The color amber is a warm shade halfway between yellow and orange on the color wheel. Like many shades, amber can vary in its tone. Some shades of amber are more yellow while others are more orange and may even have hints of brown.



RGB: (255, 191, 0)

CMYK: (0, 25, 100, 0)

The color received its name from the fossilized resin of trees. Most amber recognized today is Baltic amber, and it has the rich golden yellow color which we call amber. The color can be found by mixing orange and yellow, though of course the resin amber is a sparkly shade which could be achieved by incorporating some hints of gold.

Amber is associated with energy. Because it is such a bright, warm color, it’s an excellent accent for your color palette. Amber jewelry is a favorite for many, and the color amber can be an excellent addition to any outfit. It can also be used for home decoration, and can be mixed with shades of brown and dark green to create a beautiful earthy look. Amber can also be a fall favorite, since it pairs well with maroon or shades of orange.


Psychology of Amber:

Amber is a color that promotes safety and confidence. It’s warmth can create an atmosphere of security, while it’s brightness energizes and inspires boldness. However, because amber has many similarities to other shades of yellow, it should be avoided for whole rooms or large spaces, as yellow can enhance feelings of frustration or anger. Used in small doses, however, yellow can be a color associated with happiness. People who like amber are fun loving and seek happiness above all else. They are often nature lovers, and are warm and friendly people to be around. They can have a temper, but generally they are the ones seeking to cheer up a room and find reasons to smile.

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