When thinking of color, you may think of a broad spectrum of light with different wavelengths. You may believe that the light’s sole responsibility is to make our world much brighter. While this is partially the case, colors have a much more impact on our lives than we have led ourselves to believe. Why we like certain colors or dislike others is all based on our internalized reactions to the color.

Take yellow for instance; yellow is associated with happiness and sunshine, and thus anyone who enjoys viewing the color yellow may have a joyful personality. A common color that brown is often paired with in nature is green. Together, these two colors are capable of creating nature we all love. While green may represent a balance, brown may present stability and assurance in our lives. The color of soil and beautiful pastures, brown has just equal importance in our lives as other colors.

Color Brown – Hex and RGB Code

Connotations of the Color Brown

Brown is often generalized to nature and viewed as a solid. It is the color of the earth and soil. Different shades of brown may invoke different emotions or feelings in a person: a warmer brown may cause a person to feel warmth, protection, security, dependability, or resilience. However, a duller shades may invoke negative emotions such as isolation, sadness, and loneliness. When in a large stretch, brown can often seem like an endless desert and cause chronic negative emotions.

Meaning of a Preference for the Color Brown

If brown is one of your favorite colors, you are most likely to be a very down-to-earth person. Individuals who enjoy the color brown are often kind, practical, nature-loving, friendly, approachable, responsible, cautious, and thoughtful. A brown-lover is most often reserved and not looking to attract attention to oneself. This individual values the basic necessities in life rather than luxury and extravagant belongings. Being that brown has a strong connection to nature, being outside may be a very satisfying experience.

Shades of Brown and Their Personality Traits

Brown has numerous shades, and your personal preference for any of these shades may tell a lot about your personality. The two major types of brown(light brown and dark brown) encompass vast colors such as mocha, caramel, cinnamon, tawny, and others. Here is a short list of personality traits associated with a shade in either of these regions:

Light Brown: honesty and stability
Dark Brown: mature, predictable, and dull

The Color Brown in the Field of Marketing

Brown has a tremendous part to play in the field of marketing and branding. Not only can it influence the customers’ perception of a brand, but it can also invoke certain feelings and emotions in customers. We usually associate Brown with the traits of dependability, reliability, and resilience. These qualities are desired in forming a consumer-seller relationship with a business and thus, numerous brands have opted to use this color in their logos. Companies that include the color brown in their logos include UPS, M&Ms, J&P Morgan, and Hershey’s.

Brown Can be Created by a Mix of Other Colors

Brown is one of the most common end results of mixing colors on a palette; we can mix both the primary and secondary colors on the wheel to create a brown. The colors combined to create brown have a significant impact on the meaning of the color for the individual. For instance, colors with positive connotations such as yellow or green may invoke positive personality traits when mixed with other similarly connotated colors.

A Dominant Color in the World

Let’s face it: brown is everywhere on this earth. We can see it on land, the soil, and even amid our own homes. Consequently, brown is one of the most dominant colors in our lives. Regardless of this, numerous individuals dislike the color brown; they may believe that the color is too drab or dull. However, that is the sheer beauty of brown; it does not like to stay in the spotlight, but give other colors the opportunity to shine.

When paired with the color green in nature, it may provide a certain sense of stability and awareness in our lives. Brown represents maturity and usually is very straightforward, as there is no need to dance around anything.

Pay attention to how brown appears in the world around you. Every instance of the color has a meaning whether it be for attracting customers to create a natural feel. Even certain phrases involving the color brown such as “brownie points” have important connotations in our lives. Next time you are looking to renovate or decorate a certain area of your home, such as a patio, consider painting the walls brown. Not only will this give off an earthy vibe, but will ensure that you feel right at home in the midst of wild nature!