June Birthstone: Pearl – Color, Meaning and Symbolism

Pearls have been around before written history. The pearl is fashioned by a living creature in the ocean, which makes them a unique birthstone.

Pearls have long been considered a sign of social status and wealth, and those who wear them are brought good fortune. The pearl activates the heart chakra, bringing the third eye chakra back to a balanced state. There are many different colors of pearls, such as white, pink, and green.

Wearing pearls can also help with many health issues, like supporting immune system function and promoting a healthy heart. If your birthstone is the pearl, you are extremely blessed.

What is the Spiritual Significance of Pearl?

The month of June signifies the beginning of summer when the sun’s energy is fresh, and the smell of sweet fragrance from the flowers is in the air. The month is named after Juno, the patroness of marriage and childbirth. It is a popular month for weddings and family get-togethers. If you are born in June, your birthstone is the pearl.

Pearls symbolize wisdom that is obtained through experience. If you wear pearls, you will begin to see that the knowledge you gain will serve your inner spirituality and help you achieve your dreams. The pearl gives the wearer good luck in life and love, as it can strengthen relationships. Many women who struggle to become pregnant find success with their fertility when they wear pearls.

You will find that all your work will be fruitful and rewarding if you wear pearls. You will experience authentic feminine energy that will help you be more open and creative. Wearing pearls may also attract wealth and abundance. Pearls can help you discover your genuine and best self and true life purpose.

Pearls also have significant meaning in the Bible when Adam and Eve were sent away from the Garden of Eden. Their cries were so powerful that their tears created a sea of pearls. Eve’s tears made white pearls, as Adam cried pearls of black. It is believed that Adam shed fewer tears than Eve, which is why it is thought that black pearls are rarer than white pearls.

What Are the Different Colors of the Pearl?

The classic pearl is an iridescent white pearl. The white pearls are synonymous with class distinction and purity. However, the various colors of pearls have different meanings:

  • White pearls: symbolize innocence, beauty, purity, and simplicity. They are the most common type of pearls
  • Black pearls: represent a sense of mystery, determination, grit, and wealth
  • Pink pearls: signify femininity, romance, success, and good fortune
  • Purple pearls: embody creativity, wisdom, passion, and honorable character
  • Blue pearls: epitomize truth, serenity, trust, and courage
  • Green pearls: denote balance, nature, hope, and renewal
  • Yellow pearls: convey creativity, hopefulness, clarity, and contentment

Gold pearls suggest wealth and prosperity. Chocolate pearls indicate harmony, dependability, healing, and protection. All types of pearls have different meanings, as a color pearl is suitable for each individual.

How Can Pearls Help with Chakra Healing?

Pearls are said to help activate and balance the heart chakra. If the heart chakra is out of alignment, it can create jealousy, bitterness, and a constant fear of being alone. Poor self-esteem is another factor if the heart chakra is not aligned. It can block your ability to give and receive love, and it interferes with your ability to have a healthy relationship.

Wearing a lovely strand of pearls around your neck or a delicate pair of pink pearl earrings can significantly help to open the heart chakra. Carrying a pearl with you or meditating with one can help with self-compassion and forgiveness.

Pearls also help to activate the third eye chakra when it is blocked or misaligned. It can make you a calmer and more patient person. The pearl can increase your intuitive perception and visualization, as it helps you access your higher wisdom.

How Can Pearls Help with Health Issues?

Pearls are not only good for the chakras, but they also have the power to heal many health issues. It is wise to keep a pearl close to you if you are suffering from illness.

Some of the healing abilities of pearl:

  • Corrects menstrual imbalances
  • Cures bladder disease
  • Heals diseases of the heart
  • Helps decrease allergies
  • It helps the circulatory system
  • Helps with tissue regeneration
  • Improve immune system function
  • Lowers blood pressure

Pearls have also been known to clear up eye infections and help with exhaustion. Pearls have also been said to be beneficial for lung diseases.

What is the Legend of the Pearl?

There is much folklore and myths surrounding the illustrious pearl birthstone. In ancient India, people believed that teardrops from heaven created pearls. According to Persian myths, pearls symbolize light and hope. Pearls have been worn as a form of jewelry at least since 420 BC.

A fragment of pearl jewelry was found in the sarcophagus of a Persian princess, which is on exhibit at the Louvre Museum in Paris. In ancient Rome, pearl jewelry was considered high-class and made anyone who wore them look dignified.

In the first century BC, Julius Caesar passed a law that specified that only the ruling class could wear pearls. It was determined that pearls were the traditional gift for a 30th wedding anniversary. Today, pearls are no longer restricted to the ruling class. Anyone can wear pearls and look pretty and feminine.

What is the Sign for June?

If you were born in June, Gemini is your sign. Gemini is quite outgoing and chatty. You can talk all day, but you do not tire others. You tend to be the core of your social circle, and wherever the Gemini is, that is where everyone wants to be. A Gemini who wears pearls can easily attract members of the opposite sex.

As a Gemini, you are appealing and have the ability to charm others sincerely. Wearing pearls can accentuate the best personality traits in you, as you are not only a social butterfly, but you also tend to make an excellent first impression.

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