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30 Jan 2017

Human Aura Colors and Meanings

Every life form in the universe emanates a reflection of the energy that composes their being. As higher life forms, humans have the ability to emit light patterns that coincide with personalities, moods, life experiences, and levels
19 Jul 2016

Recommended Lipstick Colors for Disney Princesses

The ladies of Disney inspire, enchant and uplift women of all ages. The following are some possible lipstick color ideas that could be a fit with the most popular and memorable Disney Princess personalities: 1. Belle: introverted,
15 Feb 2016

What Your Car Color Might Say About You

As with any aspect of life, your choice of color for the car you drive can give insights about your personality and preferences. Most Americans spend a lot of time in their cars and either overtly or
7 Dec 2015

Hair Color Ideas: What Your Hair Color Can Say About You

There are virtually unlimited ways to express yourself, but your hair color choice is one of the most direct. Without saying a word, you can enter a room and make a statement. Whether bold or demure, your
29 Mar 2015

How Colors Affect Our Everyday Lives

Everywhere we look we are surrounded by colors. They are a major part of our lives, but they also affect our way of living. They can make us happy, sad, angry or melancholic, and we are also
23 Mar 2015

What Color Should I Dye My Hair?

Dying the hair is a very common practice, especially among women, although men use it as well, which makes us look more beautiful, young, or enhances our beauty traits. But if we are to look at the
27 Feb 2015

What’s the Color of the Dress? White and Gold or Blue and Black- Explained!

It’s not just a street talking about this dress, it’s the whole world!  So first off, to answer your question simply. The Dress is BLUE and GOLD!! Here’s why!   Black and Blue: The function of your eyes