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21 Jan 2017

Chakra Colors: Ultimate Guide to 7 Chakras and Their Meanings

From the base of the human’s spine to the top of the head, you can find seven chakras. They appear like energy wheels that run through the body. It is a crucial source of the invisible energy
1 Oct 2016

Flower Color Meanings and Symbolism

Flowers have a universal appeal. Whether planted in gardens, used in décor or given as gifts, flowers can enhance a range of holidays, occasions and scenarios. These delicate decorations have inspired great art, poetry, romantic love, encouragement,
22 May 2016

10 Interesting Facts about the Colorful Rainbow

Rainbows have inspired more creativity than perhaps any other phenomenon in the natural world. From songs to paintings to myths and stories, the beautiful colors of the rainbow have inspired humans throughout history. What do we really
10 Mar 2016

10 Color Facts That Might Surprise You

Colors make up our visual landscape and influence our lives in both overt and subtle ways. However, there is much that is mysterious and surprising about colors. For example: 1. In One Sense, Colors Do Not Exist