Shades of Blue: Top 50 Shades, HEX & RGB Codes

The different shades of blue each have their own visual effect and personality. Blue is generally clean and tranquil, but in some shades, it’s more corporate and formal. The trust-worthy feeling it gives off lets you see why brands and social media platforms use this color for their theme. Think of all the social media apps that mainly use blue. Remember when Instagram used to be blue? Even the links you click are mostly blue.

Blue is almost everyone’s favorite color, making it great for branding and marketing. There are different shades of blue to choose from, and there is always a perfect shade for every web design, brand, or product.

Not only does blue appear to be good for business. Seeing the color helps you have a better sleep cycle with its calming effects. It is known to lower blood pressure. It’s also known to be non-appetizing when it comes to food, hence it’s recommended to eat from a blue plate when you’re having a weight loss diet. Darker shades assist in the improvement of the human thought process as it is less likely to be distracting. Every shade of blue has its own purpose or effect.

Here are 50 shades of blue:

Midnight Blue

One of the most elegant colors out there is midnight blue. It is often associated with authority, royalty, and stability. Most people believe that midnight blue has a calming effect and helps in slowing down metabolism. Yellow and olive green is considered to be the best color that would blend well with midnight blue if used in designs.

Hex #191970
RGB 25,25,112
CMYK 25,6,0,10

Light Blue

Light blue is said to be one of the calm and peaceful shades of blue. It is considered to represent health, understanding, and softness. Due to its versatility, a lot of designers and developers use light blue as the main color for their projects.

Hex #ADD8E6
RGB 173,216,230
CMYK 25,6,0,10

Sky Blue

If you are looking for a color that represents freedom, inspiration, and imagination then sky blue is the perfect color for you. Most people often associate positivity with sky blue which made it a good choice for business owners to use for their logo, presentation, and advertisement.

Hex #87CEEB
RGB 135,206,235
CMYK 78,78,0,56

Cornflower Blue

Cornflower blue was inspired by a blue flower that grows in European cornfields. It is said to represent depth, peace, fertility, and life. It is often used as the main color on websites that provide information on fitness and wellness.

Hex #6495ED
RGB 100,149,237
CMYK 58,37,0,7

Classic Blue

One of the best colors that are best suited for logo and interior design is classic blue. If you also notice some of the well-known social media platforms use this kind of shade. Most people believe that classic blue conveys loyalty, trust, and stability.

Hex #0f4c81
RGB 15,76,129
CMYK 99,76,24,8

Sapphire Blue

Sapphire blue was inspired by a gemstone named Sapphire. This kind of gemstone is often seen in a shade of blue it is considered to be associated with faith and hope, especially during ancient times.

Hex #0F52BA
RGB 15,82,186
CMYK 92,56,0,27

Egyptian Blue

Egyptian blue is a shade that was pigmented in Egypt during ancient times. It was first used in the arts to represent the sky and the Nile river. For Egyptians, this shade symbolizes heaven and the primeval flood. They also believe that Egyptian blue represents life and reincarnation.

Hex #1034A6
RGB 16,52,166
CMYK 90,69,0,35


Turquoise is the color that represents calmness. Most people believe that it helps in stabilizing emotion thus making it a good choice for interior designs and making websites.

Hex #40E0D0
RGB 64,224,208
CMYK 71,0,7,12

Powder Blue

Powder blue is considered part of the light blue family. It is often associated with peace and tranquility. When used in art it often represents the sky and bodies of water.

Hex #B0E0E6
RGB 176,224,230
CMYK 23,3,0,10


If you are looking for a shade that perfectly represents the sky then celeste is the one for you. This specific shade was a lighter version of turquoise and was pigmented using the sky as its inspiration. It got its name from Celeste which means heavenly and it is believed to portray beauty.

RGB 178,255,255
CMYK 30,0,0,0

Beau Blue

Beau blue is a member of the cyan color family and is often described as very light gray. It is often used in interior designs of office spaces or workstations since it was believed to help with focus and concentration.

RGB 188,212,230
CMYK 18,8,0,10

Turkish Blue

Turkish blue is described to have a grayish-purple shade. Most people in Turkey believe that this color fend off bad omen or misfortunes.

Hex #4F97A3
RGB 79,151,163
CMYK 52,7,0,36

Prussian Blue

The name Prussian blue stands for the color of waves and the sea. This shade was often used in Japanese bricks during ancient times and was believed to portray a forever art.

Hex #003153
RGB 0,49,83
CMYK 100,41,0,67

Royal Blue

The color that is often associated with British Royalty is what we call Royal Blue. This shade was used for the clothes of the Queen, King, and some members of the imperial family. It often represents authority, empathy, and reliability.

Hex #002366
RGB 0,35,102
CMYK 100,66,0,60

Maya Blue

Maya blue is often associated with religion, it was first pigmented for the sake of ancient Maya. It was used to decorate houses, pots, paintings, and sculptures.

Hex #73C2FB
RGB 115,194,251
CMYK 54,23,0,2

Electric Blue

Electric blue is described as a light blue with a touch of glow. This shade was often connected to energy and excitement. Electric blue is believed to be the exact color of lightning and associated with one of the zodiac signs Aquarius.

Hex #7DF9FF
RGB 125,249,255
CMYK 51,2,0,0

Tiffany Blue

Tiffany blue is described as greenish-blue color and it shows its full potential when paired with white. One of the famous jewelry companies Tiffany & Co. is the one who consistently uses this shade in their advertisements & packaging which made it a trademark color of the business.

Hex #81D8D0
RGB 129,216,208
CMYK 40,0,4,15

Ruddy Blue

If you are looking for a good pastel color then Ruddy Blue is a great choice for you. This shade was inspired by Ruddy duck’s beak.

Hex #76ABDF
RGB 118,171,223
CMYK 47,23,0,13

Aqua Blue

Aqua-blue is often described as greenish-blue color. It is often associated with the color of water and was believed to represent tranquility, youth, and dreams.

Hex #00FFFF
RGB 0,255,255
CMYK 100,0,0,0


The word Azure means Blue, most people believe that it represents gemstones like sapphire. Azure is often associated with projects that want to portray stability, clearness, and intelligence.

Hex #007FFF
RGB 0,127,255
CMYK 100,50,0,0

Blizzard Blue

Blizzard blue belongs to the cyan family color, it is often used to portray calmness, focus and concentration.

RGB 172,229,238
CMYK 28,4,0,7

Baby Blue

If you are looking for a color that can express serenity or calmness then baby blue is the best choice for you. It is often used by artists to represent their feelings of tranquility.

Hex #89CFF0
RGB 137,207,240
CMYK 43,14,0,6

Baby Blue Eyes

Coming from the word baby, this shade was pigmented to symbolize innocence, youth and purity. This shade came from the flower baby blue eyes which are believed to symbolize tenderness.

Hex #A1CAF1
RGB 161,202,241
CMYK 33,16,0,5

Ocean Blue

From the name itself, Ocean blue got its name from the color of oceans. It often signifies freedom, vastness, and wisdom thus making it a good choice for artists who would like to design an open space.

Hex #3C41CD
RGB 238,59,52
CMYK 71,68,0,20

Cerulean Blue

When it comes to art the shade cerulean often represents the sky, heaven, and ocean. Most people believe that this color can enhance the feeling of lightness and peace.

Hex #2A52BE
RGB 42,82,190
CMYK 78,57,0,25

Alice Blue

When it comes to color psychology, Alice blue is often associated with people who are introverted. This pale blue shade is used for the enhancement of concentration and focus.

Hex #F0F8FF
RGB 240,248,255
CMYK 6,3,0,0

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue is described to be a darker version of true blue. Most people considered it to be a color of enlightenment thus making it the popular choice for painters and artist in designing interior and office spaces.

Hex #0047AB
RGB 20,71,171
CMYK 100,58,0,33

Cyan Blue

Cyan blue is a light blue color that often uses in web designs, logos, and advertisements. This shade is then associated with crystal waters, calmness, and relaxation. Most people believe that cyan helps in enhancing peaceful behaviors.

Hex #00FFFF
RGB 0,255,255
CMYK 100,0,0,0

Denim Blue

Denim blue is a classic color that you can often see in jeans. It has been a trend in the clothing industry to use this shade on clothes which they call “Denim”.

Hex #1560BD
RGB 21,96,189
CMYK 89,49,0,26

Glaucous Blue

Glaucous blue is described as a grayish-blue shade. It is often associated with trust, intuition, and faith. This shade is used to describe plants, feathers, and furs of some animals.

Hex #6082B6
RGB 96,130,182
CMYK 47,29,0,29

Blue Jeans

Blue jeans are often associated with the character of West Americans. The company named Levi’s Strauss & Co. is the first one to dye their jeans with this shade. Most company believes that Blue jeans signify dignity and conservativism.

Hex #324AB2
RGB 93,173,236
CMYK 61,27,0,7

French Blue

French blue is also known as Bleu de France, this shade was used to represent the royal family and France. Most people in France believe that this color signifies duty and love for the poor. They also use french blue as the official color of France in motorsports.

Hex #0077C0
RGB 0,119,192
CMYK 100,38,0,25

Indigo Dye

Indigo dye is a rare color that has an effect like a chameleon, depending on the lighting it can become purple, black, or sometimes dark blue.

Hex #00416A
RGB 0,65,106
CMYK 100,39,0,58

Pacific Blue

This shade belongs to the light blue color family. Pacific blue is often used in logos, presentations, or even in the background color of well-known social media platforms and websites like Twitter. Most people believe that this shade is associated with peace and depth.

Hex #1CA9C9
RGB 28,169,201
CMYK 86,16,0,21

Capri Blue

If you are looking for a different shade of cyan then Capri blue is a good choice for you. This color was often described as a deep shade of cyan and associated with focus and mental concentration.

Hex #00BFFF
RGB 0,191,255
CMYK 100,25,0,0

Yinmn Blue

Yinmn blue was derived from the combined symbol of elements of Yttrium, Indium, and Manganese. It is often associated with infinity due to the fact that this shade doesn’t fade.

Hex #2E5090
RGB 46,80,144
CMYK 68,44,0,44

Cadet Blue

Cadet blue is a grayish-blue color that is also known as a space cadet. It was pigmented last 2007 and was used as an official color of a military issued uniform.

Hex #4F97A3
RGB 79,151,1,63
CMYK 52,7,0,36

Oxford Blue

From the name itself, Oxford blue is considered the official color of Oxford University. This shade is often used in advertisements because it is believed to portray sincerity and trust.

Hex #002147
RGB 0,33,71
CMYK 100,54,0,72

Persian Blue

Persian blue is described to be medium dark blue. It is often used as a color in pottery, tiles, and walls of palaces in Persia. Persian blue often symbolizes the celestial sphere that represents heaven.

Hex #1C39BB
RGB 28,57,187
CMYK 85,70,0,27

Phthalo Blue

If you are looking for a bright blue shade then Phthalo blue is the best option for you. This shade is often used to paint exterior walls and fences due to its high resistance to fading.

Hex #000F89
RGB 0,15,137
CMYK 100,89,0,46

Picotee Blue

Picotee blue was derived from the picotee flower, this shade is often associated with trust and other heartfelt emotions. It is also used in love sentiments like “I miss you” and “I love you”.

Hex #2E2787
RGB 46,39,135
CMYK 66,71,0,47

Pewter Blue

This shade is often described as bluish-gray, this shade was inspired by a metal called pewter. Most artists and designers use this shade to color utensils, accessories, and silverware.

Hex #8BA8B7
RGB 139,168,183
CMYK 24,8,0,28

Robin’s Egg 

This color is also known as eggshell blue, it came from the cyan color family and is described to have a greenish-blue shade. Robin’s egg was inspired by the eggs that were laid by American Robin.

Hex #00D8D8
RGB 0,216,216
CMYK 100,0,0,15


This shade was derived from the color of a gemstone called slate. It is also called a balancing color due to its unusual harmony in color and most people believe that it can lessen anxiety and stress.

Hex #6A5ACD
RGB 106,90,205
CMYK 48,56,0,20

Neon Blue

If you are looking for a neon color then neon blue is the perfect choice for you. Since we are talking about neon colors, you might be thinking that it symbolizes excitement and energy however neon blue is the only neon color that is believed to portray tranquility and calmness.

Hex #4D4DFF
RGB 77,77,255
CMYK 70,70,0,0

Navy blue is considered to be part of the dark blue color family, this well-known color was once called Marine blue. It is considered to portray authority and power which makes it a good choice for a color reference in the British navy.

Hex #000080
RGB 0,0,128
CMYK 70,70,0,0

Lavender Blue

Lavender blue was derived from the flower lavender. Most people associate Lavender blue with loyalty, faith, and truth. It is also believed to evoke affection and friendship.

RGB 204,204,255
CMYK 20,20,0,0

Ultramarine Blue

Ultramarine blue is considered to be the most expensive shade to be used by painters. Most people believe that it symbolizes holiness and humility since it is used for the robes of saints and the Virgin Mary.

Hex #3F00FF
RGB 63,0,255
CMYK 75,100,0,0

International Klein Blue

International Klein Blue was pigmented by a well-known french artist name Yves Klein. He created this shade to portray his boundless visions and imagination by using it on his sculptures.

Hex #002FA7
RGB 0,47,167
CMYK 100,72,0,35

Steel Blue

This shade was inspired by the bluing of steel to prevent it from accumulating rust. Steel blue is considered to be a neutral color that is great for interior designs. It is best paired with light colors to bring its full potential and make it more calming to the eyes.

Hex #4682B4
RGB 70,130,180
CMYK 61,28,0,29

If you love blue, now you see that there are 50 shades of blue to choose from. Evidently, this color and its shades don’t just provide cosmetic enhancement to an establishment, product, or outfit. Blue makes the viewer feel good as it is adored by people from all ages and walks of life. There most likely isn’t one person that hates blue as its shades show you the most beautiful parts of mother nature and human invention. Skies and paint. Waters and electric lights. Eggs and clothes. Without a doubt, blue is the world’s favorite color of all time. What are your thoughts about blue? Don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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