Physiology Archive

10 Mar 2016

10 Color Facts That Might Surprise You

Colors make up our visual landscape and influence our lives in both overt and subtle ways. However, there is much that is mysterious and surprising about colors. For example: 1. In One Sense, Colors Do Not Exist
4 Feb 2016

What it Means to Be Color Blind

Color blindness is a vision deficiency in people that affects the way that color is perceived. It occurs when light-sensitive retinal cells don’t respond in the appropriate way to light wavelength variations. The eye’s retina contains both
9 Jan 2016

Why Men and Women See Color Differently

There’s an old joke that when picking out colors for home décor, a woman may see differences between “fawn, ginger, cinnamon and chestnut,” while guys more or less just see “brown.” Azure, cerulean, cobalt and sapphire? If
21 Sep 2015

How the Eyes and Brain Process Color

We take color and its perception for granted, but have you ever thought about how the processing of color takes place in the eyes and brain? It’s really pretty fascinating. Both the eyes and the brain work