50+ Auburn Hair Color Ideas: Light, Medium & Dark Shades

11. This playful auburn and purple masterpiece is something we do not see often! Auburn hair colors are often thought to be so bold even on their own, but this hair coloring shows how well it can harmonize for a unique, fun fall look. This takes a whole new twist on ombre hair coloring.

12. This unique auburn color is beautiful! With the dark roots and many different tones brought in, it is one of a kind. It has dark and light auburn accents. It is confident, bright, and surprisingly sweet.

13.  This auburn ombre is the fade of our dreams. It is perfection. Starting with dark roots, to a warm and dark auburn, to light blonde auburn color, it is perfect.

14.  This warm and dark auburn is so classy. It is bold and controlled at the same time. This is a great color for the holidays.

15.  How could we ever get enough of these warm auburn colors? The copper tone really comes through for a lively auburn.

16. Lively and bold! this auburn color may be a darker auburn, but it is bright and so bold. Letting the red and orange through really helps in completing this look.

17. Blonde plus auburn equals love from all. This beautiful auburn with blonde highlights is so intense and colorful.

18. This redish, purple auburn is so fun. Its a drastic statement that is not too much. Perfect for any color lover.

19. Auburn hair at the brightest. Using these bold and raw auburn colors can really be fun! This style is so confident and playful. It is so intense, but can also be used for an every day look.

20. Look what a touch of auburn can do! It is so life giving to tired colors. It brings color, brightness, and depth to any hair color! Just this one color changed her hair style completely. It is such a gorgeous transformation.

21. Purple and fire red auburn? Who would have thought it would be so beautiful?! It is bold and playful. This look is so perfect for the fall and just think of all the other fun color that look amazing with auburn hair colors.

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