Marsala, the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year, is a rich, earthy color that falls somewhere between brown and deep red. It gets its name from the famous Sicilian wine and brings to mind feelings of warmth, comfort, and class. The hex code for Marsala is #955251, and its RGB values are (149, 82, 81).

A triad color scheme consists of three colors evenly spaced on the color wheel.
A tetrad color scheme uses four colors arranged into two complementary pairs.
A monochromatic color scheme uses variations in lightness and saturation of a single color.
An analogous color scheme uses colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel.
Split Complements
A split-complementary color scheme uses a base color and the two colors adjacent to its complement.

History of Marsala

Marsala has been a go-to color in fashion and design thanks to its down-to-earth yet sophisticated vibe. It’s often used to add a touch of elegance and luxury, much like the complex flavors of the Marsala wine it’s named after.

Psychology and Meaning of Marsala

Marsala is known for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere while still looking refined and classy. In design, it’s often used to add depth and richness to a space or product.

How to Use Marsala

Marsala is a versatile color that works well in many areas of design. In home decor, it can make a room feel cozy and inviting. In fashion, Marsala can give an outfit a sophisticated, high-end look. In branding and marketing, Marsala is often used to suggest luxury and quality.

What Colors go with Marsala

  • Gold (Hex: #FFD700): Adds a touch of luxury and makes Marsala look even more high-end.
  • Teal (Hex: #008080): Provides a cool contrast that balances the warmth of Marsala.
  • Cream (Hex: #FFFDD0): Makes Marsala look even richer and more inviting.
  • Olive Green (Hex: #808000): Gives Marsala an earthy, natural feel.
  • Navy Blue (Hex: #000080): Adds depth and makes Marsala really pop.
  • Similar colors to Marsala

  • Burgundy (Hex: #800020): A bit darker and more purple than Marsala, like the color of the wine.
  • Maroon (Hex: #800000): A deeper, redder version of Marsala.
  • Sienna (Hex: #A0522D): A brown shade that’s pretty close to Marsala.
  • Burnt Umber (Hex: #8A3324): A darker, browner cousin of Marsala.
  • Cordovan (Hex: #893F45): A rich shade that’s a lot like Marsala.
  • Marsala Color Palettes


    A fancy combo that mixes the richness of Marsala, the bling of Gold, and the cool of Teal for a look that’s both elegant and balanced.

    Olive Green

    An earthy combo that pairs the warmth of Marsala with the softness of Cream and the natural feel of Olive Green for a down-to-earth, welcoming vibe.

    Navy Blue

    A rich combo that mixes the depth of Marsala, the class of Navy Blue, and the elegance of Burgundy for a look that screams luxury.


    A warm combo that shows off the range of reds and browns from rich Marsala to deep Maroon and earthy Sienna for a cozy, inviting feel.

    Burnt Umber

    A rich combo that mixes the warmth of Marsala, the depth of Burnt Umber, and the class of Cordovan for a look that’s all about luxury.

    So, there you have it! Marsala is a deep, classy color that can add warmth and style to any design. Whether you use it as the star of the show or as a small pop of color, Marsala can make things feel luxurious and inviting. It’s a popular pick in fashion, home decor, and more because it reminds people of the good stuff in life, like a fancy wine or a cozy night in.

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