Royal Blue

Royal blue is a shade of blue that’s lighter than navy blue. Since blue is one of the three primary colors, you can’t mix colors together to get it. There have been some sources that have described royal blue as a purple-ish or even red-ish blue. You can mix blue with a bit of purple or red to make royal blue. Royal blue is often incorrectly thought of as the same color as navy blue.


HEX: #4169e1

RGB: (65, 105, 225)

CMYK: (71, 53, 0, 12)

The Story of “Royal Blue”

Its name goes all the way back to the early eighteen hundreds. The ‘royal’ part was associated with England and the royalty of Queen Charlotte. About a century later, the shade that was seen as royal blue changed a few times. It was seen as a darker shade of blue and then a brighter blue a few decades later. A version of royal blue which isn’t well known is queen blue, a medium shade of royal blue. Another version of royal blue (also not well known) is imperial blue which is darker and closer to navy blue.

Uses of Royal Blue

Royal blue has historical association with the United Kingdom. For this reason, the color is seen on the flag of the United Kingdom. It is a popular color choice among formal attire such as suits and dresses. It’s a good color to use for a noticeable or eye catching outfit. It is also a typical color to use in business logos. When it comes to color combinations, it obviously goes well with orange as they’re complementary colors. It also goes well with neutral colors such as gray and ivory.

Psychology of Royal Blue

When it comes to psychology, the color blue can be associated with a few things. It’s associated with reliability and trust which is the reason it is used in business logos. It can be associated with sadness. ‘Feeling blue’ is a well known phrase that refers to feeling sad or depressed. It can also be associated with peace and calm. It’s the color of the sky and ocean which can have a calming and peaceful effect.

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