30+ Ash Blonde Styles That Work for Short and Long Haircuts

Ash blonde hair is all about that cool, smoky vibe that brings a touch of sophistication to any look. It’s a fantastic option if you’re aiming to switch up your style with something that’s subtly striking. This shade isn’t just about looking good; it’s about feeling confident in a color that complements a variety of skin tones. It offers a fresh way to light up your appearance. In our latest blog post, we dive into 30 ash blonde hairstyles that promise to inspire. From soft highlights to an all-over color change, there’s a world of options for those ready to embrace the ash blonde life.

1. Ash Blonde Waves


Ash blonde color is an ideal choice for all those who want to have a lighter shade of color on their hair, but still don’t want to completely switch to blonde. Blonde hair is very demanding to maintain, so this shade is better because it is not like classic blonde. Waves go beautifully with this color.

2. Short Ash Blonde


Ash suits all hair lengths perfectly and even goes well with shorter hair, like the one in the photo. This hairstyle mixed with this beautiful color will give a real refresh to your face and your complete look.

3. Medium Hair


As we mentioned previously, this hair color goes well with all lengths and hairstyles. Here’s an example of a medium length that’s also wavy, and it’s gorgeous.

4. Spring Color


If you are looking for a new look and real refreshment for the upcoming warm, beautiful and bright spring days, you have just finished your search because you are in the right place. This mesmerizing hair color will amaze you and will surely refresh your old hair. To add to the look, you can curl it slightly at the ends.

5. Ash Blonde Balayage


In this photo, you can see an example of hair with the balayage technique. Balayage is a hair lightener that is often used by people who want to lighten their hair and is most often used when it comes to pulling out strands. Some people need this technique, some don’t, and it all depends on your natural pigment and your natural hair color, and it’s best to consult with your chosen hairdresser. It is most often used in people who have dark hair, i.e. red pigment of the head. Red pigment, without balayage, will create an orange growth on the head and it would ruin the blonde color.

6. Stormy Grey


What a color! We didn’t call her Stormy Gray for no reason. This color belongs to the type of ash-blonde hair color, but it is a little different and darker. The ends give off a silvery/grey sheen, while the rest of the hair is a little darker and this looks like a tornado, doesn’t it?

7. Pearly White Hair


Pearly white hair gives us the vibe of some sea princess on summer days. This color suits and belongs to the summer because of its beautiful shade, and it will go well with the darker complexion you get during the summer. On the other hand, this hair can also give the vibe of an icy queen, because it is white/grey, so it can be considered a winter color because winter is characterized by such shades. Whether you will be Elsa from Frozen or Princess ‘Kida’ Kidagakash Nedakh (The Lost Empire) is up to you to choose.

8. Long Hair


By nature, long hair on someone always attracts people’s attention, whether they like long hair or not, it is completely expected that their eyes turn to such wonderful hair. This beautiful shade of color is accompanied by curly ends and reaches below half of the back, which is already very long. The lighter ends of the hair look fresher, while the darker top of the head blends perfectly with the lighter shade, and the darker side helps the lighter one stand out better.

9. All Ash Blonde


Although the ash blonde color is generally used only for highlighting the lighter ends and it is the most common choice, it can still be used for the entire hair, from beginning to end. You can see what it looks like in this photo. This color is recommended for people with darker skin.

10. Wavy Balayage


Another photo with the balayage technique. This technique was necessary because natural hair is much darker, so it would not be possible to get the right shade if ordinary paint without brighteners was applied.

11. Babylights


Babylights are micro-fine woven highlights placed around your hairline and over your parting. Babylights are cleverly placed using the minimum amount of hair needed to enhance or contour your look. This technique can be applied to any hair color or hair type, blondes, brunettes and redheads can all embrace this trend!

12. Blonde


Do you have a celebration, an event, or a ceremony that you have to attend, and you still don’t know what hairstyle to do? No worries, we are here for you. This hair color will be a real refreshment for you, and at the same time, you will be able to go to your celebration in full splendour and attract attention with your new, beautiful choice!

13. Straight Ash Blonde


Since we picked photos with waves or curls so you can see how this kind of hair looks in those hairstyles, it’s time to post some with straight hair as well. Straight hair is very suitable for this color and will stand out beautifully. We have noted that this color is ideal for all lengths and shapes of hair.

14. Golden Ash Blonde


Ash hair color does not necessarily have to be only greyish shades that shine. This color can also be used on golden locks and golden strands of hair. When you make braids or waves in this shade, you will get a perfect hairstyle, because the two colors will reflect each other and create a wonderful combination.

15. Light Ash Blonde Hair


Another variant is with straight loose hair. This shade differs from the others in that it is much lighter and the strands pull on the white color, but it is still beautiful and very noticeable. They go best with a darker complexion, and if you have dark eyes and eyebrows, this hair can create a perfect contrast and thus you will be interesting, just like Margot Robbie.

16. Blonde&Violet Highlights


If you want to raise your hair to a new and interesting level, it’s time to add another shade to your strands. It is a violet color, a very light shade, which turns from grey to violet, especially when it is overshadowed. In the light, this hair is beautiful and gives off a soft vibe.

17. Ash Blonde Session


Although beige and grey may not be the most interesting colors, lately they have been used more often, especially when it comes to minimalist things, such as decorating rooms minimalism, etc. But these two colors create perfection for spring days, we have to agree. By combining these two colors, you can get perfect hair.

18. Soft Ash Blonde


This shade is so soft and leaves a nice and soft impression. With this color, you can fantastically express your tenderness and your beautiful and tender side, which every girl has. Embrace your femininity with this color.

19. Super Light Ash Blonde


If you have blond hair as a base, you can play with different shades of grey – and even ash and pearl blonde! The combination of these strands will go well with cool shades of silver grey. With an adequate hairstyle and care, grey hair color will go well with discreet natural makeup, without any overly aggressive styling – because the hair color itself is natural. The grey color of the hair is quite enough decoration on the head, in itself.

20. Curly & Beautiful


By adding shades of grey that go with your complexion, you’ll get a whole new look. By toning the hair texture in this way, you will be able to create a natural-looking color mix, which will give your hair a new – fun dimension. This modern technique allows you to embrace your grey hair color elegantly.

21. Sophisticated & Glamorous


Strands are one of the best hair styling tricks – with the help of which you can achieve the look of depth and contrast in your hair. Therefore, when it comes to ashy hair color – strands are an excellent solution because they give freshness and a touch of glamour to colors and hairstyles.

22. Luxury & Chic


Although it never really went out of fashion, ashy hair color was almost exclusively associated with older ladies. So the most adequate description for grey shades of hair could be expressed in words – sophisticated, elegant, and even – serious and strict.

23. Mesmerizing Ashy 


Ashy hair color can look fresh, youthful, fun and very chic. Whether you’re thinking of embracing the grey tones you already have or want to replace your current hair color with a trendy metallic shade – you can’t go wrong. If you want silver tones on your locks and are not sure how they will look on you – don’t worry, there is a right shade of ashy for everyone.

24. Fluffy Blonde


This color is one of those versatile shades that suit everyone and can be very versatile, depending on the undertones and highlights we add to it. It’s different because it’s not bright and “sunny” and the mix with the thinner blue tones makes it look super natural. What are you waiting for? We think it’s time for a change!

25. Beautiful Ashy Blonde


This beautiful color will always make you want to go back to the salon for a fresh touch. With the way it stands and the way it is overcome, it will make you fall in love with it and never change it.

26. Curly Blonde


Gentle curls have overtaken the time of constantly ironed, straight and long hair. Curls are finally back in fashion after so long, and honestly, we wish the time of such a glamorous hairstyle would never pass. Feminine and loose, they will always improve your mood, and with this hair color, you will always be satisfied with your hairstyle!

27. Silver Ash 


The beautiful shades of this color never cease to amaze and leave you breathless. This color goes perfectly with such a beautiful length, although it would also be glamorous with a short hairstyle. Unsurpassed and feminine, it will never let you down.

28. Gentle Blonde


This gentle color will spoil you and will stay in your blood forever. After that, you will never want to have any other hair color, and curls and any hairstyle that includes curly hair will go great with this beautiful color!

29. Darker Ashy


The darker version of this color is something that many will like. If you like to experiment, this way to experiment is great. The dark Ashy color is beautiful, harmonious and wonderful.

30. Ashy Blonde 


This ash-blonde color has won the hearts of many for a long time and has been holding a good place among the most sought-after hair colors for a long time. Gentle and beautiful, silky and feminine, it will always delight you.

31. Short & Blonde


Beautiful shorter hair with fine curls and this color is a winning combination for a beautiful and successfully noticed look. You will be delighted with the way it will look on you, and you will be the center of attention at all events!

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and tell us which style caught your eye! Are you considering taking the ash blonde plunge? Drop a comment below or share your own ash blonde experiences. We love hearing from you and can’t wait to see how you bring these inspirations to life!