20+ Red Hair Color Ideas and Trends in 2019

Red hair is spectacular, and when a gorgeous ginger mane enters a room, all heads turn.

Since most of the population is not naturally red-haired (only 2% of the American population), we color it to achieve the ravishing look. In case you’re wondering, Scotland boasts the highest percentage of redheads.

Every woman can rock red locks beautifully when she enhances her skin tone with the right shade. There are lots of cool tones and warm tones to choose from.

The only issue with dyeing to be red is in its color maintenance. Unfortunately, red hair color fades the fastest out of the entire hair color spectrum.

The science of beauty teaches us that the red dye molecule is the largest one of all the color molecules. For that reason alone, the tint washes out easily.

That’s alright; it’s sexy glamorous to be red, and proper conditioning makes a difference.

1. Coppery-Peachy-Rose-Gold


It’s wonderful to watch our favorite stars fool around with hair color. At the moment, Kate Winslet looks lovely in blonde, but when you compare a photo from her old “Titanic” movie days, there’s no comparison.

Winslet appears stunning with copper-based curly tresses, and her fair complexion is luminous with red locks.

2. Ombre Red


When ombre dyeing involves the color red, it’s a totally unique experience. The skilled color professional can transform the ordinary mane into a bombshell red cascade.

The red rainbow results dazzle in mahogany, burgundy, pink/orange waves.

3. Auburn highlights


Sometimes, artfully placed auburn highlights are enough to add depth, shine and red-power pizazz to someone’s look.

Match the reddish-brown strands with a fab haircut and amazing blow-out, and you’re good to go.

4. Extremely Red


When you’re young and looking to make a statement, a vampire red shade is the way to go. It’s bold and beautiful and unapologetic.

Red lips and pale skin are the perfect beauty combination to make this fiery mane set hearts ablaze.

5. Burgundy Balayage Beauty


Paint me some red, please. That’s exactly how the perfection of balayage comes about; the technique features color painted on the hair by hand.

Red balayage is a wonderful way to breathe new life into your hair, and here, the burgundy strands are striking.

6. Ginger Spice


Talk about a fiery mane that gets a lot of attention; ginger spice is warm and very elegant.

This expert colorist used the Redken line to create the awesome results.

7. Dreamy Dreamsicle


This is the triple threat achieved with a combo of three shades and some mad color skills. The pro used the Schwarzkopf brand and designed a luscious coral shade at the base and blended into silver and mauve.

It’s a cool color-melting.

8. Leopard Print


When you wish to take a walk on the wild side, then a punk shade of red or two is essential. The stylist shaved her hair on the left side and created a cute leopard print color design.

Chunky bright red hair color was added throughout with a bit of black for badness.

9. Make It Maroon


For ladies with red hair and blue eyes, a hot maroon shade only amps up the glam. The color allows the eyes to stand out and appear bluer than ever.

It’s a strong shade that instantly takes over the room when you enter.

10. Dark Red/Copper Highlights


Weaving strands of red upon red results in a beautiful blast of color. In this coloring session, dimensional shades were the focus. The expert boosted the shine and depth of his client’s mane by designing a dark red mane with dark brown low lights and copper highlights.

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