Shades of Purple: Top 50 Shades, HEX & RGB Codes

Due to the influence of a famous boy band in Korea, purple has become the center of talks regarding colors nowadays. It has become a symbol of love for the army who support the BTS band.

From a business perspective, purple portrays wealth, power, and quality thus making it the best choice to incorporate with your business logo, advertisement, and website. In addition to that, based on some studies it also boosts your business impact on society.

Here is the list of different shades of purple together with some information about the shade and where you can effectively use it.

True Purple

True purple is the most commonly used shade of purple. Basically, it is a secondary color that contains a red and blue hue. It is commonly used by luxury brands because it is believed to portray luxury, power, and royalty.

Hex #6A0DAD
RGB 106,13,173
CMYK 39,92,0,32


Thistle is described to be a very light shade of purple. It was inspired by the colors of the thistle flowers which was considered the national flower of Scotland. It can be a good choice if you like light colors as the background for your websites or advertisements.

Hex #D8BFD8
RGB 216,191,216
CMYK 0,12,0,15


Plum can be considered a neutral color, it was inspired by the Japanese plum blossoms which are believed to symbolize hope, life, and rebirth. This kind of shade is often used in the interior walls of mental institutions.

RGB 221,160,221
CMYK 0,28,0,13

Medium Purple

From the name itself, Medium purple is a medium-light shade of purple. It has become the official color of an association in the United States that promotes mental health because it was believed to evoke calmness.

Hex #9370DB
RGB 147,112,219
CMYK 33,49,0,14


Veronica is a shade that was inspired by the hue of the veronica flowers. This specific shade was considered to be a symbol of faithfulness and love which made it a good choice for wedding themes.

Hex #A020F0
RGB 160,32,240
CMYK 33,87,0,6

Pale Purple

The pale purple shade is also known as the mauve shade. It is said to portray light-heartedness and wisdom.

RGB 250,230,250
CMYK 0,8,0,2


Heliotrope was inspired by the heliotrope flowers that bloom in a pink-purple shade. This kind of shade is commonly used in wedding or proposal themes since it is considered to represent eternal love.

Hex #DF73FF
RGB 223,115,255
CMYK 13,55,0,0


Phlox is considered to have a neon magenta and blue shade. It was inspired by the shade of phlox flowers which symbolizes harmony and unity.

Hex #DF00FF
RGB 223,0,255
CMYK 13,100,0,0

Purple Pizzazz

Purple pizzazz is often described as light pink. It was first introduced by Crayola in late 1900 and it became a popular color to paint houses or in any paint application.

RGB 254,78,218
CMYK 0,69,14,0

Liseran Purple

Liseran purple is considered to be a reddish-purple shade. It is categorized as one of the light shades of purple and it is best suitable for painting walls and cosmetic products.

Hex #DE6FA1
RGB 222,111,161
CMYK 0,50,27,13


This mulberry shade was inspired by the fruit called mulberry. It is described to have a deep reddish-purple shade and was believed to portray love, affection, and even lust.

Hex #C54B8C
RGB 197,75,140
CMYK 0,62,29,23


The word Purpureus in Latin means “brilliant or shining” and it greatly describes this specific shade of purple that is very dazzling to the eyes of the viewers.

Hex #9A4EAE
RGB 154,78,174
CMYK 11,55,0,32

Northwestern Purple

Northwestern Purple is the specific shade that was used in the clothes of nobles. It is said to symbolize ranking, royalty, and dignity during the early centuries.

Hex #4E2A84
RGB 78,42,132
CMYK 41,68,0,48

Mardi Gras

Mardi gras was inspired by the rex parade in 1892. It is said that mardi gras purple was created to symbolize justice.

Hex #880085
RGB 136,0,133
CMYK 0,100,2,47


The color eminence is considered to have a medium dark shade of magenta while staying in the purple family color. It is often associated with immortality and transcendence.

Hex #6C3082
RGB 108,48,130
CMYK 17,63,0,49

Pansy Purple

From the name itself, Pansy purple was inspired by the hue of a purple pansy flower. It is said to symbolize beauty and nobility which made it a commonly used shade during Valentine’s day.

Hex #78184A
RGB 120,24,74
CMYK 0,80,38,53


Palatinate is considered to be a very dark shade of purple. It was used as the official color of some universities like Durham University. It is said to carry the historic status of Durham City.

Hex #72246C
RGB 114,36,108
CMYK 0,68,5,55


Byzantium is a dark shade of purple which was used as the official shade in the clothes of Byzantine emperors. It was used as a symbol of bravery and luxury during the Ancient Greek era.

Hex #702963
RGB 112,41,99
CMYK 0,63,12,56

African Violet

African violet shade was inspired by the colors of the African violet flower which symbolizes wisdom, ambition, and creativity. It is often used in different events like mother’s day and anniversaries.

Hex #B284BE
RGB 178,132,190
CMYK 6,31,0,25


Amethyst was derived from the color of a gemstone called Amethyst that was commonly used by royalties in ancient times. It is commonly used in jewelry and believed to portray humility and sobriety.

Hex #9966CC
RGB 153,102,204
CMYK 25,50,0,20


Affair is considered to be a warm shade of purple. It is often used in decorating rooms or painting interior walls.

Hex #6F4685
RGB 111,70,133
CMYK 17,47,0,48

Boss’s Jokes

Another weird name for a purple shade, Boss’s Jokes is described to have almost the same shade as magenta. It is best partnered with light or neutral colors to give a nice accent vibe.

Hex #B0306A
RGB 176,48,106
CMYK 0,73,40,31


Same with other shades, Iris was inspired by the shade of a flower named Iris. In greek term Iris means rainbow but the specific purple Iris is said to symbolize wisdom and royalty.

Hex #9867C5
RGB 152,103,197
CMYK 23,48,0,23

Prince Charming

Though it may be an odd name for a shade, Prince charming was inspired by the bluish-purple shade that was used in the clothes of the princes in the cartoons. Some people also believe that this shade portrays braveness and nobility.

Hex #493F5E
RGB 73,63,94
CMYK 22,33,0,63

Long Distance

Purple never stops to amaze us in naming their shades with odd names. Long distance is considered to have a grayish-purple shade and is believed that this is the first color were imagine when we are talking to a long-distance friend.

Hex #6F456E
RGB 111,69,110
CMYK 0,38,1,56

Lipstick Stain

Basically, the shade lipstick stain was inspired by a cosmetic product lipstick. This is commonly used as a shade in different types of cosmetics and was considered to portray beauty.

Hex #8E4785
RGB 142,71,133
CMYK 0,50,6,44


The exact meaning of pompadour is “Crimson Color”. This shade has a touch of purplish-pink and is commonly used in cloths during ancient times.

Hex #720058
RGB 114,0,88
CMYK 0,100,23,55


You might think that the wine color is red however wine shade is described as dark purple. It is said that purple wine symbolizes royalty.

Hex #2C041C
RGB 44,4,28
CMYK 0,91,36,83

Pizza Edge

Another weird name for a shade of purple. Pizza edge is described to have a mix of Fuschia and true purple.

Hex #9A2CA0
RGB 154,44,160
CMYK 4,72,0,37

Tyrian Purple

Tyrian purple is described to have a reddish-purple shade. It is often used in pottery, textiles, and other luxury items because like other shades of purple it symbolizes wealth and royalty.

Hex #66023C
RGB 102,2,60
CMYK 0,98,41,60


The studio is a light shade of purple that is commonly used in interior wall paints. It is believed to evoke calmness and creativeness which made it a great option for painting your studio or office room.

Hex #7851A9
RGB 120,81,169
CMYK 29,52,0,34

Electric Purple

Electric purple can be described as a dark shade of purple. This electrifying shade that looks like a neon color is believed to symbolize the future and imagination.

Hex #BF00FF
RGB 191,0,255
CMYK 25,100,0,0

Periwinkle Purple

Periwinkle purple is classified as a light purple shade. It is often associated with friendship, innocence, and lightheartedness which made it a good choice for baby products.

Hex #BE93E4
RGB 190,147,228
CMYK 17,36,0,11


Sangria is described as a purplish-red color. Basically, sangria means blood which has the same hue as red wine. Its name was inspired by the famous wine brand Sangria.

Hex #4D0F28
RGB 77,15,40
CMYK 0,81,48,70

Good Tax

Good tax was created by combining purple and cyan. If you are looking for a light and pastel color then this shade is the perfect one for you. It is often used to paint interior walls because of it calming attributes.

Hex #C9A0FF
RGB 201,160,255
CMYK 21,37,0,0

Jazzberry Jam

Jazzberry jam shade was inspired by a purple jam called Jazzberry Jam. This shade is considered to be a dark purple shade and best suited if you are marketing some products.

Hex #A50B5E
RGB 103,3,47
CMYK 0,97,54,60

Ripe Plum

Ripe Plum is a dark purple shade that was created by combining purple and red. This shade is considered to evoke a luxurious and uplifting feeling making it best suited for painting walls inside resorts or hotels.

Hex #410056
RGB 65,0,86
CMYK 24,100,0,66

Rebecca Purple

Behind the beautiful shade of Rebecca purple is a sad story, this shade was inspired by Rebecca Allison Meyers’ favorite color. She passed away from brain cancer on her 6th birthday.

Hex #663399
RGB 102,51,153
CMYK 33,67,0,40

Razzmic Berry Purple

Razzmic berry purple is considered to be a member of the magenta color family. If you are looking for a light color to color your room this shade might be the perfect color for you.

Hex #8D4E85
RGB 141,78,133
CMYK 0,45,6,45

Wine Dregs Purple

Wine dregs purple is almost the same as the wine shade but slightly inclined with purple. The shade was inspired by the real color of some wine. This might be a good choice for you if ever you are looking for some dark shades of purple.

Hex #673147
RGB 103,49,71
CMYK 0,52,31,60

Regalia Purple

This shade was the original shade of academic regalia clothes. This shade is specifically designed for the clothing of graduates for a specific department.

Hex #522D80
RGB 82,45,128
CMYK 36,65,0,50

Twilight Lavender Purple

Twilight lavender purple was described to be a dark reddish-purple shade. If you are in need of a unique-looking shade of purple that can fit well with other light colors then this shade is the perfect one for you.

Hex #8A496B
RGB 138,73,107
CMYK 0,47,22,46

Traditional Purple

Like true purple, traditional purple almost have the same hue as it. It is often associated with nobility, luxury, and power.

Hex #8E4585
RGB 142,69,133
CMYK 0,51,6,44

Spanish Violet Purple

From the name itself, Spanish violet purple is a combination of violet and purple. It is also the official shade that was used in publishing color books in Spain.

Hex #4C2882
RGB 76,40,130
CMYK 42,69,0,49

Imperial Purple

Imperial Purple is considered to have the same shade as Tyrian purple. However, in Japanese beliefs, they call it Imperial purple because it is said to symbolize power, royalty, and wisdom.

Hex #602F6B
RGB 96,47,107
CMYK 10,56,0,58

Mountain’s Majesty

Another odd name that was added to the list of purple color families, Mountain’s majesty is considered to be a light color that is often associated with wealth and finance which made it a good option for business designs.

Hex #9078C0
RGB 144,120,192
CMYK 25,38,0,25


If you are looking for a soft and light color for your website background or even painting your workspace wall then heather is a good choice for you. Heather was created by combining 2 different soft colors which are commonly seen in clothes.

Hex #9E7BB5
RGB 158,123,181
CMYK 13,32,0,29

KSU Purple

KSU purple is also known as royal purple. It was the official shade of purple that was used by Kansas State University. It is said that this shade can influence one’s mood depending on how one perceives the color.

Hex #512888
RGB 81,40,136
CMYK 40,71,0,47

Pearly Purple

If you are looking for a shiny-looking shade of purple then pearly purple is the best option for you. It is considered to portray the complexity and artistic side of a person which made it the best choice of color if you want to give something to an artistic person.

Hex #B768A2
RGB 183,104,162
CMYK 0,43,11,28

Were you able to choose the best shade that would best represent your business? Always remember that purple is one of the top choices to use as a theme in creating advertisements, logos, and websites. What are your thoughts about the shades of purple with odd names? Don’t forget to leave your comment below!

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