Royal Blue

Royal blue is a shade of blue that’s lighter than navy blue. Since blue is one of the three primary colors, you can’t mix colors together to get it. There have been some sources that have described royal blue as a purple-ish or even red-ish blue. You can mix blue with a bit of purple or red to make royal blue. Royal blue is often incorrectly thought of as the same color as navy blue.


HEX: #4169e1

RGB: (65, 105, 225)

CMYK: (71, 53, 0, 12)

History of Royal Blue

The term “Royal Blue” was first used in the early 19th century, deriving its name from a dress made for Queen Charlotte, which was described as a beautiful shade of blue. Originally, the term referred to a different and darker shade of blue than the one we recognize today as Royal Blue. Over the years, the color has evolved to become brighter and more vivid, making it synonymous with superiority and elegance. It has been widely used in various royal garments and decorations, emphasizing its regal connotation.

Psychology and Meaning of Royal Blue

Royal Blue is often associated with depth, expertise, and stability. It conveys a sense of reliability and responsibility, making it a favorite among corporations and institutions aiming to project these values. Psychologically, Royal Blue can have a calming effect, encouraging reflection and tranquility. However, its richness also imbues it with a sense of luxury and superiority, often used to signify high quality and prestigious status.

How to Use Royal Blue

Royal Blue is incredibly effective for creating a focal point in designs due to its deep, vivid hue. It works well in both digital and print formats, offering a striking contrast when paired with lighter colors such as white or yellow. In interior design, Royal Blue can add a touch of sophistication and depth to a space, whether through a feature wall, accessories, or upholstery. In branding and marketing, utilizing Royal Blue can convey a sense of professionalism and reliability, making it ideal for corporate identities, websites, and promotional materials.

What Colors go with Royal Blue

Finding the right colors to complement Royal Blue can enhance its vibrancy and elegance. Here are some great pairings:

  • Light gray: Offers a subtle contrast that highlights Royal Blue’s richness.
  • Soft pink: Adds a delicate, feminine touch to the boldness of Royal Blue.
  • Metallic gold: Creates a luxurious and regal look, perfect for sophisticated designs.
  • Crisp white: Provides a classic and clean backdrop that makes Royal Blue pop.
  • Emerald green: For a bold and vibrant contrast that’s full of energy.
  • Similar colors to Royal Blue

    Looking for colors close to Royal Blue? Here are some options:

  • Cobalt Blue (Hex: #0047AB): Slightly brighter with a hint of cobalt.
  • Navy Blue (Hex: #000080): Darker and more subdued, perfect for formal designs.
  • Ultramarine (Hex: #3F00FF): A more saturated and vibrant blue with purple undertones.
  • Dodger Blue (Hex: #1E90FF): Lighter and more vibrant, great for energetic designs.
  • Sapphire Blue (Hex: #0F52BA): A balance between Royal and Navy Blue, offering depth and brightness.
  • Hex and RGB for Royal Blue

    Here are the specific color codes for Royal Blue:

    Hex: #4169E1
    RGB: (65, 105, 225)

    Royal Blue Color Palettes

    Creating color palettes with Royal Blue can bring vibrancy and elegance to your designs. Here are five distinct palettes:

    Royal Blue

    This palette combines the elegance of Royal Blue with the classic purity of white and the luxurious touch of gold, ideal for sophisticated and upscale designs.

    Royal Blue
    Hot Pink

    A vibrant mix that combines Royal Blue with the modernity of silver and the playful energy of hot pink, perfect for lively, contemporary designs.

    Royal Blue

    This palette offers a balanced contrast, pairing Royal Blue with neutral gray and bright yellow, creating a dynamic and engaging aesthetic.

    Royal Blue

    A daring palette that leverages the contrast between Royal Blue and black for depth, with white for balance and orange for a burst of energy and creativity.

    Royal Blue
    Light Coral

    An elegant and fresh palette, combining Royal Blue with the softness of aquamarine and the warmth of light coral, perfect for a gentle, inviting design theme.

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