50+ Burgundy Hair Color Ideas: Hairstyles & Shades of the Year

With Fall well underway and Winter just around the corner, there are some luscious Autumn hairstyles popping up all over, with one color in particular making waves. Burgundy hair is always an eye-catching choice and can be war and rich, edgy, or just plain fun. Darker burgundy hair is sexy and adventurous, indulgent like the wine it’s named for. However, lighter dyes, highlights, and accent colors make it a versatile and unique option for women of every size, color, and fashion point of view. Shades can range from playful purples to decadent deep reds, but this season also has some surprising trends in store that will make it hard to decide – not just which to try, but which one to try first!

1. Bonjour, Burgundy!

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BbDoO68HR_9/

This sable burgundy with bright highlights is perfect for Fall, setting off any outfit and sure to shine in the light of a beach bonfire. This is an easy transition for a brunette looking to add some color to their dark tresses, or for those with lighter hair who are ready to switch to the dark side while standing out from the crowd.

2. Burgundy Mermaid

This dark twist on the popular mermaid hair style is probably already making your mouth water. If you thought the ombre was only for blondes, think again, because this burgundy-to-teal-and-purple color-melt masterpiece proves that redheads really have the most fun.

3. Falling for Fuchsia

This all-over perfect dye job is a bold and beautiful statement for those ready to take their color game to the next level. A lively shade of burgundy that’s bordering on fuchsia, the color really pops and would complement both fair and olive skin tones.

4. Sweet Dreams

#Gorgeouslocks is right! This burgundy-and-violet blue dream is like a cotton candy and bubblegum swirl – if bubblegum were burgundy, that is. If you’re a bit of a wild child at heart, drink unicorn frappes just for the rainbows, or want to take the starry night sky with you wherever you go, this color wonder is probably for you.

5. Candy Apple

Classy and elegant, this burgundy is closer to a candy-apple red. Highlights and lowlights create a warm glow, with just the hint of darker roots for contrast. A beautiful way for any fashionista to step into the season.

6. Avant Garde

Jetsetters and trendsetters rejoice! If unexpected is your goal, this silver and burgundy half-and-half says glam to a tee. Wear it this winter and be the belle of the ball.

7. Check It Twice

For those who want a little more sophisticated glamour, a soft mahogany overlaid with brilliant burgundy is perfect for Fall with its play of light and dark interwoven ringlets. This perfect balance of naughty and nice is a Christmas wish come true.

8. Spellbound

Halloween may be over, but witchy and wild is still in style, as proven by this custom color burgundy by Mayvenn. Taking full advantage of the purple side of burgundy, it’s a vibrant, fresh take on this Fall favorite.

9. Class All The Way

This deep burgundy number is understated in all the right ways. Suited to any occasion, the snowy white backdrop to the photo lets you imagine how easily the look would transition from a Fall to Winter color. Great for fashion-saavy sophisticates with a full calendar who need their style game on point all season long.

10. Crimson and Copper

Fiery, coppery deliciousness is what this ‘do is serving up, with deep red wine at the top and flowing down into a bright and ruby red. Fun, flirty, and with a little edge, this color melt is for those who can’t decide which shade they like best, or who simply want the best of both worlds.

11. Va Va Voom

This burgundy brings a little gothic edge to the party but would look just as good on a shopping trip to Europe as it would for a holiday masquerade. Whether you’re in the Christmas spirit or looking to conjure some spirits, this daring look will be turning heads your way for sure.

12. Cranberry Bliss

Just a hint of raven roots gives way to a spectacular waterfall of cranberry bliss. This soft and elegant burgundy shimmers in the sunlight and will take you from the end of summer all the way through to the new year.

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