July Birthstone: Ruby – Color, Chakra, Sign and More

The red ruby is a gorgeous birthstone and one that has many attributes. Rubies are most potent when aiding in the healing process, and you can meditate with them to help align your chakras.

The ruby is a vivid red birthstone that can help balance the heart and root chakras. It is a stone whose power of red helps keep you motivated with your eye on the prize. The color red of the ruby is also great for igniting passion and romance in a relationship.

Rubies can also help with many health issues, such as the reproductive cycle, blood, and heart. If your birthstone is the ruby, you are emotional, impatient, and strong-willed.

The Color of July Birthstone Meaning

The intense fire and passion of the red-colored ruby stimulate powerful feelings. Red is a color that may be intimidating to some people. However, if you were born in July, you are intense, passionate, and capable of handling getting close to the fire. Some of the spiritual representations of the color red:

  • Assertion
  • Creation
  • Dominance
  • Energy
  • Passion
  • Power
  • Survival

Red is an eye-catching color that motivates and inspires you to take action. The ruby is an exciting and vibrant birthstone due to its bold red color. Suppose you like the color red and wear it often, whether a ruby necklace or a red power suit; you are goal-oriented and determined. You want to get ahead in life.

The color red symbolizes power and strength. Try wearing red, and you will see that you feel more in charge and you will command attention. Wearing a red ruby will make you feel courageous enough to go after what you need. The red color awakens the passion and enthusiasm necessary to succeed.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of the Ruby?

You are adventurous, witty, and wise if the ruby is your birthstone. You are extraordinarily empathic and care greatly about other people’s feelings. You are warm, caring, and generous with your time, wisdom, and resources. You are someone who unconditionally gives until someone betrays your trust. You can forgive others for their transgressions, but you never forget.

The ruby is the perfect stone for those who work hard and desire to accomplish their goals. It is suitable for developing good leadership skills and obtaining wealth. For centuries, the ruby has been known as “the stone of love” and ignites passion and romance. It also helps to keep love alive, as it is a traditional present for the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries.

If you feel run down and exhausted, the ruby can help give you the energy you need to accomplish necessary tasks. Rubies can help you think more creatively and come up with resolutions for problems that are unexpected and outside the box.

The stone is ideal for energy and transformation, as it brings good karma and luck to the wearer. The ruby encourages insight, spiritual enlightenment, and a strong understanding of your true purpose. Rubies have also been said to promote specific abilities within the wearer:

  • Better concentration
  • Compassion
  • Creativity
  • Honesty
  • Improved energy
  • Loyalty

You can also use this birthstone to protect your home and family. The ruby is also great for making changes in your life for a new beginning. The benefits of the ruby truly make it a stone to consider wearing or carrying to help bring out all the gifts within you.

What Are the Healing Properties of the Ruby?

The color ruby symbolizes blood and the heart. Protection of the heart is the essential element of rubies. Rubies help improve blood circulation and support and maintain heart health. If you are searching for a versatile and useful stone in almost every area, the ruby is the gem for you. It also helps:

  • Assists with digestion
  • Cure sexual dysfunction
  • Decrease or cure arthritis
  • Increase metabolism
  • Regulate the menstrual cycle
  • Treat Alzheimer’s disease

The ruby serves as protection against these illnesses, and it is a barrier between you and anyone who is trying to steal your energy. It also cleanses and detoxifies the body, blood, and lymphatic system. It awakens the adrenals, kidneys, reproductive organs, and spleen. Regularly wearing ruby can promote good health and positivity.

How Does the Ruby Help with Chakra Health?

Rubies stimulate the heart chakra as it repairs any blocks in the chakra system. You will immediately feel better if you are low energetically and meditate with a ruby. It is a powerful stone that works with stagnant energies within your chakras. It balances the heart and improves your sense of self-worth.

Ruby strengthens the heart both physically and emotionally. Rubies bring love, healing, confidence, and faithfulness into your heart. If the heart chakra is blocked, we cannot give and receive love freely and openly. Wearing a ruby can help you achieve the perfect balance in relationships.

Ruby aligns the heart chakra through a higher authority. Rubies promote sweet dreams and clear negative energies that are obstacles in your life. Rubies can also help unblock the root chakra. When the root chakra is blocked, you will not feel connected and grounded with the universe.

Unblocking the root chakra can allow you to become more peaceful and stable. However, if your root chakra is overactive, it can make you greedy and threatened. Luckily, you can find balance through daily meditation with ruby.

What Sign is Associated with the Ruby?

If your birthstone is the ruby, you are a Cancer. The passionate, fierce energy of the ruby is a match made in the heavens with the assertive, formidable Cancer. Like the ruby, Cancer is a force to be reckoned with. They love passionately and fully but do not cross them because you will not regain their trust. If you are a Cancer, you are forgiving, but the relationship is never the same.

Cancers are both nurturing and self-protective. They have strong personalities and a wicked sense of humor. They play as hard as they work and work until the job is done. Cancers also do not like change unless it suits their purposes. The ruby is the perfect birthstone for fiery, intense Cancer.

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