December Birthstone: Turquoise – Color, Chakra and Zodiac Sign

The turquoise birthstone is a gorgeous blue shade containing green and a touch of yellow. It is a birthstone that you can use for various types of protection and to heal many health ailments.

If you were born in December, your birthstone is turquoise. It is a powerful stone that can help heal the throat and third eye chakra and bring them back to a balanced, healthy state. Turquoise helps with clear and effective communication and creativity, and imagination.

Turquoise folklore suggests that the stone can shield the wearer from the evil eye. If your birthstone is turquoise, this article will help you discover more about this exquisite stone.

What is the Spiritual Significance of Turquoise?

The month of December marks the end of the year and the coming of winter. Simultaneously, it also signifies the promise of a new tomorrow. It symbolizes collective unity and trust in a divine being and the celebration of life.

Christmas is, of course, the occasion for this. If you were blessed to be born in December, your birthstone is turquoise. Turquoise is a stone that is said to be the bridge between heaven and earth. Turquoise connects you to your spirituality, and for that reason, it is a significant stone.

Turquoise is also supposed to help with intuition and insight, as it reveals who we are and the wisdom we have procured. Turquoise is meant to provide serenity and peace in your heart. It gives you courage, strength, and a calm mind and helps you to have a clear and sober mind.

The stone is known to be helpful in situations where you must arrive at a difficult decision, giving you the fortitude necessary to produce a balanced and pragmatic outcome. It also helps to generate creative energy and get the juices flowing. Turquoise helps to let go of negative thinking, making personal growth and breakthrough seem possible.

What is the Significance of the Color Turquoise?

The color turquoise is a blend of light blue and green with a dash of yellow. Biblically, turquoise symbolizes tranquility, patience, the New Jerusalem, and God’s healing. Turquoise gives the impression of clear tropical waters. It provides a peaceful and joyful feeling. Some of the benefits of wearing turquoise:

  • It helps to improve relationships
  • It calms worry and anxiety
  • IT can help alleviate depression
  • It can give you strength

It is also said to safeguard the wearer from danger and strife. Turquoise promotes emotional control and balance, which is why it is a good ally for combating negative behavior patterns.

Wearing turquoise can help assist with meditation and relaxation. The most valuable turquoise stones have a smooth, solid color. Many of these beautiful blue stones have faint brown lines throughout.

How Does Turquoise Help Heal Health?

Turquoise is a powerful healing stone. It brings ultimate protection to the wearer, benefiting the whole body. It provides a shield against all negative energies, including ones that can harm our health, and is particularly useful to specific systems in the body. There are many ailments turquoise can help with:

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Lowers high blood pressure
  • Decreases symptoms of asthma
  • Improves dental problems

Turquoise is particularly useful for healing respiratory, digestive, and skeletal disorders. IT can help you to absorb the nutrients in your food thoroughly. It can heal poor vision and sore throats. When assisting the respiratory system, turquoise can also help the breath and lungs have a deeper, healthier flow.

Turquoise increases the physical and psychic immune systems. It helps to oxygenate the blood and helps stimulate good circulation throughout the body. It supports heart health and has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help with certain conditions, such as arthritis. It is an overall body healer that has substantial health benefits.

How Does Turquoise Help with Chakra Healing?

Turquoise works on the throat and the third eye chakras. When the throat chakra is blocked, we have difficulty speaking our personal truths. Turquoise can unblock the throat chakra by allowing self-expression to become less frightening. It calms the mind and brings a more confident energy that will enable you to speak from your heart.

The throat chakra connects the energies between your primal needs and your higher wisdom and truth. To put your creative vision into action, you must first have a clear throat chakra. Turquoise helps you discover your voice and allows you to speak your truth confidently. Turquoise helps unblock, clear, and balance the third eye chakra.

The most apparent indication that your third eye chakra is congested is that you have an underactive imagination. You may also have trouble with visualization, creative problem-solving, and artistic creation. If you have any of these difficulties, you may find that you often get bored quickly, which may be a blocked third eye chakra.

Turquoise is good for third-eye vision. It helps you to have a clear interpretation of your higher purpose and can guide you toward enlightenment. If your third eye is out of alignment, it can hinder you from remembering your dreams. A healthy third eye chakra will offer you vivid recollections of your dreams and visions.

Turquoise Folklore

Ancient Egyptians would adorn themselves with turquoise, believing it was good protection. King Tut’s burial mask was adorned with turquoise. Turquoise has long been a stone thought to guarantee good fortune and health. Many cultures believed that wearing turquoise could protect the wearer from the evil eye.

Apache Indians believed that affixing turquoise to bows improved a hunter’s accuracy. They carved amulets, beads, and pendants from turquoise. IF Apache shamans did not possess this stone, they would not get proper respect from their tribes. Color changes warn of impending illness. IF turquoise breaks, it is believed to be a sign that danger is coming.

What Sign is Associated with Turquoise?

If your birthstone is turquoise, your sign is Sagittarius. Like the turquoise, the Sagittarius is concerned with the truth. Even if the honesty is brutal, the message needs to be conveyed. Turquoise can help the Sagittarius speak clearly and communicate with tact and compassion.

The Sagittarius was born to explore, and their spiritual life is no different. They are interested in moving up in levels and connecting to their spirituality. The turquoise birthstone can help the Sagittarius in their quest for wisdom and truth.

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