March Birthstone: Aquamarine – Color, Meaning and Symbolism

March is a month of rejuvenation that is born from Mother Earth. It is the time when you are looking forward to spring with all its vitality and promise.

Aquamarine is a birthstone that signifies your voice and inner truth. It supports the throat chakra and can help heal a variety of ailments of the throat. Aquamarine has been said to help you unite with your guardian angels and is a powerful stone for meditation.

Aquamarine has a history rooted in its ability to protect those traveling by water, as it is called “the mermaid stone.” Aquamarine is your birthstone if you were born in March, and this article can benefit and empower you.

What is the Spiritual Significance of Aquamarine?

March is a month of preparing for the coming of spring. The first half of March can be tedious as we wait for rebirth and renewal, but towards the end, there is the promise of a fresh start. The new season reminds us how resilient we are to get through the harsh winter. Aquamarine, the birthstone for March, represents our hardiness and persistence.

The aquamarine is also known as “the stone of courage.” It helps you to dispel your fears when it comes to communication and allows you to speak your mind. It is also known to help with public speaking. The wearer will have the courage to speak freely in any situation, and whether it be with your family or to a big crowd, you will be able to muster up the fortitude that the situation calls for.

The aquamarine birthstone can be a wide array of colors that are reminiscent of the sea. It can range from deep green-blue to a pale greenish blue. It is said to bring happiness in marriage. It is an excellent present for a lovely couple on their 19th wedding anniversary. Aquamarine is synonymous with water and is said to be a powerful stone for the purification of the soul.

How Does Aquamarine Help the Throat Chakra?

The aquamarine works on the throat chakra, which includes your voice. It assists with assertiveness and self-expression. It can also provide the following:

  • Enlightenment
  • Self-discovery to the wearer
  • Bring balance and harmony to your chakra energies.

Being the birthstone that supports the throat, it can help with healing from illnesses of the throat and thyroid disorders.

Aquamarine is the most beneficial stone for clearing and activating the throat chakra. The energy travels from the heart to the throat, and the wearer finds the spiritual truth in their voice. Aquamarine promotes clear communication and influences the other chakras’ health and balance. If the throat chakra is open, it can allow you to discover your truth.

What Are the Healing Properties of Aquamarine?

Aquamarine is helpful for a wide variety of purposes. The health benefits of this birthstone are numerous. Some of the healing properties of aquamarine:

  • Heals sinus conditions
  • It helps with teeth and gum problems
  • Helps with thyroid issues
  • Regulates hormones
  • Relieves vision problems
  • Soothing and psoriasis and eczema
  • Treats a sore throat or strep throat

If you place aquamarine on the solar plexus, it can calm nervous spasms. It is sometimes called “the stone of breath,” as it is effective for healing the respiratory tract and lungs.

Meditation with Aquamarine

Aquamarine is excellent for meditation, as it can enlighten you and stimulate paranormal abilities. It can increase chakra alignment and help bring mental clarity. It can even help you retain knowledge if you are learning something new. If you wear the birthstone aquamarine during the month of March, it can positively affect your meditation and bring your energy up to a higher, more focused level.

Aquamarine can open your subconsciousness and intuition. It can provide a soothing energy that will instill a better frame of mind and clear away any negative energy blocking your heart and throat chakra. Aquamarine can help align all seven chakras during a yoga session. The stone is versatile, and when you focus on your inhales and exhales, it has the power to heal your breathing.

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What is the Legend of the Aquamarine Birthstone?

The legend of aquamarine dates back over four thousand years ago. It is believed that the aquamarine stone, also called the “mermaid stone,” helped keep sailors safe during their travels at sea. The Greeks thought it helped them have a safe passage through turbulent seas. It could also help them with seasickness.

The cleansing capabilities of the stone were explored by the Romans, who used it to purify water. Roman fishermen believed the stone brought them good luck and an easy catch. The fishermen would bring aquamarine with them on their fishing expeditions. It has also been said to be a powerful antidote to poison.

How Can Aquamarine Help Heal You Emotionally?

Wearing aquamarine can help boost your confidence. It can help you heal from traumatic experiences in your life. Some of the ways it can benefit you emotionally:

  • Calms the heart through difficult times
  • Decreasing anger and conflict with oneself
  • Effectively heal from emotional trauma
  • Promotes stress and anxiety relief

If you have been stuck in an abusive relationship, aquamarine can help repair poor self-esteem. The power of aquamarine can help you see the situation better and make healthier choices in your love life.

What Sign is Associated with Aquamarine?

If you are a Pisces, aquamarine is your birthstone. You are known as the water bearer. Pisces have strong emotions and can be sensitive when their feelings are hurt, and the aquamarine stone can help heal emotional pain and suffering. Pisces are known to be artistic and imaginative, which helps nurture your voice and communication through creativity.

Pisces can benefit from aquamarine in many ways. If you need to work on self-expression, aquamarine can help you. Never shy away from your personal truth; the Pisces’ wisdom comes from the voice within them.

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