50+ Auburn Hair Color Ideas: Light, Medium & Dark Shades

Do you ever look at some ones hair and think “wow, that fits them!” or maybe even think they have a certain personality trait? Hair color can say a lot. One hair color that seems to describe a strong woman, is auburn. Auburn hair is fun to play with. It can come off as very bold and playful. In more recent years, hair artists have been pulling out the warm tones that auburn hair has to offer. That is why more and more women are drawn to this color come Autumn. It is unique and sweet. It also looks amazing while picking pumpkins and sipping on a pumpkin spice latte. The perfect hair to show off on Pinterest and social media. So not only can it portray someone as fun and playful, but also as warm, cozy, and classy. It all depends on the hair artist and approach taken to this color that can be wild or tamed. Here are twenty plus reasons we have all grown to love auburn hair.

1. This warm auburn color is so perfect for fall! It pulls warm red colors and even some pink and purple. This is perfect for any one that is hesitant about adding red. It is red, but still soft and warm. There is no doubt that it will be loved. This will also make blue and green eyes really pop.

2. This bright auburn hair is the definition of auburn. It is so fun and bold. It turns heads and shows off a woman’s confidence. This pulls in lighter colors and more of a orange color. It is perfect for any time of the year. Auburn often gets pinned as a fall only color, but this auburn color is fun for any season.

3. This hair color pulls in the orange and light colors like that last picture, but it also pulls in goldish tones. It is bright and fun. The highlights are done perfectly and will really show no matter how she styles her hair. This is a fun hair color to play around with. A fishtail braid or some curls will show so much depth due to the highlights and multiple colors.

4.  This! This short, spunky bob says it all on its own. It is confident and feisty and fun. This bold move is perfect for any woman that wants to spice it up. It is a show stopper, a jaw dropper!

5.  This dark, auburn hair is so pretty. Again, absolutely perfect for fall. It is warm and almost has that rose gold tone to it. This by far seems to be a favorite among many. It is perfect for those that want to get rid of the summery, blonde highlights for something more cozy and fall friendly. So grab some pumpkin spice coffee or hot cocoa and embrace the fall with some auburn hair coloring!

6. Does this one even need explained? This long, dark auburn is gorgeous. This is also one of the colors that throws different tones in different lightning. Just look how the sunlight makes the red tones pop! This is the kind of art that gives auburn hair color a good name. bringing bright and dark together in perfect harmony.

7.  This auburn hair is so friendly. I can almost taste the pumpkin spice latte while looking at it. It pulls in subtle auburn colors while still keeping her natural brunette look. This is perfect for any one that is a little nervous about going auburn. It is not extremely drastic, but enough to make a beautiful difference and lets the color be tested. It is a fun start for what auburn can do for a woman!

8. Wow! Wow! Wow! These bright, copper auburn hair is a show stopper! It is so free spirited and warm at the same time. This color and cut put together can not be beat! It is so perfect for curly hair or even while straightened. With so many tones brought together, it is truly a piece of art.

9. Confidence! Pure confidence in her face and her hair! This color shows so much more than just a hair style. It shows creativity and oozes confidence. It is simply gorgeous. With a bold and confident auburn like this, nothing is impossible. It draws a positive attention with a woman’s strength to be bold and noticeable.

10. This light auburn bob is so classy. It shows how soft and light auburn hair colors can be. With this elegant color and clean bob, this is a very loved auburn hair color. It really shows how soft and sweet auburn can be, which people often forget about.

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