most and I’m hardly ever sad or bring sadness to anyone else on the contrary I’m the exact opposite nice try though

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