November Birthstone: Topaz – Color, Chakra and Zodiac Sign

The Topaz is best known for its natural colorless hue or exquisite blue color. However, the Topaz also comes in a wide variety of colors that look equally as fetching when worn as jewelry.

If your birth month is November, your birthstone is the Topaz. It is associated with clearing negative energy and replacing it with positive energy, as it reminds you that your voice matters. It has also been said to heal health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and poor circulation.

Many people long ago believed that Topaz was the best gemstone for protection against poison and impaired vision. If your birthstone is the Topaz, and you want to know more, this is the article for you.

What is the Spiritual Significance of Topaz?

November signifies the month that begins the holiday season. It is the month when we are all preparing for a long and arduous winter. In November, we give thanks and gratitude for our blessings and good fortune and celebrate with a colossal feast. The Topaz would be your birthstone if you were born in November.

Topaz is a stone of abundance that can bring good health, deep understanding, and insight. Topaz brings clarity of mind and instills patience and clear communication with others. If you carry a topaz crystal, it helps you to rid yourself of unwanted negativity and strife. Working with a topaz crystal can help you to confront negative patterns and change your behavior accordingly.

Some of the other many powers of Topaz:

  • Helps with developing trust
  • Promotes self-expression
  • Encourages positive outcome
  • It helps with connection with the universe

The Topaz tends to direct energy where it is needed the most. It is a powerful ally in helping you to forgive those who wronged you. It is recognized as a stone of love, allowing you to invite goodness and truth into your life. When it comes to accomplishing personal goals, Topaz can help you to realize your dreams.

Topaz is also highly effective at cleansing a dark aura and reaching a state of renewal and revitalization. It also helps to promote self-control and sharing with others.

What Are the Colors of Topaz?

Topaz is most commonly said to be “colorless.” Clear Topaz can help provide tremendous mental energy on a physical level. It is used to help overcome limitations. It also comes in a variety of colors:

  • Golden: Helps cleanse the liver, gallbladder, intestines, spleen, and endocrine glands
  • Blue: Represents loyalty and righteousness. Purveyor of truth and justice.
  • Pink: Said to help give you sweet dreams when placed under your pillow at night
  • White: Nurtures and protects overall good health and well-being

Fire is often associated with the color of Topaz because the color of imperial Topaz is an orangey red. Clear Topaz pertains to clearing stubborn energies and helping you find your path in life.

Colorless or light-colored Topaz is also often used in place of diamonds in jewelry, such as necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Topaz is a hard stone that is naturally colorless, but it is also available in versions with color.

What is the History and Folklore of Topaz?

The Ancient Greeks believed in the Topaz as an aid for many different situations. It was thought that Topaz could break evil spells and remove anger from the soul. For centuries, in India, a topaz that was worn above the heart was believed to promote a long and fruitful life, beauty, and intelligence. For these reasons, the Topaz was revered.

The classification of imperial Topaz started in Russia in the 1800s. They discovered the pink Topaz, utilized for devotion to the Russian czar. The gemstone was so coveted that it was only allowed within the royal family.

St. Hildegard, the patron saint of ecology, musicians, and writers, claimed that the Topaz was a cure for poor vision. It was said that if you soaked Topaz in a vessel with wine for three days and nights, then gently rubbed the stone on the eyes, and it would help heal them.

Another popular myth during this time was that wearing a Topaz could make you invisible. Keeping a topaz stone secure in the home was supposed to help lessen the chances of accidents and fires. The ancient Egyptians believed that the Topaz, with its gorgeous yellow hues, was meant to protect the wearer from poison and other disorders.

How Can Topaz Help Heal Health?

Topaz has long been used to help heal many ailments. It has even been used to help heal the loss of taste and bring the tastebuds back to their natural, vital state of health and working correctly. Some of the health problems that Topaz can heal:

  • Heart disease
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Circulation
  • Digestion

Topaz has also long been considered beneficial in assisting with preventive health. Wearing one has been thought to decrease the chances of catching a cold or intensifying the effects of the flu. It has also been used to help stimulate the metabolism and maintain a balanced state of health.

How Does Topaz Help Heal Chakra Health?

Topaz has been known to help heal chakras. It can unblock, clear, and balance the chakras in perfect order. Clear Topaz works on the crown chakra. If you are having difficulty staying true to your faith, unblocking the crown chakra may be helpful. Blue topaz can help with using your voice and speaking with authority.

Pink Topaz can heal the heart chakra, as it works on your love and compassion. Golden topaz assists with the solar plexus and sacral chakras. A surefire sign your solar plexus is blocked is poor self-esteem. A blocked sacral chakra can point to sexual issues. If you meditate with these topaz colors, you will experience sufficient chakra alignment and an improved mood.

What is the Sign Associated with Topaz?

If your birthstone is the Topaz, your sign is Scorpio. A Scorpio must genuinely believe in something if they are to invest their time and emotion, and when they do, they are one hundred percent. It is only fitting that the Topaz is the birthstone for the Scorpio, as it helps clear negative energy.

The go-getting Scorpio has no time for negativity. Scorpios, like the Topaz, are extremely powerful. They have the ability to become spiritual leaders. The Topaz is aware of its power and is committed to using it for good. The Topaz can be helpful in this area.

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